Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers ARE Back Together! Do Brooks & Briana Get Along Now?


Yes, it’s true. Real Housewives of Orange County Star Vicki Gunvalson is back with her controversial boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. April 24th, 2013, Vicki tells US Weekly, “We are together.” And she insists he is a “really great guy” who treats her “like a princess.” Vicki opens up about her rocky relationship with Brooks, revealing, “Brooks and I have had, definitely, a rough road. We fight to stay together; we fight to leave each other alone. Every other day I’m like, ‘I’m too much work for you.'”

Vicki does reveal her daughter, Briana, and Brooks still do not get along. “My daughter and him… they haven’t really come to any sort of settlement yet. Really, they’re just still at odds,” Vicki says. “Briana just really won’t accept him. We really like being together and Briana just won’t accept that. That’s hard on me,” Vicki admits. “I’m caught in the middle.”

We will see Vicki and Brooks reunite during Season 8 of RHOC. Brooks did film with Vicki and their relationship is a big part of Vicki’s storyline this Season.

Vicki is also happy to announce that she and Tamra Barney are “dating again” and have decided to “not break up anymore.” As we reported, the two OC ladies filmed an emotional moment in Mexico during Tamra’s Bachelorette weekend.

Are YOU surprised Vicki and Brooks are back together? What do YOU think about Briana’s opinions of Brooks?

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vicki if you want love and if you feel brooks loves you go right ahead! brianna is not a kid any more she needs to be able to let her mother do things that she wants to., i understand where brianna is coming from but at the end of the day vicki wants love we have all seen that from the various seasons of RHOC. let just let her have it shes not a dumb woman shes very smart im sure she can take care of herself

I think Vicki is being stupid. Everyone can’t be wrong about him. Sometimes you need to listen to what your loved ones are telling you. However, Brianna is sometimes out of line. She should move out. My child would not tell me who could come into my house. She’s out of line.

Vickie is so desperate it’s pathetic. To not see what a loser and con man this man is she’s just looking for trouble. If she’s willing to lose her daughter and grandson over this bum, then I guess she deserves what she gets. I just want to believe she’s smarter than that and will see the light before it’s too late. It’s just funny to me how much she hated Slade for supposedly not working or allegedly not paying his child support and now she’s hooked up with someone who makes Slade look like a walk in the park. By… Read more »

Why in the world does Brianna and her new husband have the right to tell Vicki who she can have in her own home. Send them packing and let her grow up. She didn’t mind springing a husband on Vicki whether Vicki liked it or not.


Deonn, well said!!!!! I agree totally!!!!!!

Briana needs to back off and accept Brooks is there; she is making her mother miserable. It isn’t her decision who her mother dates; if you ask me, Briana’s husband is no prize. I am not impressed with the way he behaves either. He is living in Vick’s house and now feels he’s “the man of the house” and has a say in who comes and goes. That is bullshit. They hold that grandchild over Vicki’s head to manipulate her. I doubt they are paying normal, reasonable rent for such a lovely home and they are blessed to be there,… Read more »

Well said Lou!

well said Lou…

Y’all have lost your minds…that’s all I can say!

Well said Lou

Brianna’s husband has fought for his country, what has Brooks ever done for anyone? Oh that’s right not paid child support, going to jail and living off his girlfriend. Karma is coming back to bite Vicki big time – she was quite vocal about Slade last year and is now dating a guy 10 times worse. So she can’t be sitting there crying poor me everyone is picking on my man when she was quite happy to do it to someone else. Maybe Brianna knows a lot more about Brooks than we see on TV. She might just have a… Read more »
No, no, no. Briana doesn’t have to do a thing. She’s actually a very smart, caring young lady, who always makes the most sense on the show. Briana shouldn’t be blamed for having ill feelings about Brooks, especially after announcing her pregnancy on the radio before Bri even had the opportunity to announce it herself. That was Briana’s moment, which Brooks took. What an invasion! Couples do not announce pregnancies before certain terms in case of complications or miscarriage. Bri’s husband(Ryan) hasn’t been on the show long enough to say what kind of person he really is. The only thing… Read more »
I would do the same thing as Briana and Ryan are doing. If I don’t feel safe around someone and feel as if my SON is not safe, I would move out. I would not want ANY kind of negativity or that kind of person around my newborn son. If Vicki can’t see that then she’s really selfish. Why can’t she see him but not bring him at the house? Like It’s not hard. Your daughter and son are living there and they ARE paying rent. They have every right not to want that kind of person around their son.
Together? I don’t think they ever broke up. I think they kept the whole thing hush hush to let some of the attention down. Vicki is a grown woman, and Briana is a married woman living in Vicki’s home. Briana wants to do everything her way ( the whole get engaged and run to vegas and get married, knowing full well that, that would kill Vicki) she hated her mother, being too controlling. And that’s why she ran and got married in secret. But now Briana is showing just what a control freak she is. Telling your mom, whom you… Read more »

