Vicki Gunvalson Claims David Beador Physically Abused Shannon In The Past


The drama continued on Monday night’s Real Housewives of Orange County. The episode left off with the women on the bus ride at 3AM traveling home from Ireland. A few weeks back you might remember Vicki Gunvalson claiming that she had dirt on Shannon Beador and her husband David, and we found out what that was tonight. Gunvalson claimed that David had physically abused Shannon in the past.

Although Vicki wasn’t the one to repeat the troubling rumors, it was Kelly Dodd, the women knew who was responsible for them. Shannon instantly denied any truth to what Vicki or Kelly had alleged about her husband.

“You know what [Vicki] said about you?” Dodd said to Beador. “That your husband beat the sh*t out of you. And it’s all out there now… how ’bout that?”

And when questioned about the topic, Vicki stood by her words. “When David went face to face with me, they said ‘Were you afraid of him hurting me?’ And I said ‘Yes, I was afraid of David hitting me just like he hit his wife.’”

“I have secrets of Shannon’s that she told me in confidence about her relationship with David and I told Kelly in privacy,” Gunvalson explained. “I never expected her to share it. Every single girl has problems in her relationships. [Shannon] doesn’t want to talk about it? Well guess what? I didn’t want to talk about what I was going through last year either.”

Shannon exploded when Kelly brought this up. “You need to shut the f*ck up right now,” she screamed at Gunvalson. “My husband didn’t touch you and you f*cking provoked him. How dare you? My husband and I have worked on my family, and my kids called you Aunt Vicki. How dare you cut their father down?”

“Why is Vicki saying something like this?” Beador said to the cameras. “You don’t accuse people of beating the sh*t out of others because that has never happened.”

Shannon’s secret wasn’t the only one that Dodd addressed. She also revealed that Vicki said that Tamra Jude’s husband Eddie was cheating on her and was gay.

“F*ck you,” Judge screamed in Gunvalson’s face. “You talked about my f*cking husband? Go to hell.”

Tamra confessed, “I have been so nice to Vicki. I accepted her apology. I got everybody in this group to become friends with her again. This is how I get paid back? She goes around and spreads rumors about my husband?”

Vicki later shared with her daughter Briana why she spread the rumors. “I may have said to Kelly privately that there’s been stuff about Eddie,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s true or not. I didn’t start it. They weren’t speaking to me in the beginning of the year. I was hurt!”

“My mom’s a very dirty fighter,” Brianna revealed. “If you make fun of her or try to tear her down, she’s going to do it worse, even if it’s not true.”

But Kelly also got the wrath of Heather Dubrow’s anger. “Should Vicki have given all this negative information to Kelly? No,” Dubrow said. “But the truth is, Kelly’s the one screaming it on the bus. I’m so sick of Kelly going after everyone. These are my friends. She’s mean. She’s damaged. She’s got problems. I just feel sad for her.”

Dodd called Dubrow a “puppet master” and accused Dubrow, Shannon and Tamra of ganging up on her and setting her up.

“She’s controlling everybody,” Dodd said. “I think I threaten Heather because she’s a fake, pretentious snob and I see right through her and she knows that I do.”

By the end of the episode Vicki and Kelly were trying to apologize to everyone, but Shannon wasn’t having anything to do with it.

“All I ever do is apologize,” said Gunvalson, blaming the “drunken brawl” on alcohol. “I’m not taking blame for this fight. I’m not taking blame for the chaos. I’m not going to do it.”

“She’s got these sayings that she just says over and over and over again, and she thinks if she says them enough time people are going to start to believe it,” Beador said. “It’s not working this time. It’s not. What she’s done, it is despicable. If I see Vicki ever, I will turn and walk out of the room. I have nothing to say to her.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Well that was interesting! First I will pick up on Briannas comment that pick on her mother and she would come back at you even if it wasn’t true! Yup that’s about right and has been since season one. Second BOTH Kelly and Vicki are so wrong in spreading these rumours on air! I didn’t think she could get any lower, Vicki, but she does, she knew by telling Kelly they would come out! I haven’t watched any of this season, thank goodness, but I get more than enough from the clips. The story about Shannon is sick because it… Read more »

Typo: if you pick on her mother!

You’re absolutely right Suze. I don’t doubt that Vicki made up stories about Shannon and her husband abusing her – what better way to get back at Shannon? In Vicki’s sick mind she wanted to hurt Shannon and her family, so she makes up something that will hurt her entire family and then tells Kelly, knowing that Kelly is going to repeat it. They are both low lifes and it is beyond me that people can behave this way. And when people comment that it must be true because Shannon responded with anger? Well no s**t! How in the hell… Read more »


There is a police report apparently documenting a domestic abuse call to the home….just saying and Briana doesn’t support her mother, all she does is berate her! It seems like Briana is jealous of her own mother! What kind of daughter publicly stabs her mother in the back over and over again? No one I know would ever do that!

I agree Suze. When your own daughter doesn’t have your back and calls you out, that is really telling. I’m not the biggest fan of Brianna, but at least she is honest about her own mother. The secret revealing has reached a new low and I don’t even know how Bravo can continue down this route, with filming people that just despise each other. There is absolutely NOTHING NEW with this group for the past 3 or 4 seasons, except Megan being pregnant, and Brookes no longer on the show..oh yeah..and the charming, wonderful addition of Kelly. Bravo..WE NEED A… Read more »

That was the first thing that jumped out on me when I was reading it. I’m so pleased I don’t watch these women what a mess this show is! Xxxooo

Good morning freedongirl! 🙂 You said it! We NEED CHANGE! I don’t want to watch a Jerry Springer show !!!

Here, Here Miss M…it’s worse than the Jerry Springer show…it’s the Jerry Springer show with middle aged women!!! lol.

Hello Miss M. :). I couldn’t even tell who was yelling at who on that bus – in part because it was dark but also because they were all screaming back and forth at the same time. What was almost laughable was they were calling each other the same names: You’re a bitch, I’m not a bitch YOU’RE a bitch! You’re trash, no YOU’RE trash! and on and on! It was schoolyard mentality: I’m rubber, you’re glue….

Anyway, have a lovely day! 🙂

Good day Janelle how are you sweet lady ?♥️♥️♥️ I know it was so weird seeing spooks on the bus one upping each other if it wasn’t so sad it could’ve been a comedy show!

