Vicki Gunvalson Claims Ex Business Partner ‘Engaged In A Pattern Of Illicit Conduct’


Vicki Gunvalson has been dealing with several lawsuits involving her former business partner of Vicki’s Vodka. Now, according to RadarOnline, the Real Housewives of Orange County star is making new accusations against Robert Williamson III. Vicki is claiming her former business partner failed to perform his obligations to the business, tried to extort her and leveled the shocking claim that he operates an “unlicensed revenue-raising gambling venture.”

Vicki’s attorneys have asked to have the case moved from the state of Nevada to a federal court and argued that Mr. Williamson is not entitled to a financial settlement “because he has unclean hands due to his own bad faith and unconscionable conduct,” according to the court documents.

“To the extent that Mr. Williamson lost any money in connection with Vicki’s Vodka it was due to the inherent risk in starting a new business and launching a new product, his own failure to perform his obligations as a member of a venture, and not proximately caused by any alleged breach of any alleged agreement or any fiduciary duty by defendants,” she claims.

“Mr. Williamson has repeatedly engaged in a pattern of illicit conduct, included to but not limited to illegally downloading and retaining electronic communications, illegally recording conversations, operating an unlicensed revenue-raising gambling venture some of the proceeds of which were used to fund the company and hire Mr. Barket, fraudulent business activities, violating the alcohol beverage laws, extortion and the like as an enterprise, continuously and with the intention of profiting from his illicit conduct,” the document claims.

Vick is looking for a jury trial.

Photo Credit: Bravo