Vicki Gunvalson Announces Son-In-Law Ryan Culberson’s Move to California

Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana has been back in California with her sons Troy and Owen for quite some time now, but her husband, Ryan Culberson, had to stay in Oklahoma while awaiting his medical retirement from the Marine Corps. Now, Vicki is sharing that Ryan is finally moving in with his family!

“Ryan, good news, just got moved to California yesterday for good. So he’s out of Oklahoma. The moving truck is going to be coming in the next few days with all of their belongings,” Vicki told The Daily Dish in an interview this week. “And that’s been a journey for Briana and Ryan since he’s been in the Marine Corps, and they went to Oklahoma and she came back to California without him. She’s really been missing her husband.”

Briana moved back to the OC in November 2015. “The truth of the matter is, she’s a California girl, and she hated Oklahoma,” Vicki told the site in June 2016. “They had to make a choice of where they wanted to move because he’s actually getting retired from the Marine Corps. So they didn’t want to stay in Oklahoma anymore. So coming back to Orange County was the natural thing for her to do.”

And Vicki is extremely happy to have her family together. “It feels so great to have Briana back home,” she recently gushed to The Daily Dish. “So for me to have Briana back in the OC, they’re seven minutes away from me, and the babies are really close, too. I’m able to help them before school, after school, and while she’s working and doing what she has to do, so it’s been really good for me to have her so close.”

Happy new year from our family to yours. Make 2017 the best ever. We ❤️ you all! #rhoc #make2017yourbestyearyet

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