Vicki Gunvalson: Briana Is Very Happy In Oklahoma, Scheduled To Have Second Baby Soon


Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki says Ryan and Briana have settled into their new home in Oklahoma and they are very happy there. Briana is set to have her second baby in a couple of weeks, and Vicki reveals she travels to Oklahoma a lot to visit her family.

Vicki writes, “I hope you enjoyed tonight’s episode. Personally, it was one of those that I struggled to watch. My hair was a disaster for most of the scenes and my skin didn’t look the best. Either it was the harsh lighting that was on me, or I simply had a bad makeup job and I am embarrassed. Sorry about that. The result of not spending enough time on “primping.” I had to wake up at 4 am to get on the flight at 6:45 and had a seven-hour travel day with a two-hour time change — made me look not “camera ready” by the time I landed. It became a harsh reality — spending seven hours to see my daughter’s family is going to be my “new normal.”

It was so beautiful driving around the suburbs of Oklahoma City looking at houses for them. Most of the houses we looked at were under $400,000 and I was in complete shock at what they could buy for their money there. It definitely made me happy to see that they could live in such a nice community and have it be affordable. The house that they ended up buying was not one of the ones that were shown, as they actually found it the next day after I left. I since have returned there four times to help them move in and visit them and they have really settled in nicely. Briana is an unbelievable decorator, mother, wife and hostess. I’m so proud of her and she is really adapting nicely to Oklahoma.

Briana’s baby is due in a few weeks, and I’ll be spending two weeks with her to help her with the new baby, Troy and her recovering from another C-section. I can’t wait to meet my new grandson. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Now, onto the big blunder/inappropriate comment that I said to Ryan. When I asked Ryan in the car “when is he going to get a real job,” it came out wrong — I meant to say a “civilian job” not a “real job.” I truly think Ryan has sacrificed and has served his country to the highest level imaginable and I have so much respect for him. All I’m saying is that I don’t want him to go back to war if at all possible. If staying in the Marines makes him happy, then I’m all for it but I know how much it has taken a toll on him.

Being deployed six times and seeing the things he has, the sacrifices he has made makes me worried about him. He has experienced and seen things that most of us have only read about. I’m a 100-percent supporter of our troops and the work that they do for America so we can live free, but it comes with a cost to be in it for as long as he has. My father was in the military and so was my grandfather and I respect our servicemen immensely, so please do not take what I said out of context.

My choking episode was really scary. I can’t believe we were being filmed when it happened. I’ve been having episodes of that from time to time so to have it happen with Briana there made me feel fortunate that she could help me. She knew exactly what to do when I couldn’t breathe. I get scared living on my own that if something were to happen like that again I don’t know if I could get it removed on my own.

I’m glad that Shannon and Heather had an opportunity to meet to discuss their differences. I am friends with both of them, so it’s hard for me to understand why they are at odds with each other. They are both great people, but sometimes people either click or they don’t. I think we have to sum it up to they have to “agree to disagree” on some things and move on. That’s what makes the world interesting. If we don’t have opinions or viewpoints on people, then it sure would be boring.

I hope you all have an amazing week and enjoying the beautiful days of summer. I’m headed back to Oklahoma to see the kids on Friday through Monday and can’t wait to see Briana and her family. Little Troy is getting so big and I miss him so much.”

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21 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson: Briana Is Very Happy In Oklahoma, Scheduled To Have Second Baby Soon”

  1. Another baby… yeeey, she has an abusive husband, she relocates wherever he has to go, she has no friends of her own, she is a breeding machine… her life is so peachy.

    1. Exactly how is Ryan abusive? I’ll admit he DID over react when he threw that woman’s mother out of Vicki’s house for putting her feet on the furniture. But when has he EVER shown any tendencies towards being abusive? I was married for 11 years to an abusive man and Ryan isn’t anywhere NEAR abusive towards Brianna! If anything he treats her with the utmost respect and love. They move because he is in the military. Anyone that’s ever been a military dependent would know that you better get used to moving….A LOT! They sometimes move twice a year depending on the service man/woman’s MOS. Brianna’s life IS wonderful. She’s clearly in love with him and happy to be his wife. I would be delighted to be out from under her over controlling mother’s roof for onve in her life. If anyone is abusive….it’s Brooks!

