Vicki Gunvalson And Brooks Ayers Still Seeing Each Other


It looks like Bravo and Vicki Gunvalson have fooled viewers again. When part 3 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion aired, Brooks Ayers was seen ending his relationship with Vicki, and he promised it was for good this time. Brooks walked away from Vicki and she was left in tears as her cast mates consoled her. But was it all for the show? On August 25th (the day part 3 of the reunion aired), Jeana Keough sent out a revealing tweet that outed Brooks and Vicki once again.

“@vgunvalson Had a great time with you and Brooks last night, and your grandson is so cute…” Jeana wrote.


Photo Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson And Brooks Ayers Still Seeing Each Other”

  1. Is anyone surprise? If a woman knows her man disrespected her child and you defend him, what do you expect. Not one time did she question Crooks re: Brianna not one. She even told Tamra he disrespected her. You can hear Tamra say to come back and defend yr daughter and she didn’t. I wish that Bravo not bring her back to the show. She iis downgrading all the strong women in this world. A woman does not need a man to be strong or make an impression to look good. Vicki please DN NOT COME BACK TO THE SHOW TAKE YR TRASHY ASS ELSEWHERE WE STRONG WOMEN HAVE ENOUGH TRASH TO DEAL WITH. ALSO IF I NEED ANY INSURANCE YOU WOULD BE THE LAST ONE ON MY LIST. AND ONCE YOUR CLIENTS FIND OUT THE COMPANY YOU KEEP THEY WILL DISAPPEAR ALSO. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR FUCKING LOVE TANK WEAK ASS BITCH.

  2. So hard to watch what I thought was strong, independent woman like Vicki, succumb to the kind of man Brooks has shown himself to be. So sad!

  3. I never believed his performance on the reunion show. Vickie is stupid but Brooks isn’t. There is no way he was giving up the stupid cash cow. They are both disgusting and although I am not a fan of Ryan’s, it is very evident that Brianna is much smarter that her idiot mother.

  4. So sad to see so many women say so many harsh comments about another woman. Not just another woman ~ a woman they don’t know.

    I turned off the reunion show because it may be entertainment to us all but it really is someone’s life struggles and it was to painful to watch. I took a more of a personal side of the struggles and saw, pain, sorrow and scars.

    Ms. Vicki had problems before this new clown came in the picture. I believe last seasons reunion brought out something not very many knew about and that was her husband Don (?) had been having an affair for the last ……um like 15yrs….. However long doesn’t matter because she allowed it to continue. That has given me the sense that she doesn’t feel lovable or can’t be alone~ so she will take the bad possibly thinking she can prove herself worthy of her mates love. Strong woman? yes very much so ~just not strong or confident in relationships.
    She isn’t the only one that has made mistakes……we all have. The big difference is people don’t record us or give people the ability to rewind and watch again and again AND AGAIN!! it would be good to stop watching and judging someone else’s life and live more of our own.

    Hopefully the bad decisions the cast has been we be an eye opener for them and push them in the direction of healing their wounds.

  5. I understand and agree with you up to a point Auntie Gina. My main problem with Vickie is how judgmental she is
    with Gretchen and Slade. Brooks is much worse than Slade or Simon or Jim yet Vickie is so blind she refuses to see it.

    Sorry she is such a mess but she passes herself off as miss goody two shoes and picks a scumbag over her own daughter. She is in great need of counseling.

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