No Brianna will take the baby and move out if Vickie allows that loser con man in her house and I don’t blame her. They’re paying rent, they’re allowed to say who should be around their son. Good for you, Brianna, just stick to your guns and maybe your poor mom will see the light before it’s too late. Trixie, do you even watch or pay attention to this show??? Me wonders!!!

Did you ever wonder why Brianna ran off to get married? It’s obvious to everyone who watches this show. Vicki is very controlling and everything has to be her way. The wedding would have been Vicki’s not Brianna’s. It will always be Vicki’s way. She can dish it out but when it’s dished back at her she plays the victim. She wanted Brianna to move into the house so that she can control their lives. Brianna knows more about Brooks than we do so why would she want someone like him around her child? Why would you want to be… Read more »

Brooks behavior is odd, over the top but vicki is excessively needy so that probably makes them a match, not a healthy match, unfortunately. Briana is right to suggest that her mom be cautious but having done that she needs to move out and let her mom find out on her own.

Vicki is a grown up, so is Brianna. Brianna is being protective of her mother and that is fine. BUT she has to respect her mother. Nothing says she and Brookes need to love each other but he also has to respect Brianna. Don’t try to be the hero, don’t try to be the daddy. Just be polite to her, treat her mother with respect and don’t over insert your relationship to try to make things peachy with Brianna. Other words–don’t be a kiss-a$$. And truth be told–he DOESN’T have to appear on RHOC. That’s his choice. If I were… Read more »

Vicki If Brooks makes you happy then that’s all that matters…..Briana has to understand that you are divorced and deserve to find love again…she has a family of her own now and even though she don’t like him she needs to be respectful for the sake of her mother
I wish you both love and happiness

Why should anyone feel they have the right to tell Vicki who she may love, or not love? It is her business, and her’s alone. As for her daughter, Briana, not liking Brooks…well, too bad! It is not your life. Perhaps, Vicki should simply rewrite her will now…leaving all her wealth to a children’s charity and that will put an end to all of this BS from her kids. Because, at the end of this story, there are probably two adult children who are concerned about how much Brooks would “cut into” their share if something were to happen to… Read more »

I totally side with Brianna and Ryan on this one. Brooks leaked secrets about Brianna, Ryan, and Troy to the press. He broke their trust right then and there, and I would never forgive him either. There is no way in hell I would ever date someone that my kids didnt like. Period. The moment my kids were conceived is the moment they became first in my life. Hopefully Vicki will come to her senses; there are p,entry of men out there who can be trusted.

OMG … Vicki G needs some therapy to gain insight into why she makes poor choices when it comes to men. Brooks is a loser, changing like a chameleon at every opportunity to slither into Vicki’s life. I do hope that Vicki is smart enough to get a pre-nup should she decide to marry this guy.

Brooks is a creep. Briana is just looking out for her mother. Vicki seems smart, I don’t understand what she sees in him. I think she is just very insecure about her appearance (as evidenced by her recent plastic surgery because someone made a comment that she looked like a pig) and he says what she wants to hear…she eats those overused and insincere lines up.

I feel the same as Briana on this one. I too think Brooks is using Vickie for her money and TV exposure. She should date whoever she wants but, if it looks like a duck etc, etc.

I think the problem is Briana loves her Mom and trying to look out for her. Briana sees what all other viewer see….Brooks is a loser and user. Remember, Vicky only bought his top veneers…and he still needs his bottoms done. She’s still paying on the mink he gave her, on a payment plan. Vicky just wants to be loved……and is going about it the wrong way. Open your eyes Vick!!

I am with Briana on this one, he is sly, Vicks you can do a hell of a lot better than him !!!

