Vicki Gunvalson to Confront Shannon Beador Over David’s Domestic Violence at RHOC Reunion

The Real Housewives of Orange County filmed the season twelve reunion this week and according to an insider, the drama between Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador is finally going to come to a head.

“Vicki feels vindicated!” a source says after reports surfaced that David had to attend batterer’s treatment program in 2003.

“She is definitely going to bring this up at the reunion taping because she is sick and tired of Shannon’s bullsh*t,” the insider told RadarOnline.

I’m sure you know by now that Shannon has called Vicki a liar after Kelly Dodd revealed that Vicki told her David “beat the sh*t” out of Shannon.

“I have text messages and pictures,” Gunvalson told Dodd.

How do you feel about Vicki confronting Shannon? Let’s talk about it.

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43 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson to Confront Shannon Beador Over David’s Domestic Violence at RHOC Reunion”

    1. exactly, Shannon is announcing that they just split, and Vicki comes in and has to mae it about her… Vicky is pathetic, really.

  1. Some things are better handled privately and wouldn’t it be great if just once that bitch would care more about someone else than herself – but I suppose we’ll never see that since we haven’t up to now

  2. It’s time for each to air their grievances, their pain, their remorse & move on–friends at the end or not. Would be better to do it in private, but I dont think that’s going to happen.

  3. I am just done with her – she is way too old to be acting the fool – she’s supposedly a business person a mother and a grandmother – now that I think about it I wonder is she brought that partner in because business was dropping – I wouldn’t be surprised – who in their right mind would do business with her

    1. I wondered the same thing about that merger. She is the one who has said more than once her business was adversely affected by the cancer scam thing. She blames it all on Tamra.

  4. Not a fan of Vicki’s BUT all of the ladies acted like Brooks was the scum of the earth when ALL of their own husbands have awful skeletons in their own closet.

    Vicki is calling a spade a spade. She’s saying, “You’re calling my man a horrible person and me a fool for loving him? Well, let’s talk about your horrible man and what a fool you’ve been for loving him!”

    Again, not a fan of Vicki but I get it.

    1. I agree. Sounds like Vicki was telling the truth all along. Not a fan of Vicki either but the truth is the truth. Shannon shouldn’t have lied, especially knowing there were records of David’s abuse on record. She thinks she is protecting her family, but she is putting her girls at risk by staying with an abuser. Her girls will only continue the cycle.

      1. Why can’t people get that these are 2 different events? The 2003 events were long ago made public and never ever denied. The records didn’t state he physically hit her either – domestic and psychical can be 2 different things. Vicki didn’t know Shannon in 2003 so how could she be “right” about anything when she didn’t know them? Her claims were that he beat the crap out of Shannon while they were friends and had pictures and texts of that. When pushed and called out for the proof she took to Twitter and said “people ask why I don’t just show the proof? I lost the proof when I lost that phone” Yeah sure thing Vicki

      1. I’m sure Shannon told her the whole story…
        Vicki knows something. My point is that Vicki is calling Shannon out for ALSO staying with someone who has not always been the best partner.

        Her point being “those who live in glass houses…..”

        1. I could not disagree more. Shannon never called her out for being with someone bad. She called her out for lying with her boyfriend about illness for sympathy and a storyline. And Vicki is equating that with lying about being abused, something with a great deal of stigma and shame surrounding it. These are nowhere close to being similar, and it is really slimy for Vicki to equate them.

          1. I understand your point. I disagree only because I think Vicki really believed Brooks. And because of that, she’s saying, “your man sucks, too, so shut up.”

            I’m still in shock that Tamra is acting “holier than tho” when she encouraged her son to date rape Gretchen a few years back. She’s got some nerve judging anyone as far as I’m concerned.

            Helping your son to take advantage of a drunk woman on national television is pretty scummy….scummier than lying about cancer.

