Vicki Gunvalson: Brooks Ayers Was Not a Monster

Vicki Gunvalson commented about her relationship with her former boyfriend Brooks Ayers in the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County Monday night and she’s also reflecting on her past relationship in a new interview.

Even though we saw Vicki in a new relationship with her boyfriend Steve Lodge, Vicki stands by her words that Brooks was not a bad man.

“He wasn’t this monster in my life. He wasn’t. The viewers may think he was, but he wasn’t,” Vicki explained to E! News. “Did he turn into a monster towards the end? He did a lot of weird ass crazy things that I still don’t understand because I don’t talk to him.”

She added, “I don’t know why he did what he did, but he wasn’t a monster. He wasn’t really the man I thought he was if he did what he did to me.”

Vicki said if she ever had the opportunity to talk to Brooks one-on-one she would ask, why? “Why did you reveal bad records? Why did you do what you did to me?” she shared. “We had a good thing going or so I thought, but why? I still don’t know why. I’ve never been able to get the answer from him.”

However, Vicki says 10 months after her breakup with Brooks she met Steve. “I don’t want to be alone and he’s really good for me. I love him. He loves me,” she shared. “We may not have the fireworks all the time but that’s not real. I know that I can count on him always.”

“We’ve talked about our relationships ending and anybody in my past is still important to me,” she explained. “My first husband Donn—I was married to for 20 years—you just don’t forget about them. I want the very best for Donn. I miss Donn. I miss our family unit, but it didn’t work. That’s why we’re not together anymore.”

“All in God’s timing, the right people appear when they need to so it’s been good,” Vicki shared.

What are your thoughts on what Vicki had to say?

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13 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson: Brooks Ayers Was Not a Monster”

  1. BS Vickiliar she knew he didn’t have cancer ,she made fake calls for help to Terry Dubrow that never happened and expected the people all around to bring her food,she was warned he didn’t have cancer… she sat at his oncology appointments BS never happened…the deadbeat was lookin’ for a sugar momma …sorry , she knew most people do not believe she wasn’t in the know…and her gofundme. cancer bracelets got shut down ,why because people do NOT believe her if the other women didn’t need Vicki for a storyline her behind would be outta a HW job……WTF is she even still on tv for ? why are those OC women filming with her they should of blacklisted her….. has her perfume and the comments are pretty bad…

    1. Truth! I believe she was totally complicit . She is a raving narcissistic pain in the arse, and I don’t believe she’ll ever get it. Ever.

  2. Brooks was filling her love tank regularly, so it was not that bad after all… Steve´s doing the job so she´s happy.

    It all comes down to having her love tank filled up regularly, she´s a happy girl as long as her love tank is brimming with, er….love

    1. Brooks is the male Michaele Salahi, remember her?
      Somehow in my twisted mind, I’d love to see Brooks and Vicki end up in a little shack by the bayou, selling gator souvenirs.
      Brooks will be the bullshitting squire of Tookaloocha county, and Vicki will have a face like Mickey Rourke and be stuffing her fifty pounds extra into her old threads from her glory days, keeping her dirty martinis stashed in a styrofoam cooler on the porch.

  3. Vicki had good & bad times with Brooks & she somehow saw the good in him. She totally blinded herself to his every flaw & I do believe she believed he truly had cancer & when she knew the truth, much later in the game, she chose to find excuses for him with the group who were persecuting her non-stop & made her life a living hell—including her daughter who, in my opinion, uses her mom, then is dis-loyal to her. I do not like her at all, she is very remindful of Tamara.

  4. I’ve seen this malady in women I’ve known before. Vicki was d**-matized. Statistics show this is how a good portion of women in up in prison, generally behind being penis whipped by a man to the point that the lose all the good sense God gave a goose and follow him blindly to the pit of hell. Oh well, she’s not the first, won’t be the last. Moving on…

    1. Well as an ex slut who has had countless d**ks , I can tell these women that there is more where that came from :). We try to blame biology for the fallacy that women are meant to ‘get emotionally attached ‘ once they’ve had a good d**k. IMO that’s just garbage and a more of a brainwashing of women to keep them in their place . Women are as sexual and curious as men are .

      YES, a good d**k is hard to find , but hey I never minded the hunt 🙂
      Love you xoxo

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