Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Refuse to Film RHOC Together

Just when you didn’t think things could get any worse between RHOC stars Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge something else comes along. This time, according to RadarOnline, Vicki is refusing to film with Tamra.

Vicki “straight up told Bravo execs that she will not film” with Tamra, from now on, no matter what, an insider said.

This problem isn’t one sided either, as Tamra feels the exact same way about Vicki.

“The two managed to avoid any on-screen blowout fights so far this current season, due mainly to the fact that they spent a very minimal amount of time filming together,” the source said.

Both Vicki and Tamra are making negotiations for season 13 very difficult.

“Vicki and Tamra are absolutely both coming back next season. The network will not boot either one of them and they both know it,” the source added.

“Producers do not know what to do about it at this moment, and they are considering paying each one of them a substantial bonus to coexist in the same scenes together,” the source said. “They are the reason that the Orange County franchise continues to do so well.”

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36 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Refuse to Film RHOC Together”

  1. I’ve been a fan of all the Housewives, except Aukland, since their debut. I would not like to see either Vicky or Tamara to leave. Especially Vicky. I haven’t really liked Tamara as much this season mainly because she conviludes her Christianity with a pretty nasty mouth and actions.
    Get over it ladies. No, I don’t miss Heather at all. She didn’t belong, however I did want to see her new ….so much about it, then boom she’s gone

  2. I’d rather watch Vicki than Tamra. She claims to be a born again Christian all holier than thou but has a nasty attitude and gutter mouth. It says a lot when her own daughter doesn’t want anything to do with her.

  3. I don’t like watching any of them anymore. I watch out of habit, and ny favorite part is coming here and reading what normal people have to say about it all.

  4. Two old stubborn mules–Tamara being the worst, a snake in the grass, a hypocrite, an evil woman hiding behind a cloak of piety. Why are they being bribed & given extra bonuses to film together? They should be kicked out & see how fast they’ll both back-track with their heads between their legs, all the while begging to return.

  5. I don’t blame either of them. Both are at the point where their friendship doesn’t matter. There was a point where Vicki hadn’t done anything to warrant Tamra’s vile attitude (as all Vicki had done to Tamra was defend who she though she loved, which anyone would do — until Vicki had started speaking ill of Eddie), but unfortunately Vicki took things a little farther than they really needed to. Who knows where things will go, but I support them both (albeit Vicki just a tad more). I don’t believe Shannon is helping though. Her issues are separate from Tamra’s issue, the Eddie issue, and they need to keep things more separate instead of like some war alliance. Shannon should leave Tamra be.

  6. What has happened to this blog. I want the old blog back. Can’t reply and must fill in name and email address every time or you come up as anonymous. Help Nicki.

  7. Im not buying a bonus….bravo is very famous for telling the stars where to shove it and reminding them they are in charge…im pretty sure itd be more lilely theyre told too bad so sad you dont hvae a choice for event a,b, c and d, and if your story lines suffer…bye bye! The show doesnt need either of them to continue…but if i know andy he seems more stuck to vicki out of the two!

  8. We are not, we are an 11 hour drive from Houston. Part of my team went down to help, I am staying put for now, it’s TBD if there will be a relief team going down. #TXStrong

    1. #TXStrong indeed ! ❤️❤️❤️
      You been watching anything fun on tv? I don’t know what I’m gonna do after Game of Thrones ended last night . I am obsessed

      1. I have heard that is a really good show. I haven’t, I watched RHoNY – well most of it. Those ‘ladies’! Their trip to Mexico was hilarious. I refuse to watch RHoD, We did get into watching Blacklist on Netflix. Have you heard from Daisy lately? She’s in Houston area?!

  9. I guess a lot of us take breaks during the summer or when BH is off. Are you watching OC? I’m glad Daisy is safe, I just saw my BFF family is leaving their third house/safe spot due to flooding. It’s really bad.

  10. I read somewhere that Bravo doesn’t want to get rid of either Vicki or Tamra but not sure how they’re going to film the show since they refuse to film with each other. Should be interesting.

  11. Uh oh…so it looks like OC will finally move towards even more of a “Clash of the Titans” standoff with Tamra and Vicki. Interestingly enough, I keep hearing fan chatter from viewers, writers, and tv hosts alike that they want Vicki and Tamra to reconcile, and that chatter is starting to grow louder than that of people who don’t like Vicki…ultimately I wonder if such a reconciliation will ever happen…because when it’s all said and done, both of those women are very calculating, and will do anything to keep the show as a platform- so we’ll see what the future holds…

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