I had to put the closed captioning feature on my tv in order to clearly understand what was being said or rather screeched among the HW.

Great post Suze! How are you doing?

So so, how are you doing?

Just so so? I’m doing good. Take care dear!

Just good days and bad that’s all bad yesterday good today! Xoxoxoxoxox

Glad to hear, you’re better today!! You’re in my prayers<333


Sorry about yesterday, but glad you are doing good today. Hope it continues good the rest of the week!


Glad you’re better today Suze ❤️❤️❤️


Hello my sweet Suze! Missed you while I was gone, xoxoxo Caught up last night on RHOC and was appalled to say the least. Vicki has sunk to a new low an that’s doing some sinking. To throw up a lie OR a very intimate secret when she and Shannon were close is despicable. I am not even going to criticize Kelly cause I think she has mental issues. She needs help of some kind. They were attacking her (Terribly) and she deflected onto others. Vicki better get with her minister and try and make some major changes cause she… Read more »

Hi, Lovely Lisa did you have a lovely holiday? This show has sunk to unbelievable levels now Bravo should be ashamed of airing that bus ride. Xoxoxoxox

I did have a lovely holiday. Thank you xoxoxo Yes that bus ride was a HORROR. Definitely a new low. Really shocking. Vicki showed herself in an even worse light. I didnt think that was possible. What a shame to spoil such a lovely trip to Ireland. I would love to go there. M Grandma was Irish. 🙂 LOVE YOU SUZE. Love to all xoxoxo

If you do ever manage it take a good strong umbrella! Xoxoxoxo

Vicki is a true piece of shit. Disgusting. Like anyone will believe her. And if you do, ask yourself what business is that of anyone’s but Shannon’s. She is a very TOXIC person. Her poor grandchildren.

It’s Amy

ITA Amy lol,

Good morning Amy xoxoxoxox

Good morning Suze sunshine

There was something about Shannon’s reaction to the comment about David beating her that unfortunately rang true? She eventually denied it but not right away. While Vicki and Kelly are despicable, it kind of sounds like the rumor may be true and Shannon confided in the wrong person. I hope not. They are all a pack of werewolves. I’m so disappointed in this season.

Shirley – you are absolutely correct. It was apparent that it is true that David has physically abused Shannon. So what Vicki/Kelly said is true. Shannon will learn not to disclose intimate secrets with costars again.

He was charged and pled guilty. It’s a matter of public record. And the rumors about Eddie have been around for years.

To add it was in 2003 and he pled guilty and fined $10,000 along with probation and mandatory classes.

If he did beat her and was charged then the kids already know about it. I think the way Heather was coming down on Kelly calling her trash, etc. forced Kelly to lash out saying that the rest of them aren’t any better. Should she have said it, probably not, but if someone was screaming at me the way all those girls were attacking Kelly all night I probably would have lashed out as well. Heather thinks because her husband makes good money as a surgeon that it gives her the right to treat people like crap. No one deserves… Read more »
I see homeless people around here, when I walk my dogs in the a.m. , who are much classier than Heather Dubrow. I’ve always said, without Terry’s $$$, she’d probably be a surly, cig-smoking, 99cent store clerk. And yes, I recall it WAS revealed, when Shannon & David joined the show, that he had been arrested for DV. If you google his name, it shows up. I agree, the way Heather was going after Kelly on the bus, calling her “trash,” over and over, is what caused her to lose it and say nasty things to everyone. I also remember… Read more »

I don’t know much about Eddie, other than that I read somewhere a while back that he was adopted by a lawyer with the name Judge. Eddie was an adult at the time he was adopted and the lawyer was said to be a gay man. That led to speculation, and I don’t know more, but I do not rule anything out with any of them. What goes on behind closed doors is their business, but if there are skeletons in anyone’s closet, they may be found when they go on reality TV.

‘Forced’ Kelly????? Seriously??? Ok

I doubt Meghan “made that decision.” Think Bravo.

Vicki LiarFACE is wrong for telling someone else what was told to we in confidence. I do believe however that Daid Beador did hit his wife, Shannon. She is mad it was revealed that’s why she is so angry. Vicki LiarFACE is wrong about spreading rumors regarding Tamara’s husband. I think all of sane America (Except Bravo for some crazy reason) is SICK of Vicki LiarFACE and want her OFF the show. Shannon–if you didnt want it out there, why tell Vicki–hitting her I strongly believe was true, maybe not beating the crap out if her, but hitting her is… Read more »
Another week, another of the same lousy bad behavior. They all should be in a junk yard. Really mean & filthy mouthed. What was told in confidence, should remain confidential. Vicki was wrong to share with Kelly or anyone for that matter, in the first place. With all the horrible ganging up on Kelly, that’s been the norm for these classless group all season, I give Kelly every right to give as good as she gets once & for all. Heather has to be seen & heard at all times. She is totally out of place to always interfere constantly.… Read more »

Love you starr but we agre to disagree again . ❤️❤️❤️ What happened to your statement that 2 wrongs don’t make a right??? Or does That only apply to certain people lol? So Kelly is justified in what she said?!! Ok ! Xoxo

It doesn’t matter if David hit Shannon or nit at this point.The point is something may have been told in friend confidence to Vicki and because your not friends anymore does not give you the right to betray a confidence especially if it hurts so many people.Vicki said she was going to do it and with Kelly’s. Pos help mission accomplished and then some.I think Heather had every right to say what she did on the bus.Kelly is,to say the least,a disastrous trouble maker that needs to be put in her place.Her name calling is too much.

Totally agree! Xo

If you tell one person a secret, then it is no longer a secret. The only way to keep things from not getting repeated is to not tell anyone else in the first place. As soon as you tell one other person then it becomes public knowledge that you no longer have control over. Also Shanon’s secret is not such a secret if anyone can look it up on the Internet. People have been saying on the Internet for years that Eddie is Gay. Nothing wrong with Gay, maybe he is bi and Tamara is okay with it. Their sex… Read more »

But surely the point is if someone tells you something in confidence you don’t repeat it. Whether it was common knowledge or not it hasn’t been spoken about on the show so Vicki, should have kept her big fat hypocritical mouth shut!

