Vicki Gunvalson Caught Lying About Dating Multiple Men


In Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County: Unseen Moments, Lauri Peterson shared more of her knowledge about Vicki Gunvalson’s indiscretions. When Vicki asked for Lauri’s proof, she said, “Vicki you and I talked. You talked to me about your ‘Greek God.’ Lauri continues, “On the bus to Whistler I asked you if you were still seeing the Greek God and you said, ‘Ya he’s still around.'” Lauri adds, “I said to you, ‘Did you ever fix his teeth that we discussed?’ and we just laughed.”

“Lauri you are filthy,” Vicki says. “I’ve never seen that man since I saw him in Greece.”

“Camera is on,” Gunvalson says. “I don’t want to talk about it when the camera is on.”

Then, the footage of the women on the bus to Whistler is played. Find out who is telling the truth.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Caught Lying About Dating Multiple Men”

  1. After Vickies daughter Humiliated her mother infront of the world that lauri thing is nothing but none of her business who Vickie goes with! How would she like it if Vickie brought up that Lauri’s grandchild is in foster care and Lauri refused to take the baby some grandma huh!!!!!

  2. It seems fairly obvious that Vicki lies about many things. Personally, I would stay far away from doing business with her because she is probably twice as shady in the business world as she is in her personal life.

    1. Vicky is a vile creature: a bully a liar. Ugly inside out! She lies about being a businesswoman yet she cannot afford to buy a house? Huge mortgage she cannot afford?
      She will never find love because she is far far too ugly inside, and sadly there is no plastic surgery for a hideous vile soul!

  3. THANK YOU LAURII!!!!!!!! Vicki lies all the time. I notice when she starts yelling then I know somebody is telling the truth. Its time go. Miss Liar Face is all talk. An idiot so she was doing Brooks and the Greek Guy? Now lets not talk about Gretchen anymore. Man I tell yhat Karma that KARMA is a BITCH.

    1. Proof coming out that Lauri is the biggest liar of all time. Lauri and the Peterson Project is definitely Lauri and George’s pet Project! Who cares who sleeps with who? How about thinking of all those Brady’s and their offspring first instead of throwing them in front of an out of control locomotive without any brakes?!

  4. Does anyone remember when the girls went to Vicki’s beach house, and we all saw a man that looked
    exactly like Don? I bet that was when Vicki met him. I think it was 2007.

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