Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay Headed for Divorce?


Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie and Michael Shay could be heading to a divorce, according to TMZ.

Last Wednesday, Scheana got scared because Mike didn’t come home. Scheana thought it was strange as a close friend had just passed away and she was very distraught. Mike’s past history with drug abuse elevated her concern.

Scheana did everything she could to get ahold of him without success, so she decided to cut off all of his credit cards. Two days after that Mike cleared out the couple’s checking account.

Mike has been sober since January 1st and Scheana is so worried he has turned back to drugs she is thinking of ending their marriage.

Interesting timing as the show is just about to start as well. What do you think?

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36 Replies to “Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay Headed for Divorce?”

  1. I am NOT surprised at all. This marriage had a rough start and Scheana’s great diagnosis is that it’s ok to have some drinks but not over drink. He was also taking pain meds. Now when something like this happens the pair should have gotten him some counseling or rehab. After that continued therapy. He stopped the pain meds but he still was drinking. Scheana said she could not be with someone who did not drink? OH MY GOD. So at this point they chose to deal with all of the issues on their own and it just went downhill from there. Now there are other issues and of COURSE SCHEANA the tv whore…doing anything she could to get her face on camera is going to start the tears not for her husband but more about how she is embarrassed that she has to deal with it with everyone watching. These two had a very little chance of making it. Shay was miserable with Scheana because she is so overpowering and dominant. Instead of being compassionate she turns on the water works and makes it all about her. THANK GOD she is not pregnant.
    o sad all that money for a wedding that lasted 2 years.

  2. Just guessing here but it sounds more like they had a blowout and Shay left; Scheana, mature girl that she is, decided to cut off all of his credit – the only way she could do this was if she was the primary cardholder and he was secondary on all of their cards. The fact that he cleaned out their bank account speaks volumes, and solidifies the major fight they may or may not have had. Or he is doing drugs again and she already knew about it when she couldn’t find him. I hope its the former rather than the latter. He looks so well since getting sober, but Scheana feels and acts like she is the star of their marriage – she is SO self absorbed! – and Shay is there to hold her coat for her…I really have no clue as this is the first I’ve heard of it.

  3. Why is this not surprising? What about her walls? If they split up, she’ll have to remove him and hang up pictures of JUST HER! OH, the HORROR!

    1. Your hysterical…… Belly laugh. It will be difficult to photoshop shay out of all those wedding pictures but you know what, Scheana would love to have just pictures of herself, she is so superficial and plastic. I would like to see Mike Shay with a nice woman who would be compassionate to his needs because I feel he has that in his heart. Scheana would scare a hungry hyena off a meat truck. Maybe Shay and Kristen? Oh god did I just say that? no no she would put a leash on him and lead him around town. How about Shay and Carmen? Anything is better than Scheana….

    2. GIGICAT, remember what Whitney Houston said , loving yourself is the ‘greatest love of all ‘ LOL. Guess Scheana REALLY practices self love 🙂

    1. Pretty much Daisy. 2 years. Frankly I’m surprised she noticed he was gone.

      Hope you’re doing well. How is your Bonnie doing? All better I hope…xoxo

              1. I’m just about to jump in the shower then go to the grocery store. We are out of everything and hungry lol. Hope you have a great weekend

                    1. Doing good thanks. The fur babies are as crazy as ever. I’m attempting to get Shadow off the bed so I can make it but not going very well

                    2. Furry kitties want to HELP with the bed, don’t ya know? Hahaha. Mine always want to help also making bows with the curling ribbon. I love making my own bows, and I have to put the babies out to be able to, same with the bed!
                      Sheana thinks things like since she had FEELINGS in the Eddie Cibrian affair, that she had the right to continue after knowing he was not only married, but living with his wife and son, and his wife pregnant with another. And, since she got hurt, his wife should have understood. That shows how infrequently she FEELS anything. Like she said after she was married “I can’t DATE anyone who can’t drink.” IOW, she figures marriage is like a long date. And “In sickness and health” means nothing to her. She makes me sick.