Vicki you are acting like a teenage girl thinking this is the one. Advice for Briana, go on with your life. You and Ryan don’t need your mother. Let her fall on her face then she might realize what a total Juvinal she is. I support Briana And Ryan! You two be strong and stand your ground. I guess Vicki will have to make a serious decision!

Patricia Boultinghouse

Briana didn’t ask Vickie her opinion about her husband. What gives her the right to tell her mother who she can love. By the way, rent or no rent….that home is VICKIE’s! period! If they don;t like Brooks being there, move. And if they use the baby to get what they want, well then how sad. Briana needs to grow up and worry about her own marriage and relationship and leave her mother’s alone. Vickie has raised her children….now it’s time for HER!

Now it’s time for her???? Okay….lose your daughter and grandson over a slimball con man….makes sense to me.

vicki is desperate…period. Brookes is looking for a meal ticket. brianna should stop feeding into her mother’s romeo and juliette fantasy, step aside and let her mother get taken. they aught to find their own place as a young couple and stay far away from grandma drama.

Hmmmmm….Seems Like the Daughter is Smarter then her Mother……Vicki, is so blinded, He a Snake.

If Briana do not like your boyfriend she can move out so you can be with him . And I do not like him at all. He use you for money like your daughter said. If I love my kids I will not bring boyfriend at my house again. but brooks need to prove the kids that he is not use her for money!!!

Briana is only protecting her family and her Mother. I would never let that skeevy man around my baby or my family. Briana is right to remove herself from a situation that is inappropriate. I am sure she is only living with Vicki to appease Vicki. I don’t see why there is all the Briana hate on this website. No one sees so clearly as people on the outside. Brooks is a user and a loser.


Briana needs to BUTT out, NOT her life it is her Mothers, and if she loved her Mother then she would support her, she does not have to love brooks but, for the respect of her mother she needs to play nice. What makes her thinks he can rule the roost, lat I checked it was Vicki’s Money, NOT hers, or is that the problem, Mom is getting older and if Brooks is around that is less she gets, for some reason she is driving a wedge in it, and that is my only thinking and SHAME SHAME SHAME on… Read more »

Cathy, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Brianna and her family are staying with Vickie at Vickie’s request and are paying rent. She’s trying to protect her mother and her baby from this horrible man. Don’t you watch the show?? Everyone sees him for what he is except Vickie…..

Vicki is so desperate to NOT be alone that she is grabbing at this creepy Brooks and refuses to see him as the shady guy he is. She has NO IDEA how to make a relationship work because she is selfish, needy and desperate. Don was a GREAT guy who cared for her and always asked her to make time for him but she refused and put work ahead of him. Of course that relationship went bust!! Now she feels like she NEEDS to have a man so she grabs one that kisses her ass and strokes her ego! She… Read more »

100% agree with this post. Desperation….not good!!

Brooks is no good, and it’s shocking frankly that Vicki is so blind to what EVERYONE else sees. Brianna is a big girl, a life and family of her own. She should be happy with that and spread her wings…her mother has obviously made her ‘choice’.


Get real, Shannon…..seriously!! You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! Brooks is a slimeball con artist and I wouldn’t want him in my house around my baby. And, yes, it is Brianna and her husbands home, too. They are paying rent to stay there at Vickie’s request. Get your facts straight before you post again. Only makes you look dumb!

Sorry Vicki but Brooks is a creepy deadbeat dad. I’m not spreading falsehoods, watch 20/20. Shame on you for your behavior with Don, you were talking and flirting (and probably more) with Brooks while you were still married! All that crap about your damn love tank and you were the one travelling without your husband and getting up to no good. You treated him like crap. Now with Brooks you bend over backward and are willing to destroy your relationship with your children (and grandchild) because of it. He is a total potstirrer with the wives and caused that whole… Read more »

+1. Excellent Post!

Great post and I 100% agree!!!

I think Brianna’s concern for her Mother is she doesn’t want some free loader taking advantage of her! Does he work? What does he do? I thought I heard last season that he was driving one of Vickie’s cars and living in one of her houses! If that’s the case she has reason to be concerned! It really doesn’t sound like Vickie though, considering how concerned she was about Gretchen and Slade and how obsessed she was with him free loading off of Gretchen!