If you tell someone something in confidence then it is not a secret. You might hope they don’t repeat it, but if you talked about it then what guarantees that they won’t. None of these women on these shows keep confidences confidential. That seems to be the whole point of these shows. Spill the beans and see how much drama you can stir up. Like I said, if you don’t want something repeated, don’t share it in the first place. I have met women in my life I don’t share a thing with unless I want it to get around.… Read more »

I think Brianna explained how Vicki is perfectly!! She fights dirty, makes things up and makes up lies about people and spreads rumors to get back at others..please fire this disgusting Cancer Scam Queen.

Yes YoYo’s Robe, there’s V’s own DAUGHTER saying to beware of her own mother’s dirty fighting tactics on national tv. Wow. Go Brianna!

We wish! Xoxo

I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes yet . From reading all of this all I missed was a bunch of crazy crap from this shit show

Good Morning everyone ❤️❤️❤️ You all said it for me. Why would Vicki tell Kelly such personally damaging stuff ? Because she knew she would use it in the heat of a moment as a defense weapon. Oh that Vicki….she knew she had herself a great partner in crime by pretending to befriend this loose cannonball called Kelly. And that’s why I believe she no doubt concocted cancergate by enlisting bad boy Brooks to further her agenda in trying to elicit sympathy to get the women off her back about dating a loser. There’s no limit to her scheming. None.… Read more »

Hi Sweetie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I don’t know if it’s true or not but if Vicki made it up she is a disgusting pig, if Shannon told Vicki in confidence and it is true, Vicki is still a disgusting pig for repeating it. Xoxox

Good afternoonie Bonnie lassie! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hope today is a great day for for you. Yes time will tell us if any of this is true, you just can’t truly believe anything if it came from V’s own toxic lips. It truly is all conjecture and we mostly can only rely on our own guts about any of these things! xoxoxoxo

She is toxic and Kelly is just foul!

Why do you put in your two cents, when like you said you only watch the clips.

How rude, you the one with no name

Why don’t you shut your pie hole , ‘anonymous ‘??? Why does it bother you if she gives her 2 cents or not??
You hide behind your non- name and take shots at people

I didn’t realize it wasn’t allowed silly me! In that case we should delete at least 50% of the comments because I’m not the only one. Grow up!

Good day sweet Suze , please don’t worry about people with no names . Everyone here with a NAME absolutely loves the hell out of you

I’m not worried honestly! Love you too sweet Daisy! Xoxoxoxoxo

Two last points if you don’t like my comments don’t read or is that too simple a concept for you to understand? Lastly as we say where I live ‘away an bile yer heid!’

You said it!
I think I should watch just the clips. They show the most eventful parts of the show, and they leave out the blah parts! I can’t stomach much of it anyway!
You have every right to comment on the parts that everyone else is commenting about, Suze. Don’t let “blank” matter. Anonymous =blank or empty or nameless…or even one of the “stars” like perhaps, Kelly? We certainly would expect a remark like that coming from that blank. Feel free to fill in the blanks with any noun you choose! 😉 xoxoxo

I could fill in some but I don’t care about anon at all! How are you today and how is hubbie?

I am okay. The hubby is not so well today…some more pain and nausea. He seemed better last night than today. He could not tolerate some tea and toast this morning at all. Not severe pain like yesterday, but uncomfortable for him. He is up in bed all morning. I have to check on him again shortly. I myself did get a decent night’s sleep, thankfully.
How are you, Suze, my friend across the pond. I hope this is a good day for you. ❤️❤️❤️

Yes today good thanks, my neighbor has just been in chatting so that was nice. My car is sold and is going tomorrow! Sad! I haven’t been able to drive it since March so seems silly keeping it.
I am sorry hubbie is having a bad day not easy for either of you hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suze, it is nice your neighbor is friendly and you are having a good day.
I am sorry about your car, but as you said, you are not driving. Being chauffeured is not all that bad. ❤️ 😉
Thanks for your concern.
Have a good evening. XOXO❤️

Prayers and good thoughts to all you lovely ladies , your husbands and families ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks Rain. Take care yourself. XOXO ❤️

And to you Rain xxxoooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

And YOUR point is what?

Anonymous. Stop. Please stop commenting negatively towards Suze. She has far too much she deals with in daily life, if you read this blog you would know that. If you don’t like a post by her (or anyone) just say you disagree and be a decent human being and let it go after that. Please. Thank you. P E A C E above all else.

Thanks Sweetie but don’t worry these people don’t bother me at all, i shouldn’t even reply but I do! As I said to him her, go boil your head or get lost, go away or if you come from Glasgow f… off! (I don’t) xoxoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Miss M, my sweet friend, Just to add I won’t stop commenting on OC as I have just as much of a right, using my own name, rather than post under ‘anonymous’!

Good afternoon sweetheart❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Of course you have every right to post lol that goes without saying!! And I know you know how to fend for yourself, you have one of the strongest spirits on this board. I love your inner strength and conviction it serves you well, lassie. xoxoxoxo

I’m getting ready for my teeth cleaning appt. and then I have scheduled a wellness intuitive reading after. I’ve never been, my SIL goes and said it’s very informative so I must see for myself! I’ll check in later today and maybe share. 😉

Yuck to teeth cleaning! Although I am very good with getting mine done I hate it! I’m not sure what wellness intuitive meeting would be so please share! Xoxoxoxoxox

Reading not meeting sorry xoxoxox

It’s a spiritually based method (sort of like reiki) in which the healer works with your health issues current and past and ‘reads’ by intuition what could be blocking your energy in your body that makes us unwell. She works and sees auras evidently and you discuss pain, emotional and physical from the past and she helps through opening up those blockages. They use the term ‘issues in the tissues’. My sister in law said it was very emotional but very eye opening and she said she’s seeing better health results so it’s worth it to me to try this… Read more »

Good morning Miss M . Please let us know how it goes . My sis has fibro , she has done everything the Dr suggested . But it has taken over her whole life . Not many good days for her anymore .

Thanks Miss M, definitely worth a try, sounds traumatic but if it does help……?

