Vicki Gunvalson Apologizes to Shannon Beador

After watching the first episode of the RHOC Season 12 this last week, Vicki Gunvalson wants to apologize to Shannon Beador.

Vicki spoke with Entertainment Tonight, about Shannon blaming Vicki for her weight gain and trying to ruin Shannon’s marriage to David Beador.

Shannon said during the first episode, “That stress caused me to eat more, caused me to drink more.” Shannon added, “That’s a huge part of why I gained my weight.”

Vicki responded in her sit down interview. “I’m sorry,” Vicki says. “You know, I’m sorry that you feel that way and I don’t want to cause her any stress … If I’m responsible for it, I’m really, really sorry. I don’t want anything bad for Shannon and David. I actually want them to have a happy, healthy marriage. I told her that from the very beginning when she confided in me on their situation.”

Vicki apologized one more time, “I said, ‘Make your marriage work,’” Vicki recalls. “So I’m sorry. If I’m to blame for it, I’m sorry.”

What do you think of Vicki’s apology?

Should Shannon Beador forgive Vicki Gunvalson?

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28 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Apologizes to Shannon Beador”

    1. Kind of backhanded, too, with all the “ifs”. She throws “sorry” around all the time but doesn’t change her behavior. Take it for what it is, accept the apology for what it is, put it on the past and move on.

                    1. Thanks babe . I’m actually feeling tons better just really wiped out from having one for 2 days

    1. if the “i’m sorry if….” statement didn’t automatically stop reading it I don’t know what else would have.

    2. She’s not even sincere…she has such a pattern that she’s made friendship into a game. If she hurts someone then she deflects that she’s hurt too so it’s all justified…this bitch has got this down…and that’s why she’s delusional…never ever can be trusted…so I truly question her boyfriend…there has GOT to be something wrong with him…or he’s going to use her…

      1. I think she’s using her bf just to pretend that she has moved forward from Brooks and out Brooks in the past . As long as she was single, peopel were going to ask of if she Brooks are getting back together. She is evil .

        I feel she will dump Kelly , after she has no sue for her and I can NOT wait for that train wreck

  1. She apologized for advising Shannon to make her marriage work. Not for the bad things that Vicki herself did. She’s apologizing for being such a good friend to Shannon. Lame!

  2. Who knows if Vicki did not try to apologize to Shannon directly & Shannon refused to acknowledge Texts, whatsapp, messages, phone calls , emails etc? The thing is that she apologized in which ever way it was. Fact of the matter is, Vicki said wrong, but she did not physically sit & force food & drink down Shannon’s gut as she had Shannon under stress. Shannon stressed her own self & did harm to her own self, no one can do that to another unless that other allows it.

  3. Why should Vicki apologize anymore to a horror story of an un-forgiving person like Shannon? She DID NOT cause Shannon’s weight gain. Shannon will blame whoever is in her pathway instead of herself & in this case, it is Vicki.
    Normal people sit, air & vent & then release. Has that been Done? Not for a second.
    As for Vicki saying she’s worried about Shannon sounds false & hypocritical. Shannon resents it & does not want her in her life. Why then is Vicki grovelling & trying to act like a martyr! She should worry about her household & let Shannon worry about hers.

  4. Shannon says she does forgive Vicki. She just chooses not to remain friends. I forgive my ex husband but I dont want a relationship with him.

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