Oh and I for one am PROUD of Brianna. It is tough for a woman with a mom like Vicki to stand up to her. She is not being disrespectful. Just because someone is older does not mean they get to behave however they want without family fallout. Also Brianna is trying to save Vicki from herself. Brianna is a successful nurse and her husband is a soldier bravely serving his country, they are not living off Vicki, they pay rent. VICKI is the one who asked them to move in (probably helps her financially and definitely gets her more… Read more »

100% agree!

Very well said. Agree with all of it. Vicki is very controlling and has to have everything her way. Obviously Briana sees a lot more to Brooks than we do on TV and knows more than we do. Her husband has fought for his country and her mothers boyfriend has done nothing but live off his girlfriend and cheated his kids out of money. I would listen to Briana any day than a woman who puts her scum boyfriend before her own family and let’s him off when he sells stories about her kids. Briana really needs to get out… Read more »

I am in total agreement with you. All I want to say to Briana is, Get out of her moms’ house as fast as she can! No CREEP(Brooks) should be allowed in a house with an innocent child. RUN BRIANA RUN!

Um people, Briana NEVER told Vicki who to love/not love. She just doesn’t want Brooks in the house they also live in around their son.

Brooks is just gross – plain and simple.

I think Vicki should be able to be with whoever she wants because she is a grown woman. NO ONE should be in control of her life but her!! Her daughter, her friends, and her so called friends should back off and let her live her life the way she wants! They’re not the ones who has to deal with Brooks, she does. IF all of them spent as much time working on their own relationships as they try to control hers they wouldn’t have time to care what she’s doing! Why can’t all of them just get along, do… Read more »

yes. a true friend supports you in your folly, right? no matter what, agree with your friend or you are not a friend.

I agree Briana is a grown woman with a family of her own she should have a home of her own and not live with her mother. But she completely has the right to not like her mom’s boyfriend and as long as her mother didn’t push him on her what difference does it make if she doesn’t like him or not. To many stories of “Brooks” being a user and Vicki is very well off maybe Briana is just trying to protect her mother.

All I have to say is, Didn’t Vicki have some work done. She needs a refund. Just had to say that. She says Brooks is the one then leave them alone. She is not a good judge at that anyways. Two divorces. I guess she is going for the third. Maybe she should listen to Brianna, she might be a better judge of character than her mom.

No two people are alike, It’s called “Live and Learn” You can’t live someone else’s life or tell them how to live theirs. Vicki may not, “get it right” by marrying the “right” man everyone thinks she should, but it’s “right” for her! Like I said before, you can’t tell people what to do or how to do it. They have to do it on their own because it’s their life to live. You just have to be a “true, good Friend” and be there for them through thick and thin, no matter what!!

well, not if they’re too stupid you don’t

So, let me get this straight, you’re going to let this man back in your life which means no Briana and no Troy. This man is really worth losing your family. I just don’t understand why you can’t see what a con man he is. You’re a savy business woman….what is wrong with you that you don’t see what everyone else sees? No man is worth losing a daughter and a grandson over, especially this man. Come on, Vickie, take the blinders off…you don’t need a man that bad. I find it very sad especially for Brianna.

Well said

I find it sad too. This Brooks sold info about Brianns’s pregnancy and wedding to the press. Gross. I would be pissed too. Vicki is really pathetic to allow this man to use her and her family.

In due time Vicki will find out just what kind of “man” (I use that word loosely when referring to Brooks) he REALLY is! Vicki is either “blinded by love” or really stupid. I do think Brianna and her husband should move out on their own and let her mom make her own mistakes… she WILL suffer the consequences of those mistakes and have no one to blame but herself!

I hate Brooks. That being said, Vicki is a grown woman and if Brianna doesn’t approve of who her mother dates then she needs to leave her house. Vicki of course wants to control her daughters life still but make Brianna support herself and take care of her own baby.

Ummm excuse you but Brianna does support herself, she’s a nurse on maternity leave, she JUST had a baby. Her husband serves this country’s military, he’s not a deadbeat like scummy Brooks. I dare you to say something bad about a soldier who allows you your freedoms in this country. Have some respect. They PAY RENT and Vicki asked them to move in, Brianna had her own place we saw last season. These are not dependent children nor are they slackers. I hate when people assume to justify their argument.