Miss M, I will be thinking of you tonight, it’s the bake off final! I have my favourite but I’m not sure if she will win, hope so! I hope today went ok and not too much for you! Xooxoxoxoxxo

Miss Moneypenny Sweetie, Bake Off final over, I won’t spoil it for you but it was the toughest final ever. They had to make 49 items for a picnic for the Queen! Not that she would ever have tasted them but it was a close final! Xoxoxoxxo

This is in response to The Bake Off Show….Ooooooh wow Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ really??? 16 items for the queen of England ?? Is that all ? LOL I jest of course. I can’t wait for that episode to be aired for us here, W00T!! My appt. yesterday with the intuitive was umm how do I say without being negative, well it just wasn’t what I had expected let’s say that. It didn’t live up to the hype. She talked about everything else under the sun the dear woman, for an HOUR & 20 minutes. : / I finally delicately reminded her… Read more »

Je***! 49 I mean. 49?!? Ok that was too much even for the queen. 😮

Miss M, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you! Disappointing!
Let me know when you have watched the final, it was sad that this was the last on BBC. Best final ever. Xoxoxoxoxoxox

Yup Miss M, 49!

That is a whole lot better than no sense, like you, nameless one. 😮

Suze , pigs are much smarter than Vicki . But then again she does wallow in her own filth

Good morning Daisy, both Vicki and Kelly should be sacked but then I wouldn’t have a reason not to watch! I think both are the worst two HW’s ever. I much preferred Brandi and that’s saying something!

Good day sweetie . I hope your day is ok. At this point I have nothing nice to say about any of them . I miss the first shows . They were more organic imo. I can’t stand all of this produced drama . I think I’m down to bh only . If I stop watching all together I would have nothing to comment on and I would miss all of you wonderful people here

Lol Daisy, I don’t watch OC but I still comment, I don’t get indigestion from watching these women and just have to grit my teeth to read the stories and watch the links. I was reading elsewhere that after the reunion V and Kelley went out for a meal separate to the rest. I wonder if it’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Gross. I would be so skinny if I had to eat with them given the fact that the both turn my stomach . With their horrific antics I can’t believe that they would be allowed in any local restaurant

If I owned a restaurant or hotel I wouldn’t let them through the door! Not this lot and not ATL.

Lol me either . If I owned a land field they still wouldn’t be welcomed . Oh wait maybe that’s the perfect place for trash

Hello Daisy! Perfect!

Thanks vanonna . How are you sweetie

I’m good Daisy. How are you doing?

The only place but just not on your land! You would never get rid of the toxicity! Coxoxoxoxx

Xo not Co xoxox

Sorry had to drop out for a bit to go and get my Bonnie dog’s liver function tested again . Lol nope not my land . Maybe a toxic dumb site

Hope she is ok?

She seems to be responding well to the meds . We should know more in a couple of days . The vet said her liver function is higher than normal but not high enough to constituted an emergency . She’s been on meds for about 6 weeks now . We’ve had her blood tested twice before today and it’s went down a bit every time . Other than that she’s perfect . It’s hard because not having children my dogs are everything

Daisy, of course they are! Anyone who says anything different I wouldn’t trust an inch! My dog is part of our family and that’s it! So love and hugs xoxoxoxoxox

Suze you truly are such a doll . Thanks for understanding and not thinking that I’m totally crazy

Daisy of course your not crazy, well not totally! Lol, xoxoxoxoxox

Lol 100% sane is no fun . As long as I’m not Kelly crazy I’m good . ..right ?

I hope Bonnie is ok Daisy! What’s going on with her?

Daisy, you are lovely crazy not loonie crazy! Don’t ever change xoxoxo

Hi vanonna , her liver function is a bit off. The vet doesn’t think it’s anything serious so no worries . Thanks for asking that’s so sweet of you

Suze your so sweet . I fired my therapist years back so I will probably always be a bit touched in the head

I’m sorry Daisy!!! I hope pooch is well ! ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks Rain sweetie . All seems fine . She’s still killing shoes like a pro

Oh no!! Not the shoes lol ❤️❤️❤️

Lol yep. She loves shoes and expensive Harley jackets . Oh well we all have our faults . I guess

Oh Daisy of course I (we) understand about our doggies, they ARE our babies♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Prayers for Bonnie she comes down in her numbers and hugs for you xoxoxoxo

Thank you miss m. Your such a sweetheart . I just love how almost everyone here has pets that are a big part of their families and not just something that they own

Hope your dog’s okay, Daisy. (Love your name, btw). Sadly, I just lost one of mine, a little over a month ago. Even my cat, who hates dogs is sad. I’m getting another one though. Probably next week. I love a houseful of little yappers!!!

Thanks Queenie. I actually stole the name from my doggie. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I know it’s hard sweetheart. All we can do is love them enough for a lifetime when they’re with us

I’ve got a dog too and he’s just one of us. It’s like worrying about your child when they would get sick.

My beautiful little beagle is named Daisy! And she is every bit my little girl and loved as much as my (human) son…she watches RHOC with me every week. When Vicki does that annoying high-pitched screaming she is known for, my Daisy growls! That dog is an excellent judge of character.

Hi LA I must say you have excellent taste in names . How adorable that your Daisy watches housewives . Normally beagles love everyone after they get to know them how priceless that your little girl growls at v. My pit bull Cha Cha loves to watch the walking dead . The faces and head movements she makes cracks us up every time
Oh Daisy I hope your Bonnie gets well soon…This is an embarrassing thing to admit but when you commented that she loves her shoes and Harley jackets, I thought these were things you dressed her up in – little dog booties and matching doggie jacket. I figured out later what you meant. :). In my defense I was very tired yesterday. I have little time to myself these days and not nearly enough for sleep! No complaints really, just trying to explain why I thought a pup would be walking around in boots and leather jackets…
Good morning Janelle . Thanks sweetie I think she will be fine . That’s so cute I would love to dress her up as a biker . The only dog of mine that likes clothes is our pit bull . We just bought her a cute red devil Halloween costume . Too cute horns and all . I hope you get to rest soon sweetie

Janelle, as Aunt Bee would say thanks for the laugh of the day! Hilarious! Is it those little girls making you so tired?

