Vicki Gunvalson Confirms Return For RHOC Season 12

It’s true! Vicki Gunvalson is returning for season twelve of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but according to a recent post of Gunvalson’s on social media… Kelly Dodd may not be appearing on the new season.

Vicki posted the photo below on Instagram, writing, “Having so much fun at her first OC dinner at Mastros. She just moved here from Atlanta. Give her some love girls! @briannastanko #rhocinthemaking #season12 #letsgo @rhoc_kellyddodd Kelly we are missing you girl”

However, according to predictions made by RealityTea, it is still a possibility that Kelly could begin filming within the next few weeks.

So who is this woman with Vicki in the photo? Brianna Stanko. She’s a YouTube Beauty Blogger who also owns, which is a skincare and beauty company. She has two young sons, in second and third grade, according to the site. Brianna’s husband is Brian, and they co-own Premiere Look. They’ve been married for ten years. She’s lived in OC for about a year: Brianna and Brian moved from Atlanta earlier this year, and are under construction on a new OC mansion.

These views! 🌴 #santamonica #santamonicapier #thebeach

A photo posted by Brianna Stanko (@briannastanko) on

So much fun with these girls @vickigunvalson @gretchenrossi

A photo posted by Brianna Stanko (@briannastanko) on

Such a fun early Thanksgiving with the fam today! #happythanksgiving #family #thankful

A photo posted by Brianna Stanko (@briannastanko) on

Thoughts on the possible new Housewife?

Photo Credit: Bravo


43 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Confirms Return For RHOC Season 12”

    1. I tried to leave a comment on another site this morning and it wouldn’t accept it. It was a pro Vicki Liarface Skank site! I’m so pleased ours isn’t! Hi Rain xxxxxxx

  1. Is it because none of the other women want anything to do with Vickie that they bring on these women as friends for her? Last year it was Kelly and Gretchen will be friends with anyone to get back on the show.

    1. I know this is 5 days old, but pleeeeeeeease not Gretchen, that would mean Slimey too. They are still “engaged” and I would then have to see the fleas and lice jumping from his ugly, filthy beard onto her every time they were together, which if Slade has any say that’s every time she is filmed. She is such a liar and a fake, with her concrete face and the phoniest cackle I have EVER heard every time she speaks. Her interviews are filled with stupid comments and then she cracks up at herself and no one is that funny, especially her. She as no talent of any kind, minus how to pretend to be in love. That hideous ring she bought herself would have paid for their past due bills, but she always has to show off that she has more than anyone, and how she works so hard……which is a joke. Usually I disagree with anything Viki says but this was before I began actually having hateful feelings for Viki when she said Grethchen was a “jack of many trades, master of none.” I thought that was an apt description that still fits even now.

  2. I rarely look, I can’t think why I did it was from a link elsewhere! I won’t bother again, if they can’t cope with me calling them Skanky Vicki and Drunk Kelly I will stick to here. At least I can say what I want!

    1. I totally agree. I might add that that I would love it if we never had to see either of their nasty faces again unless someone is finally giving icky what she deserves. I honestly never thought I would dislike any O.C.housewife as much as Tamra at the height of her nastiness, but I was wrong. I actually somewhat liked Tamra this last season and the way she seems to be trying to be a better person. Regardless, Vicki is the very definition of a jealous hateful nastyhypocrit who is both physically and mentally repugnant. Thank God for DVR.
      Kelly is certifiable and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is on “Snapped” one day. When shes angry she appears to have demonic undertones I expected to burst out of her head and morph into some bloody skeleton wreaking havoc and torment to all while being led around by the old hag Vicki who is to stupid and narcissistic to function like a normal human. The O.G. of the O.C should do everyone a favor and F.O!

  3. OMG, that is SO TYPICAL NEWPORT BEACH HO WEAR! Your bra MUST be showing, your cleavage MUST be showing. And BTW, this POS lying skank deserves what is coming to her and believe me, it’s coming! I won’t be watching because the sound of that POS lying skank’s voice makes my skin crawl as does the mere sight of her. How desperate. I’d rather watch my cat using his catbox than spend ONE MORE SECOND of my life watching this ho, lying, POS, skank, mentally ill, LIED ABOUT CANCER, desperate, ugly, fat, plastic Newport Beach wanna-be but stuck in the fire hills Vicki.

  4. Rain? Are you talking about TT website? I’ve heard she won’t allow a lot of posts. I’ve never posted there but I’d like to try lol

    1. I post on TT with no problem. There is an anti-TT site now that is vicious to me, far more vicious than TT ever could be. I’m not attached to one particular blog but I’ve never been trashed so badly over a silly blog post. I miss Lynn Hudson. I haven’t found a blog community like that since, probably never will.

      1. I don’t know Lynn Hudson, but this is, for me, a great community. You have been here a while, and I personally like your posts and I find your opinions thought provoking, which I always enjoy. I hope you come to see this as good as the other one. I used to post occasionally on another blog, and a few weirdos who came here back then said they had seen me there as well, I didn’t realize “blog etiquette” required that we only post opinions on one blog, even tho there are several.
        I don’t understand why there would even be a public forum where posts would be deleted unless they broke the rules, and were threatening, vulgar to the point of over the line etc., but then I haven’t been on any of those I see spoken of here.
        I have true friends here, may women here have changed the way I think, produced a different way of thinking also, and given me insight to things I honestly don’t believe I would have found elsewhere, and it has made my life better. I have learned so much, which I was not expecting from a blog about housewives. That’s just it, though, it becomes about more, much more than housewives. Many topics that come from their real lives, spark opinion and conversation that I thoroughly enjoy. It’s a bummer you were trashed over a post, how juvenile. Glad to see you here though.

      2. I never cared for Hudson’s style of blogging, she was unnecessarily mean and crude at times. But the link you posted to the “anti” site, wow, they are going IN. I don’t think we’ve seen anyone be as bold before considering what a tough cookie TT is.

    2. There appears to be some sort of blog wars going on now where collective discussion forum drama between them is even more intense than the Housewives shows everyone is supposed to be reviewing. Makes the vacation arguments we usually see on the Bravo shows look tame.

  5. Who is the blond with her boobs hanging out? Oh wait – is that really Gretchen? Wow, I didn’t recognize her. How much work can one do on one’s face before it falls off/

    1. O.M.G. I swear I wouldn’t have recognized her. I don’t think of her or ever see her, she has been “engaged” for what, 6 years? A little too late to have 4 kids honey. I don’t really care who they bring back now, I won’t be there watching.

  6. Ugh. Question: how come Gretchen was fired over fake storyline, yet Vicki wan’t over the cancer scam?! I don’t get it. Cause it was proven to be fake, and proven that she was aware of it all.
    Barf too

  7. Hi Suze love , nope I won’t be finished until tomorrow . At this point I feel like throwing everything outside for my fur babies but they can’t have chocolate

  8. Hope the possible new housewife has thick skin!!! lol… I figured Vicki would be back – probably will be there till the end. I’m not looking forward to seeing Heather or Tamra again. Bring back some of the past housewives….

  9. I never attack anyone but the anti-TT blog is truly vicious! It’s not the writer of the blog, it’s other posters and it’s nasty stuff. I think I’ll stick around here for while.

  10. Mary just stick with us we are a really good bunch and yes we do go off piste and talk about personal things but it’s not a clique anyone is welcome to join in I hope you do! Nothing worse than a boring job! A few of us read other blogs but don’t post as we are happy here and I hope you will be! We do disagree with each other from time to time but that’s just life isn’t it!

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