Vicki Gunvalson at Breaking Point


Vicki Gunvalson has had quite the whirlwind the last few months that played out on RHOC season 10, now a close friend of Vicki’s has spoken to RadarOnline, about the state of mind Vicki is in now.

“Vicki was really, really struggling for a while after that all went down, she is a tough cookie, but she also has a soft inside and that whole incident hurt her emotionally,” the insider says.

“No one will know whether or not she actually knew what was going on except for her and Brooks, she will definitely figure it out because she always does. But Vicki really became the target and that just wasn’t fair,” the insider continues.

Even with the recent WWHL episode that Gunvalson appeared on recently and apologize to her castmates apparently none of them are buying it.

“The women on that show are out for blood,” the insider mentions. “When they are against someone they are all extremely vicious.”

“They went after Vicki to take her down and that is the bottom line. I feel bad that she had to go through that, regardless of if she lied or didn’t lie. She is a human being and that really hurts.”

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31 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson at Breaking Point”

  1. Wow! I feel so bad for poor little Vicki! All of the ladies against you, so very sad! NOT!!!!!!!
    This story is Radar of Lies so who knows but what we do know Vicki is a Liarface!!!! There it’s been a couple of weeks since I have been able to say that! Made me feel better! ❤️

    1. I agree sister Sally. Vicki did this to herself. She is 100% to blame for where she finds herself. She has torn other castmate’s faces off for 1 fraction of what she has done. Live with it Vicki.

  2. David should think himself lucky if indeed he is as rich as people say. In Scotland it’s 50/50. My neice has just been stung as she had more money than he did.

  3. It’s called Karma – for years she’s treated people bad because she was the OG. She is totally self centered and it caught up with her. It had nothing to do with these women being out for “blood”. She is a bold face liar that got caught. Her apology was insincere. Anyone who makes up a storyline especially about cancer to remain relevant for a reality show is just a low life. Can’t be the victim now and claim poor me. No sympathy at all, just let Vicki go away……….her time has come.

  4. Poor Vicki playing the victim yet again! When will this woman please go away? She needs to stop getting people to comment for her because nobody is listening.

  5. Too bad Vicki, too bad you were LYING about something as devastating as cancer. I don’t even want to type out what I hope happens to her and Brooks. Use your imagination….

  6. all the ladies on Orange County are nasty… and pretty much just plain gross…. I wish they would dump the ladies and start with a fresh cast…. ladies who are fun, silly and like a bit of drama…. this show is plain nasty and now it’s predictable and boring ….

  7. Don’t like what Brooks & Vicki did, and definitely have no respect for the other out for blood women who only wanted to be right, regardless. Phony till the end, blood sucking vultures.

  8. I wish her and Donn would reconcile and she gets outta the spotlight and Moves On and gets Happy- still think she had no mourning time for her Mother- the Brooks shit over shadowed all that ., sad

  9. I cannot find one single thing to write about this woman that fully describes her character as it is portrayed with BRAVO’s chainsaw editing tools. Now that I think about it she would have no redeeming qualities/assets if BRAVO just sandwiched her ‘live’ between commercials. (Can’t believe I an devoting time to thinking about such a revolting human being.)

  10. Vicki is learning that Karma is a bitch and she is getting what she has given to others in the past. Can’t wait to read when Karma starts biting Tamara in the ass too!.

  11. Vicki earned the lack of respect so many have for her with her bullying, greed, rudeness, and deceit. She is a liar and con artist.

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