            1. Whether or not Vicki believed him (and I don’t believe for a second she did), imagine saying, “Your husband beat you up! I was right, he’s bad too!” Think about that. That is just effing sick. This is not something a normal decent person says I told you so about. That’s the action of a sociopath.

        2. i agree with you. And Shannon is the one who so vehemently called Vicki a liar and denied that there was ANY domestic abuse between she and David. So i don’t blame Vicki—i would call that crazy lunatic Shannon out too because Shannon shared that info when she was friends with Vicki and then tried to deny it. And that whole Brooks Cancer storyline in no way compares to this. so what? he lied about an illness and his woman believed and supported him. Did that lie cause someone to contract cancer or die from cancer or prevented them from getting treatment for cancer? GTFOH with that mess. ALL –EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE HOUSEWIVES- have lied before and continue to do so. They act like Vicki was the most despicable—please! TAMARA takes that award by a landslide.

    2. Faking cancer to manipulate someone (Vicki) is only marginally worse than realizing you are being manipulated but deciding to cash in on it with juice and the links to her business on a charity website.

    3. vicky wasn’t a fool for loving him, she lied with/for him for a storyline, if vicky wants to call people out for being horrible, then she should loo in the mirror.

  5. Vicki is so mean. How can anyone be happy about this. I didn’t read that David beat Shannon just that they had an argument & the police were called.

    1. EXACTLY! She claimed that he did beat her and had “proof” then she “lost the proof” when she “lost the phone” it was all on. She wants to never talk about Brooks again but has NO problem poking poking poking at Shannon. Leave the woman alone

  6. Holy CRAP. The 2003 is NOT what she claimed she had proof about. Just stop Vicki please just shut up already. You lied about having “proof”

  7. I just read on another website that Shannon and David separated just over a month ago after 17 years of marriage. It said Shannon revealed the news to her co-stars on Friday during filming of the season 12 reunion show.

  8. Well, I think it’s a bit of a different story though. Brooks was lying about cancer and to many people it looks like Vicki was in on it. That’s a completely different story than telling a friend there was spousal abuse in the past. Whether or not Vicki has proof, it was something that Shannon did not want to come out. Especially since in happened in 2003, at least the incident we know of. Maybe there was another she confided to Vicki. Brooks and Vickis situation was out in the open. And they both did lie. Did Vicki lie or was she just clueless and drunk/blind because he was filling her Love tank, we’ll never know. Vicki and Ramona are pretty much the same person, they never see how their actions affect others. Then they both play the victim

    1. I agree with you about Vicki. We will never know if she was in on it or not. Her mother had passed away, while she was dealing with the lying POS. Her striking back at Shannon makes it seem Vicki is calling out Shannon for staying with David. It seems like Vicki is saying she was blinded by her love, and maybe Shannon is also, No one’s life is perfect.

  9. There is something wrong with Vickie. for sure she does not know the golden rule….. sure it is time she retired from society and become a recluse. Vickie can then stop hurting people . Her tongue needs an overhaul big time

  10. I would definitely confront her and she would have to give me an apology. It was a rumor she heard, and apparently the rumors were true..Shannon went on a campaign to ruin Vicki and even blamed her weight gain on her…Shannon owes Vicki an apology

    1. Vicki ruined herself lying about cancer to make money off of that lie. Excuse that all you want, glad everyone gets to see her ‘fans’ excusing that hideous despicable lying over and over.

      1. You can say what you will about the show, but you constantly attack the so called Vicki fans & no one attacks you, so, Stop It!!!!!!!!!

  11. Shannon obviously confided in Vicky about that particular incident and as a friend, even in anger, not only repeated it but stated, “he beat the shit out of her!” It says a lot about who Vicky is as a person and as a friend. How Could you possibly be a friend to her knowing that she’ll repeat everything you told her. And it’s guaranteed to happen one day, because all friends will argue or fall out at some point. And yes, Vicky being despicable will throw it in Shannon’s face at the reunion because it’s just simply her nature.

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