Vicki Gunvalson Attempted to Stop Cancer Story Line


We all know by now about the storyline involving Brooks Ayers having cancer on RHOC, but could it have been prevented from ever making it to television?

In a new interview with RadarOnline, Vicki reveals she never wanted the storyline to be on TV. Vicki mentions in the interview that she did everything that she could to not discuss Brooks’ diagnosis on the show. “Facts are, I was never threatened to be booted from the show, if the viewers remember I did NOT want Brooks health issues to be part of the show,” Gunvalson said.

“I always said ‘I don’t want to talk about it,’ and tried to shut it down,” Vicki explains mentioning that Tamra Judge & Shannon Beador have mentioned Vicki lying about Brooks cancer, but she is still insisting that she thought Ayers had cancer the whole time.

With the news recently that City of Hope has never treated Brooks for cancer, Vicki thinks “It’s very frustrating.”

Interesting that she says she didn’t want Brooks’ cancer to have played out on the show as well as she wouldn’t have got fired without it airing. What do you think about this? Comment Below.

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24 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Attempted to Stop Cancer Story Line”

  1. Couldn’t she have just given back the money they paid her & not filmed? The one other new housewife (she was also married to an athlete) filmed a few times & then dropped because of her divorce. She only tried to shut it down when others questioned its veracity. She brought it up all the time, often without prompting or provocation. She needs to be quiet already.

  2. Did anyone watch Shannon’s Facebook video responding to the interview? She very clearly laid out where Vicki was lying in the interview and orchestrated this even before the season.

        1. Thanks Cassy J for that link! Go Shannon, I believe Shannon, what she says makes sense. What Vicky says makes no sense, if it makes no sense it isn’t true!! 🙂

        2. Thanks CJ…she is really worked up, isn’t she?
          Vickie needs to go. She was a jerk before Brooks…and Shannon needs to calm the hell down. She won’t go the distance unless she understands many of these people are POS….and she shouldn’t trust them.
          Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    1. Shannon is a nut job.. this is not something in her life to have so much hate and anger about.. people have real life crap going on.. Shannon is crap.. can’t stand her.. Vicki, not a fan either.. Tamra/Crab girl is a POS too.. but these ladies are going on and on about this, there is a point to just move on.. Brooks is a piece of crap.. get a life..

      1. I disagree – she trusted Vicki and Vicki lied to her AND dragged her into it all saying “I need your help” Vicki is VILE

  3. LIARFACE Vicki is backpeddling–plain and simple.

    Yes, I keep referring to her this way only because she kept using this word toward Someone else on a reunion.

  4. Oh please no more of the OG’s BS. IT SEEMED TO ME SHE SPOKE OF REMORSE BUT DIDNT SHOW ANY AT ALL. With this Old Goat it is always somebody else’s fault.

    1. I totally agree Aunt Bee, calling her an old goat is probably too nice now! Something else please you are good with these things!!!

  5. And that’s the face that pretty much sums up Vicki. That haughty, arrogant face with cleavage hanging out. Not ANYONE I would do business with, ever. I love OLD GOAT for those OG initials. CLASSIC! But not mean enough honestly.

  6. I am surprised and disappointed because I put it out there, took Vickie’s side and feel duped myself! Shannon was right the entire time? I don’t believe Vickie here, and Brooks’ interview was a disaster. What kind of fool am I? Wowsers. Is this really finally the end of this story? I hope so, unless we find out that Brooks is really sick afterall…hey, it could happen.

    1. Run fast Don! Run like you stole something… I’m sure he is just so relieved left the shit show Viicki. he has to be embarrassed for ever being associated with her.

  7. Is this Vicki’s attempt to make herself look good again? Too late, she can spin anyway she wants, she is still a liar. Don’t believe a word.

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