I think kelly is getting a bad rap on this. She repeated what vicki told her because Heather and to a smaller part Shannon wouldn’t leave her alone and Vicki had abandoned her so she ratted Vicki out, good for her. Also what was up with Heather? She says Kelly is trash but u have never seen such pretentious vile behavior come out, I think we saw the real Heather last nite and it is ugly

My big problem is you never repeat secrets that your girlfriends have told you even if you have fallen out with them! I know things about friends, prior and current that I would never tell anyone ever! But then I think I’m just a normal person unlike Vicki whose own daughter admits she lies and as you like Kelly I won’t say anymore about her.

See? You’re exactly the kind of girlfriend that I keep close in my heart. I could tell from get go you were true blue and to be trusted. Me too, till the moon is no more….♥️xoxo♥️xoxo♥️

Miss M, friends are important to me, same as for you! Xoxoxox oxo

i stopped watching this show because of that LIARFACE Vicki. Just when you think that Vicki could not be anymore of a POS then she already is or couldn’t sink any lower, she proves me wrong. If I tell my girlfriend something in confidence or vice versa i know that is where it remains. But that is based on a real friendship, not a TV one. Vicki’s own daughter knows what a vile woman her own mother is, again speaks volumes. Then she wonders why no one came to see her in the hospital?

Sigh!!! What a horrible season and a disgusting episode. The bus ride scene is the WORST that I’ve ever witnessed in HW history. The fact that Vicki Shared this info with Kelly and you know both are vindictive and wouldn’t hesitate to use it , is pure evil. Sadly it seems that David did ‘abuse’ Shannon in some way . This is heart breaking. Shannon has tried so hard to put her family back together and move on for the sake of her girls , only to have this shit hit the fan. Vick and Kelly repulse me beyond belief… Read more »


❤️❤️❤️❤️Rain honey another ‘nailed it’ post. The show destroys lives…that’s it and that’s aggregious. I’m surprised Bravo hasn’t been sued yet. In time if they keep going like this …..

Wasn’t it enough that woman’s (can’t remember her name) husband on HWBH hung himself???? That show’s story had an impact on his psyche you can’t deny it didnt!

I believe that Miss M

So TRUE!! His reputation was destroyed by all the crap said about him. Like him or not, he had a little girl, who now has no father. And he DID love her. We saw that.

That’s right, Taylor’s husband – had totally forgot Miss M. The price they want to pay for money and “fame”.

Hi vanonna..I think in his case, at least in part it had to do with serious financial problems. I remember Taylor talking about how they came repossessed all of their things, and then finally, her wedding ring. I can see where the show may have played a part in that there is always that “keeping up with the jones” mentality and maybe that’s why they got into financial trouble. Or partly anyway. Sad no matter how you look at it.

Hi Janelle, you are right. I think for “reality” purposes they try to live larger than they really are. I guess for BH they really had to keep up! I agree it is sad.

Suze and Miss M ❤️❤️❤️ The show has no respect for the families and children of these HWs. I know they signed up for this but some things are just OFF LIMITS , especially if they would hurt the kids. It’s one thing if Shannon herself disclosed that , but to have it thrown out there in this manner is aweful

Okay everyone let’s not blame the show. Let’s blame the people who sign up for this knowing full well every single skeleton is going to come out. Blaming the show for destroying lives is like blaming restaurants for people getting fat. Or blaming the car you are driving when you crash while texting. The “show” isn’t the problem. The women are the problem.

I can see your POV GIGICAT . I just think producers should say ‘ no Vicki and Kelly, we won’t go there ‘ ‘ !! But I admit, you are right.

Hold up …. it’s not the restaurant’s fault that I’m fat ? Damn guess I’m the only one to blame for that . Oh well it was fun getting there

I just cannot bear it when the kids get hurt. It shouldn’t have been aired!

I just wanted to hello Rain and I hope you’re doing well. Even commenting on this show anymore is wearying, but I wanted to wish you a lovely Wednesday and big xoxoxo’s to you…Gotta run. And Hi to Daisy and Aunt Bee…

Janelle ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you sweetie , I hope you are well too ! Yes the show is aweful and just gets under my skin and leaves me distraught! This is my last season unless 2 other woman ( in addition to Meghan) are fired. Xoxoxo

Hi Janelle sweetie . I hope you and yours are doing great

I’m wondering about Heather she seems like she’s ready to leave, there was really nothing about her this season she seems like she’s over it. I now think Meghan’s reason for leaving is she doesn’t want to be around any of them anymore I don’t think she wants anything to do with them.

These women are toxic. Megan is better off.

Hey vanonna and YoYo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hey Rain love your posts as usual

Love yours too ❤️❤️❤️

Hi Guys. So here is my two cents. Years ago Shannon called the cops on David and he pled guilty to domestic battery against a cohabitant, which was Shannon. He went to counseling and all the other required stuff. So okay. They were fighting, he probably pushed her or something and she called the cops and pressed charges. But that’s not the point. The point is that Vicki LOVES spreading gossip and bringing the other women down. She does it with every new girl, she does it with her friends, friends and she does it with with old friends and… Read more »

Totally agree Gigi, get them all out! In fact just cancel OC totally!

I think Shannon was no naieve when she signed up and didn’t realize what she’s getting into. Well, she sure had a rude awakening . As I said, good luck Bravo finding future classy elegant HW !!

I think you are right she did seem naive. No chance of getting any other decent women particularly for OC. Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

Love you Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love you too Sweetie xoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️

All I can say is BORING!!!

Someone directed me to another site ‘—–tattles ‘ and it’s absurd the amount of delusion and venom LOL. Oh yes Vicki and Kelly are victims! Suuuuuuure!!! Apparently this person also thinks Kenya is a poor victim so I rest my case. I wonder how many people read that garbage and parrot those opinions as their own . Smh !!

Oh I know Rain and if you disagree with her you get kicked off! She supports weird HW’s! I read it for a few weeks around two years ago posted once got into trouble and didn’t go back!

It’s obviously an ‘opinion blog’ which is fine I guess but that it’s an odd point of view lol… ah well Suze what can we do ? ❤️❤️❤️

That’s so funny!! I only posted once myself and she did the same exact thing, to me. WHAT A KOOK, broad is–without people commenting, no one would bother reading it.

same here Queenie. She doesn’t want anyone to disagree with her at all. The only commenting you can do is to agree with her opinion. I just read her version and she is pro Vicki and bashing Briana for talking about her mother. She did a heck of a spin.