It seems to me your justifying yours, but I guess “you” think it’s ok because you said it. EVERYONE is different, people have to live their own lives and learn on their own. It’s not a kids place to tell their parents what to do and use their kids as a pawn to keep the grandparent in their control. HW Bully was NOT putting down a military person at all!! She stated that Brianna needs to support herself and it’s true! She is living in her mother’s house, doesn’t matter if she is paying rent, she is paying to live… Read more »

I can tell you one thing: if I made an agreement with my kid to come and live with me and I promise to keep my scummy boyfriend away, then I’d keep my word to my kid. End of story. See scummy on the side, if you MUST.

Vicki dropped her candy with Don. Brianna needs to get her own place. Brooks is a perv. Tamra sucks!

Last time I checked, Vicki was a grown a** woman!!!! She works hard and supports herself and from what I can see, her kids too. She didn’t become as succesful as she is by being a total moron. No one in life is perfect. If she has made a mistake, she’s the one who will have to own it, not her kids or friends!!!!!!

Well said!!! And I bet she is smart enough to have a prenupt if she decides to marry Brooks too. I think Brianna is just worried about NOT getting her piece of the pie when it’s all said and done!!

Vicki is still married to Don so she can’t marry Crooks I mean Brooks!

Brianna’s the only smart one there!

Vicki is stupid one one look at that brooks guy even the first time he was in the show you can sense something not good about him. He’s try’s to hard. So,if he’s trying so hard to make everyone like him he must of done some bad things. He’s trying to convince everyone he’s a good guy. So he must not be. Hecdoes not look trustable at all and he’s not attractive. What does she see in him. Get rid of him

I totally agree with you! Brooks comes across as a smooth talker, he oozes charm and bs like its honey. Beware of con artists and manipulators, oh! Lets not forget his questionable parenting, past relationships, business dealings w Vicki, etc. btw, who fixed his teeth, lol. Brianna is a smart girl, she knows what brooks is up to, and she doesn’t come across as greedy or worried about her inheritance. She is leery of this slimeball and protecting her child and gullible mom. Donn Gunvalson, you are a classy man, and you are better off without Vicki and her love… Read more »
I don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll try: 1. Vicki is a HYPOCRITE, she beat on Slade for being a deadbeat dad, now she makes excuses for Brooks being a loser, deadbeat dad 2. Vicki is GREEDY, when Donn wanted her to slow down with work to focus on their marriage, it was more important to continue building her “empire” 3. Vicki is TOXIC, a pot stirrer, took Tamra away for the bachelorette party in Mexico to sabotage Gretchen’s plans, gleefully said “her plan worked” 4. Vicki is an ADULTERER, has known Brooks since way before her divorce,… Read more »

RUN BRIANA RUN! You need to leave your moms’ house as soon as you can! BROOKS is a CREEP! TROY should not be around That CREEP. Listen to your intuition, it won’t steer you wrong! Good wishes to you and Ryan and your son!

Vicky is desperate, she wnts to show everyone she has a man and she hs been married to creeps. Good grief, she had to get Brook’s teeth fixed, hes using her. Vicky the business women is uneducated and was cashier at a grocery store when she met Don. Vicky is so greedy and jealous, what a mess. Ryan is a loser, no education, Brianna also dates losers. Ryan is already divorced, he has no eduction, what a mess.

Vicki’s problem is that she wants it BOTH ways. Vicki knew the conditions under which Brianna and Ryan were moving in, and Vicki agreed in order to get her way, which was having the baby under her roof. Perhaps she thought she could soften Brianna up after the move-in but she knows now that w0n’t work. Brianna herself told her mother that if she wants to have Brooks over, Brianna and the baby will move out. I’m sure she’s perfectly capable of getting another place if she needs to. But Vicki agreed to the ground rules of their arrangement, and… Read more »

I think you explained it all so perfectly.

I get why Brianna stayed with her Mum as Ryan was off to let off his aggression in Afghanistan and do his honorable job and Brianna had just had the baby! It was a perfect arrangement for a new Mum to be with her experienced Mum but for the fact Brooks was still in Vicki’s life. Brianna has a good head for others on her shoulders and senses are heightened after having had a baby so if her intuition was still telling her she feels uncomfortable around Crooks then I’ll go with that. All her family, all her cast mates… Read more »