Vicki & Donn Gunvalson Settle Divorce?

Vicki Gunvalson

Real Housewives of Orange County Star Vicki Gunvalson tweeted today that she was heading to mediation with her soon to be ex-husband, Donn Gunvalson, to try and work out a divorce settlement. Vicki was upset in Season 7 of RHOC because Donn was seeking spousal support from her. As RealityTea points out, RHOC is STILL filming Season 8, so will the mediation take place on camera?


After accusations Donn cheated on Vicki their entire marriage, and allegations Vicki had an emotional affair with her current boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, it seems like this divorce has been going on forever! I hope Vicki and Donn can find resolve today, and move forward peacefully.

What are YOUR thoughts on Vicki and Donn’s divorce?

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  • Kasie

    Vicki, I hope Donn takes you for all your worth. Retire now.

    • Mimi

      Wow!!!!!! How SAD!

  • Kasie

    She was so hatefull to him.

  • Lisa

    It really is time to start a new reality show, The Real Old Housewives of Plastic Surgery Fiasco’s. It’s definately time for Vicky to go back in the closet. What a mess. Doesn’t she see this. Sad.

  • I know how traumatic a divorce can be regardless of the circumstances, I’ve been through it. I don’t know Vicki Gunvalson personally, she is a television personality, however, I feel for them both, it ain’t easy…

  • DrewHamilton

    I love Vicki no matter what. I liked Donn too. So unfortunate I hope they’re able to resolve this soon.