I read that too and was scratching my head. And she says basically that it’s everybody’s fault other than Vick and Kelly ! I’m just scratching my head lol

It takes a special skill apparently to spin a story like that!

I know that site. That woman who writes it, is abusive to even the people who leave comments. She says the most hateful, insulting things–I don’t understand why she has so many followers. I only read over there, once in a while. So ODD, that she would attack the very people, who are basically her bread and butter…

Her followers probably eat from palm
Of her hand and dare not argue. Many people are sheep, waning to be led Queenie lol

She just has her favourite few and doesn’t care about anyone else unless you really suck up to her. I only started reading as she had a gardening blog at weekends. As I said I posted once using the name of my friends dog. Only one person responded and we both got into trouble so I gave up!

Sorry Queenie, I forgot xoxoxoxoxo

Hi Queenie… I think her followers are just like her…pure evil. One thing regarding a post of yours awhile back regarding Shannon and the comment you made about David beating her up – I didn’t mean to call you low. I just thought that it was gossip at the time and didn’t know there was any record of it. I was going to comment back to you but it was over a week ago and I didn’t think you’d see it. Anyway, I’m sorry for the way I worded my post. I would never intentionally call out any posters but… Read more »

That was supposed to read “if it came off as negative toward you, it was not my intent”.

Oh WOW. I read that blog once and never posted to it – this was a while back. But the owner IMO is not dealing with a full deck or she is just evil. And the posts that I read of the people who posted were carbon copies of her and if you didn’t agree it was like being jumped in writing. And if you post and the owner disagrees, she has all of these little minions who just follow right along. I was tempted to comment but thought the better of it. Yikes! Oh, Happy TUESDAY by the way…I… Read more »

I heard and read all that too! Great analysis vanonna 🙂

And while it’s great that she has an opinion and all, she shouldn’t feel the need to bash any opposing one. It’s kinda silly. This same person told me that if you dare oppose once, your future comments go into moderation indefinitely , until you tow the line LOL. Heck of a way to build a blog

Who are we talking about again? Who posted what opinion that caused the comment feedback? I’m lost, or cracked

this post was to you Rain…. 🙂

Sorry meant to say Janelle not vanonna lol❤️❤️❤️

I read that one a few times and MAN she feels sorry for that drunk Kelly… I can’t read her.

I vote to replace the OG of the OC Vicki with Brianna. I don’t even like Brianna that much, but at least she tells it like it is. Also, I think Kelly, Vicki, Shannon, Tamara, and Heather should be really embarrassed by their behavior the whole trip. I could tell Kelly was cookoo from episode 1, but the other women (minus Meghan) were definitely jabbing at her. She has been open and talked about her marital struggles- and Heather? Come on, everyone is damaged in their own way, but when you take someone who’s emotional and then you start ganging… Read more »

Well the GOOD news is that next week is the season finale, and not a moment too soon! I hope it’s a 2 part reunion and not 3 , because I’ve had enough of this this outhouse!! I hope Shannon gets fired or leaves. It would be stupid to stay after what happened, unless she wants people who know David is a cannibal or she was a vegas stripper or Lord knows what else.

LOL good one Rain! ….outhouse! hehehe xoxo

LOl, yes, both Shannon and Melissa Gorga stripped at the same place! Funny. I agree with you, let’s not drag this stupid reunion out and give this anymore airtime.

Freedomgirl lol

I just looked up David Beador And found out he was arrested in 2003 for 2 counts of assault & battery against a cohabitant. The charges were later dismissed. At that time it seems he lived with Shannon and his daughters.

In my opinion the look on Shannon’s face was that this wasn’t a lie.

Hi all. Hi Daisy. Difficult day here. Spent the entire early morning into afternoon in ER with the spouse. He has kidney stones…back now after his delayed radiation treatment . He is asleep. I would love to pass out.
Daisy, make sure the dog’s food does not have Green Tea Extract in the first ten ingredients. It can affect the liver. Green tea, even in humans is fine and good as tea, but as an extract, it is more potent and has even caused hepatitis.

I’m so sorry about your husband Sandy ❤️❤️❤️ I hope he’s comfortable now . Has he always had kidney stones or is this new? Hopefully you can both get some rest xoxo

Hi Sandy! I’m so sorry to read this about her dear husband, to have kidney stones on top of everything else. And you must be exhausted yourself. Rest up big time when you can and be so good to yourself. They discovered gallbladder stones during my MRI for my spine. 😮 I wonder what’s in store for me. Oh boy.

I hope all is good Miss M and you hear good things ❤️❤️

I’m so sorry to hear that miss m. My sis had the same thing and they had to remove her gallbladder. She said it was pretty easy recovery. She has other health issues so She doesn’t always recover great from things but had no problems from that. Good luck to you

Oh ladies it’s totally ok I don’t feel any pain from them it was just a side note on the MRI report that said sort of like by the way gallstones have incidentally been noted lol. I’m not concerned honestly. I just thought oh well there you go that’s par for the course! I suppose if I start having sudden pains in that area at least I’ll know what the heck it is 😉

Thanks, Rain, Daisy, Miss M and anyone I may miss. I am reclining…not able to sleep yet. He had kidney stones once when hospitalized for another bigger the same time. That was about ten years ago. My young son has had them more than once since 18. He is 25. My FIL had them once. If the gall bladder stones are not bothering you, Miss M. It may be very small stones and not bad. I had a Hida scan once and passed GB sludge…quite painful…but no stones, but the Hida scan actually helped the problem. The dye they… Read more »

Get some rest Sandy ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve read that parsley can help with kidney stones. It helps to flush them out. Hope you’re both doing okay. <333

Hi Queenie. I just read how it is good, however, parsley contains oxalates which can cause kidney stones, so too much parsley may not be good for a person who gets kidney stones . Spinach is the worst offender..then kale and others. Most stones are calcium in nature, (but we never know what kind of stone unless we catch one im the urine stream and have it tested for sure) not caused by calcium, but oxalates. I know juice of lemons and limes can be beneficial. Honestly, drinking lots of water is the best. I just read about Cucumbers too.… Read more »

We learn a lot every day on this blog ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Makes sense I guess that acidic juices may be good since they probably bind the calcium! Happy healing to all of us and our spouses ❤️❤️❤️

Happy healing to all. ❤️❤️❤️

Whew boy oh boy Sandy it sure seems like these stones are kind of common? And what I’m wondering is how would anyone know if they passed a stone? I mean I don’t exactly look at my poo that closely you know? Or do they just clink in the bowl? I wonder sometimes if I confused a divertick attack with passing stones . God life can be confusing.