  2. Vicki is one woman I truly dislike. She is a control freak and makes her kids lives a living hell. Yes she sees what comes out of her mouth and then blames it on editing or says that wasn’t what she really meant to say.
    I feel very sorry for Brianna.

    1. So do we all. I think she would be the mother-in-law from hell for Ryan to deal with! They relocate for 1) the service posts them and they have to go, and 2) if he leaves the service in this day and age you go to where the jobs are.

  3. I love Vicki. She’s crazy but she makes me laugh and I think she has good intentions. I was surprised they have Briana so much air time. I like her but not her husband.

    1. It’s hard to get past Ryan’s behavior last season and how he treated Lydia’s mom. I don’t buy his PTSD excuse and it’s insulting to our veterans who suffer from it. Vicki was right about him when she checked into his past. There are public records not favorable of him. I think Vicki was truly embarrassed by what the viewers saw and now she’s trying to make us forget by painting Ryan in a more favorable light. But we’re not buying it because the latest episode was extremely dull. I don’t know Andy Cohen, but this one needs another overhaul. The three who remained after the last overhaul aren’t interesting.

  4. I wonder of Vicky’s deplorable behavior affects her business for the worse, since she obviously cares about Coto Ins…..the only thing that will hurt Icky Vicki is in the pocketbook. Her military customers should leave her business (if she has any such clients) and let them find REAL ins.

  5. I love Vicki lol she makes me laugh! But while she was complaining about everything in Oklahoma, I was just thinking “Shut up Vicki!!” in my head lol just let Briana go! She’s a big girl now. I’m really happy for Briana and Ryan, wishing them the best.

  6. Hate to be so mean, but harsh lighting/lack of sleep? Can’t imagine what you look like first thing in the morning. Also, there’s a reason you don’t know where your son lives (she admitted on one episode) and your daughter is living in Okly :/ You’re an absolute train wreck.

  7. Oh, come on. It is okay for the rest of the country to make jokes about California & about Californians? Vicky is a transplant from the Midwest. Most of us who live in Southern California are so spoiled by the beauty, weather and the lifestyle that we could never imagine living any place else. Vicky had a right to her own opinion. Vicky didn’t slam the military. She slammed her idiot slob-in-law. What is he going to do after the military.? Seems like a valid question to me! (Aside from controlling his wife & children?) Why would anyone pay $400 thousand gees on a home located on a known storm belt?? Lack of common sense? Stupidity? They shoukd buy a townhouse near the base and when Ryan is transfered, they can lease it out to other Military families.Vicky has the right to ask any questions she wishes. They lived with her, free and tried to control her life and as I recall Ryan threw out Lydia’s mother from one of Vicky’s parties! Just saying.

  8. As a person who has lived in Oklahoma al lmy life I was offended by Vicki and her comments. Yes we have tornadoes but doesn’t California has fires, and earthquakes? I have traveled all over the US and abroad so I know what the rest of the world is like. I did love the fact that they showed vicki at one of th emost famous places to eat here. Cattlemens has had Presidents, singers, actors eat at it and would have loved it see her eat a “lamb fry” something you couldn’t get me to eat in a million years!

    1. What is wrong with you TK? Don’t you know that ms piggy I mean miss Vicki is always right and knows everything about everything. She is so disgusting.

  9. Oh, Vicki. Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. Harsh lighting? Really? Do you have a magic mirror in your house? All that money you spent on a chin would have been better spent on some laser resurfacing.

    And Ryan and Brianna are buying a house in the $400,000 range? Really? Just what military is he in???

    1. Maybe they saved a lot while living with Vicki LOL or more likely she’s helping them buy a house or better yet Bravo TV is buying or renting the house for them?

  10. I also was wondering so I tried and look it up. All I could get was Vickie had a net worth of
    7 million and was $500,000 for being on housewives.
    I do know that Carolines children were paid for NJ so I’m sure that so is Briana.

    1. Ann, if you’re looking at “Celebrity Net Worth” website, it’s all fabricated. The net worths are extremely inflated by multi millions ….

  11. Oklahoma is a great place to live and raise children. I moved here from a big city and feel that it is a blessing

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