Vicki Confirms She & Brooks Are No Longer Together!


Vicki Gunvalson appeared on Watch What Happens Live after an intense episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County Monday night. It has just been announced that Gunvalson’s name has been cleared from the Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit, but that her on-again off-again boyfriend, Brooks Ayers is still being sued by Vicki’s business partner. Vicki was quick to let viewers know that she is single and NOT seeing Brooks!

Vicki was getting flirty with WWHL guest star Joe Buck, and Buck even started rubbing Vicki’s shoulder during Andy’s monologue. “Hey! Are you trying to fill up my love tank?” Vicki asked Joe. “It’s kinda quiet right now. It needs to be filled up!”

“I’m gonna take a drink,” Buck, the famous sportscaster replied.

But when a caller asked Vicki if she’s finally seen what everyone has been telling her about Brooks, she said, “No, I don’t agree. He’s actually a great man and you’ll have to watch what happens towards the end of the year. I want the best for him. It’s just a big bummer.”

Vicki was on fire and Andy joked at one point, “Vicki! Don’t molest Joe Buck!”

At the WWHL bar was Vicki’s business parter, Robert Williamson.

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2 Replies to “Vicki Confirms She & Brooks Are No Longer Together!”

  1. If it is true that Brooks is out of Vickie’s life than that is good news for her. However, she still does not see in him what we all know to be true…. LOSER! And because of this, she is bound to make this mistake with another man just like Brooks. Will never understand why successful women feel they have to have a man in their lives. When you have health, wealth and family that IS a full rich life!

  2. And she STILL won’t admit what a piece of shit this guy is?! I’m starting to wonder what he has on Vicki and why she is still kissing her ass. I think it made a big statement that the guy that’s still suing Brooks was the bartender on watch what happens live…

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