Most people never actually find any stones. ( Some may need surgery if large stones that will not pass…but they have other treatmenst to blast the stones too.) Even with the strainers the ER may give you, it is a rarity to catch them, however, the hub was doing the usual and he said he actually heard a Clink sound on the side of the t. bowl where the stone adhered itself. I was stunned he found it. He picked it up with tissue, since it never went into the bowl to the bottom, and retrieved it.

Wow very useful to know thanks Sandy. ♥️ I hope you and your husband are having a good day. You both have had it rough I’m sorry.

Oh no! Just what you don’t need right now waiting for the surgery. I am so sorry Sweetie. What an unhealthy bunch we are! Xoxoxoxoxox

That was of course for the very sweet Miss Moneypenny xoxoxoxxo

We sure are suze❤️❤️❤️But we are here for each other and that’s quite something xoxo

It is something and I am always grateful for the support here and the friends I have made across the pond! Xoxoxoxox

Well you’re lovely Suze and you’re here for all of us ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes, Suze. Rain said it. I agree.
You are awesome, my friend across the pond. ❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️

Oh Sandy , I’m so sorry . I hope that he is better soon . I’ve heard about them and it sounds horrible . Hugs to you both . Please don’t forget to take care of yourself . I know when loved ones are sick we tend to neglect ourselves . I’m going to check her food thanks for the info . Prayers to you and your hubby

Sandy, I am so sorry about your hubs! He doesn’t need this on top of everything else.xoxoxo o

Hi Suze,

Thanks. Yes, I know. It is always something. You are so kind, Suze. You have enough yourself, sweetness.
I hope you are having a good day. Hugs and kisses.

Hugs for you xoxoxoxoxoxox

Sorry to hear about your husband Sandy. Get some rest if you can.

Okay, so I’ve had two kidney stones. The WORST PAIN EVER. meanwhile, asparagus dissolves the stones. Cook the asparagus, put it in a blender and drink it. It’s not as bad as it sounds and also, get this. One coke or diet coke a day dissolves kidney stones also. it’s a build up of acid and the asparagus and something in the coke just dissolves them. Now, it won’t dissolve ones that have already started traveling down the uretha, but they will dissolve them in your kidneys. Ever since I do the asparagus a few times a week and have… Read more »

Gigi that sounds interesting and I love asparagus but can’t drink carbonated anything with my acid reflux I burp and then hiccup nonstop just won’t go down. So let me ask you this did you actually see the kidney stone pass into the bowl or is it mingled with your poo? Sorry I know but I gotta know :/

I am glad it worked for you, though it is not effectual according to the medical literature that is out there. I do appreciate that you shared your experience even so Gigi. I worry about my son and my husband, and my son started at 18 with his first kidney stone attacks. It is the worst. I encourage them to drink lots of fluids, and 2.5 quarts is recommended but no cure. I will keep researching. It seems a high calcium diet is good, along with low sodium from what I just read. Most people seem to have oxalate… Read more »

I’m sorry about your husband Sandy…it’s a lot to ask for one person to deal with…and as others have said, please take care of yourself. Sending well wishes to your husband and to you; you are a very strong, caring person. Big xo’s to you.

Thanks Janelle. You are sweet. Th hub is not having a good day today. He was feeling better last night but today not so great, in pain, n and v, and luckily not severe pain. He still had two kidney stones yet to pass, on his CT when he left the hospital yesterday…though small ones. He is up in bed after an unsuccessful attempt at a cup of weak tea with some honey. I am a bit better after a good night’s sleep and a hot bath this morning, then a half mile walk in 30 degrees with my little… Read more »
I don’t know if this will help or not as I’m not sure what your hubby can tolerate but here is a link for kidney stone remedies – I’m sure you’ve looked up a bunch already…My darling daughters are requesting my presence – so I’m gone for the day…Take care of you here is the link if you’re interested: Does apple cider vinegar help with kidney stones Mix half teaspoon of baking soda and a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar together. With the alkalization function, baking soda can soon decrease the acidity in the body, which breaks the… Read more »
I think ACV is great, and I have used raw ACV (with the mother) for my own GERD issues. It may be good for kidney stones too. The problem is that the hubby (like my son who has had them too) suffers from nausea and vomiting with a stone attack, and at this stage, only IV fluids are tolerable. He was just sipping water and had some tea and now sick again…and the tea sid not stay down. With my son, I encourage lemon juice, since citric acid, especially feom lemon and limes, can help prevent stones from what I… Read more »

correction: YOUR dear husband…


I didn’t want to comment about the OC and NJ until I got caught up…well now I have! I have to be honest…I actually delayed watching the shows. Both of them. I knew it was all trouble, back biting, front biting and just an all over bloodbath, and yup I was right. I think once the seasons have finished with these shows I’m going to dump them. Okay my two cents worth…….I think Vicki made up all of it because she gets meaner when she’s down. I also think Kelly added her own lies to the mix to make them… Read more »

Just one comment, ( Kelly – “Waiter, I decided against having what she just ordered for me, I will have ……instead. Thank You.”

I googled David as suggested in comments and yes, he was charged. While Shannon shouldn’t have been outed, she is such a hypocrite with her holier than thou attitude. Here is report and her comments from 2014: shannon Beador’s husband, David, was charged on counts of assault and “battery against a cohabitant” in February 2003.Now, Shannon, 50, is opening up for the first time about her marriage — and the dispute that landed her husband in police custody. Although David, 49, was forced to admit in court that he “willfully and unlawfully used force and violence” against his wife, Shannon… Read more »

In February 2003, David Beador pleaded guilty in court to willfully and unlawfully using force and violence against his wife.

Beador was released on a $10,000 bond.

He was placed on 3 years informal probation.

Beador also participated and completed a batterer’s treatment program.

All of this information is a matter of *public record*.

