Vicki Gunvalson Apologizes to Heather Dubrow


Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Orange County premiered Monday night and the show was still centered around Vicki Gunvalson being singled out of the group for her relationship with Brooks Ayers.

First, we saw Tamra Judge preparing for a fitness competition and Meghan Edmonds remodeling her home. Edmonds announced that her and her husband had started in-vitro fertilization to try and have a baby together.

Heather Dubrow was also procrastinating calling Vicki Gunvalson to invite her to an upcoming party she was throwing. Dubrow was still waiting on an apology from Vicki surrounding the lies she had told about Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal.

Shannon Beador was excited to share that since her husband David’s affair had been revealed their marriage was better than ever.

Vicki told the cameras she wanted her friends back but swore she hadn’t suspected Brooks was lying at the time.

Meghan’s mom came to go with her to an IVF treatment because Jim was going to be out of town. New Housewife Kelly Dodd has also been through IVF, just like Heather Dubrow, so Meghan is lucky to have people relate to who have used this experiment and have been successful in it.

Heather broke down and finally called Vicki. Tamra and Shannon were concerned that since the party was on a yacht they would be stuck with her. But Vicki invited back up, her old friend, Jeana Keough.

At the party, Tamra and Kelly got along fine, although Shannon wasn’t a fan of Dodd’s loud jokes.

Vicki was the last to arrive, and Kelly was the only lady who seemed happy to see her. Dodd knows Vicki because they share an esthetician.

During dinner Meghan confronted Kelly about how nice she was to Vicki. Kelly said she “seems like a lovely lady.”

“‘Seems’ is the key word,” Meghan replied. “Be careful.”

“We got a wakeup call right before the holidays,” Heather said, as she stood up to make a toast. As she had warned Terry she was going to do, she revealed they’d had a health scare that had them thinking he’d need bypass surgery for his heart. “As it turns out, it was a false positive,” Heather concluded as she got emotional.

Everyone clapped and Heather stated she had come to realize what’s important in life, which is why they invited everyone they love to the party.

Finally, Vicki asked Heather to talk downstairs. She told Heather that she wanted forgiveness for what happened last year, but still refused to admit she knew Brooks was faking his cancer.

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