Vicki Gunvalson Being Replaced By Younger Housewives?

We all know Vicki Gunvalson as the “OG from the OC,” as Andy Cohen puts it. She’s one of the original cast members of the first Real Housewives series. Vicki had a dramatic season with her boyfriend, daughter, and best friend, and now she talks about being replaced by younger housewives.

In an interview with The Huffington Post Vicki said, “I was one of the youngest cast members and now I’m the oldest, they are bringing in the girls 16 years younger. Hello.” Vicki admits to liking the show better when it first debuted, and complains that now it has just turned into weekly cat fights with the ladies. In the first seasons she explains, “We weren’t fighting, we were just talking about our lives, raising kids, I think the producers wanted to sexercise it so we got the younger girls, but its okay, just more fights.”

There was a lot of chatter if Vicki would return after her split with Don, and as she is hated by many, she is adored by many too. So we can’t help but wonder, when will it finally be Vicki Gunvalson’s last season?

Do you wanna see Vicki go?

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