Thanks Shirley and Ace. I remember finding that info on a search a year ago. It is public record. Hopefully, David is reformed, but battered spouses tend to keep quiet about it,mso it may be difficult to tell, if he really was that way and not just one incident we do not know the full extent of, really. Either way, I do hope Shannon is in a healthy relationship now, and that Vicki was bringing up old news when she spoke of it to Kelly. With friends like these, who needs enemies. Honestly, I am sick of this show. All… Read more »

Well put, Real Sandy.

I think the show is well beyond redemption and has been since the Naked Wasted episode.

I think Bravo needs to scuttle the RHOC. It’s painfully unwatachable.


Thanks, Yes, I understood. Typos happen to me alot! 😉

So??? Who is watching Below Deck? I just love this season so far. It’s the best crew so far!!

I am, I am!!

Love that show GIGAT! Minimal drama, seems more like reality!

I have friends who have been “boaties” all their life (be it they are well pass the age now. Though they have the next generation still at it) but they hate this show. They say it’s nothing like the real thing……I do watch but I do wonder if it’s not like all reality shows, ya know?!

I think, like most reality shows, they center on the main characters. How much work do these characters actually do leaves me guessing. I know they must have others on this yacht to keep things running that we never see. We see the main stars only. Like Vanderpump Rules, perhaps, the main stars do not do so much. I think Ben does do all of the cooking for the guests, but are there any behind the scenes helpers we never see? I would think so. With VPR, diners have written that they have gone to the restaurant and never see… Read more »

I ;like the show too for the same reasons. I dream that one day I might be able to take one of those cruises……..ah well……

Drama are good! Maybe one day you will! 😉
I kidded once before that all of us here should go on one of those cruises. If we all chipped in? 🙂

I meant Dreams are good. I do not know how that became drama?

How Exciting!!!! Something to think about.

I loved Capt. Lee, Stud Of the Sea, last night. He is funny and he does not take any bs from the crew. (…a two car funeral.) That crew was the worst in this last episode. It is true, IMO, that Kate is the worst with her bad moods and nastiness, but I thought Sierra was cruel on her “date” too. How rude was that? The mess on the ship was unreal too. Kelly overstepped last night and I worry that the captain has had enough with him too…though he is ripped and looks the best shirtless…yes, eye candy is… Read more »

I am I am! Loving it. I love Ben and Emily together too cute. The stud of the sea Captain Lee is not very happy with Muscles ooh boy. Great group though love the show.

I’m with you Sandy, love Capt. Lee. He is a straight shooter. I didn’t get to see this past episode but recorded it.

You will enjoy it! Yes, Capt. Lee says it like he sees it, and he makes a lot of sense. Some of the crew can act dangerously and with a big yacht like that to handle, we don’t need accidents and people who have no idea what they are doing. I wonder where they get some of the crew at times. Capt. Lee isnthe best. I also love Ben. Emily is new, and I hope she stays too. Kate is annoying, and she and her gf are now history. Google Kate Chastain and her gf Ro. There was a big… Read more »

I like straight shooters – no BS. I saw Ro on the show a few weeks back. She’s got an annoying laugh. I just saw Kate’s mug shot. Ben is the best too, so easy going, great humor and an excellent cook! My kind of guy. Hope your husband is doing better and you got some rest!

Hubby is not having a good day and is still not himself, spending most of the day in bed on his good side…that does not hurt.
Yes, I would love Chef Ben as my chef too. He is a lot of fun and a great cook.

Hopefully he’ll starting feeling better.

Thanks, Vanonna p, for your kind words, It has been a terrible two days plus. Just a bit ago, he actually passed and retrieved a kidney a tiny piece of gravel. He feels better today, kept down a light breakfast and will hopefully be able to return to work tomorrow and start back on his radiation as well.
He never had anything quite like this before, and it has been rough, but thankfully, the worst is over. Take care Vanonna. ❤️

That is good he passed a stone. Amazing how something that small can cause so much pain. Glad he’s doing better. I know it’s got to be rough on you as well. Do take care Sandy!

Thanks, Vanonna. Yes, something that small can cause so much pain.
Yes, I am glad all is well now. ❤️

Oh, Sandy! I must have missed a LOT, because this is the first I am hearing of a kidney stone. My Mom had Gall stones for 12 years before finally getting her Gallbladder out, and she passed stones for the rest of her life. She used to say it felt like little shards of glass going through your system, ripping everything in it’s path. Wow, I am happy he is on the mend? I will go back and find the conversations so you don’t have to explain again. All my best thoughts and prayers for him, tell him, OK?

Thanks, 3 D’s. The pain was beyond words when it first happened…needed morphine…very ill. He is much better now thank goodness after over two days of discomfort. Radiation daily has gotten him more tired, but he is able to eat now, and no longer on bedrest…from that kidney stone pain, thankfully. He still has a two stones in his kidneys on CT…so we hope they stay there…not too big, anyway. Thanks for your concern. ❤️❤️

Vicki is bitter she got busted for the brooks thing. So she got back at Shannon in a nasty way. Shannon didn’t lie about her husband abusing her, cause it wasn’t even brought up on the show, so why would Vicki say that Shannon lied? That’s BS to bring Shannon’s stuff up. Period. She wanted to hurt her. Vicki is a two faced a**hole. Kelly is just a puppet and doesn’t even realize it, that’s funny. The Dummy Kelly thinks she can attack a group of women all at the same time and thinks they all aren’t going to respond.… Read more »

Oh please. Vicki and Kelly did not reveal any “secrets” about David Beador PLEADING GUILTY for beating Shannon because everybody already knew! It was in the papers and is a simple google away. All the hysteria is fake and meant to generate hate towards Vicki. Those who hate Vicki will buy the “betrayal storyline” because they want to even though it was no secret in the first place and they should know that.

You made some valid points in your post, IMO.

Personally I feel if Vicki were a true friend, she should not have divulged information shared with her in confidence.

You will get no argument from regarding David Beador’s publicly available criminal record.

I abhor bullying and mass pile-ons. For me it is especially important to call-out such behavior when it is done against a person I don’t care for like Vicki.

Wrong is wrong.

It isn’t even what she did, it was what she intended. And, IMO, her intentions are always selfish and cruel. Even her daughter sees it. I would be so ashamed if one of my kids felt like that about me, and Brianna just saying it is so well known and factual that it is kind of a joke.