  4. I can’t wait for this show ! Love it! I feel sorry for Mike and honestly I don’t think Scheana is any more self absorbed than any of the other girls OR guys on that show. That’s just how LA is 🙂 I would’ve like horrible James to not be back but I guess we are in for another drunk misogynistic perfrocmane from him.
    But I still enjoy the show LOL. What other show has people have cocktails first thing in the morning instead of coffee ? 🙂
    I hope Stassi is still reformed and that Kristin has found inner peace ! That was a joke 🙂

  5. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. Well, maybe a little. I’ve grown tired of all the Sheana haters. I think she was stupid to marry him in the first place. I think she wanted the perfect wedding which is something my oldest sister wanted, and got. However, they have been married since the late 60’s. Still, who knows what goes on behind closed doors and I’m not referring to abuse. I digress.

    Sheana wanted the perfect wedding, the invitiations were set, the venue was set. Some say it’s never too late. Well, the truth is to some it is. At the moment and the moments before, you really do tend to see all the good and blind yourself to any negative.

    I actually didn’t want them to marry because this is exactly what I saw coming. But I don’t think the wedding was done for the sake of the show. I really think she thought it would work and from what WE, as viewers, were allowed to see, he failed her, spoiled princess or not. He could have just as easy, actually easier, called it off, taken a Vicodin or 3, had a couple shots and gone on his merry way, but he didn’t.

  6. I can’t wait for this show ! Love it! I feel sorry for Mike and honestly I don’t think Scheana is any more self absorbed than any of the other girls OR guys on that show. 🙂
    That’s just how LA is …,I would’ve liked horrible James to not be back but I guess we are in for another drunk misogynistic perfrocmane from him. But I still enjoy the show LOL. What other show has people have cocktails first thing in the morning instead of coffee ? 🙂
    I hope Stassi is still reformed and that Kristin has found inner peace ! That was a joke 🙂

  7. This marriage never should have happened IMO. Sheana probably just wanted the last name Shay so she could become Sheana Shay. it sounds nice. She is way too self absorbed. She dated married men (ex. Eddie Cibrian) before Shay, so I really don’t think she cares about anyone else but herself and not anyone else’s feelings…like a pregnant wife of her lover, etc. She cannot be with anyone who does not drink alcohol too, as she has stated, so that says a lot about her.
    Maybe she just wanted a televised wedding and someone to help pay for it…Bravo and Lisa, maybe? That wedding was terrible too. She was so into herself. I don’t think she ever cared enough for Shay, and he has problems with addiction and needs help. I hope Mike Shay gets help. Leaving Sheana is a good idea IMO, but legally and not just running away.

  8. This poor girl and boy. They haven’t a clue how to direct their own life let alone what it takes for a successful union. Chalk it up to experience, kids, and do some growing up and then maybe ….. My gawd. I just realized. I’m my mother now. :/

      1. Good morning lovely ladies ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You’re never truely married till it’s over 10 years lol. That’s when the real challenges begin LOL

        1. Some think the seven year mark is noteworthy with that old wives tail “The seven year itch.” I have to say my marriage has become easier in this last year, even though we are older, we have realized what a good team we are! 31 years though, so lots of time to work on it.

          1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3Ds !!! So lovely to see you darling xoxox I hope you and your family are well !

            Unless you’re in double digit year territory (10 year marriage or more), don’t come talk to me, right lol????? Yes my marriage is now a lot easier , 30 years + later. But those ‘middle years’ can sometimes be rough, the 10 to 20 year mark . That’s when it’s not only just marital issues but also children and finances and just plain ‘I’m fed up with you ‘ .But if poeple can hang on a bit longer, there is sweeter honey ahead. A therapist friend once told me that people in their 50s are the happiest people, mainly because you now know who you are and what your life is . You’re living your life and surrendering to your destiny and not anxious about trying to be or do something else . I think that’s an over simplification but I get the point .
            As I see my kids navigate their love lives and think that they’ve figured it all out , I smile and think oh baby you haven’t even figured yourself out . My daughter is tough and a ball buster like her dad so I’m not worried about her. My twin boys are like me , a little too sensitive and I worry about them more .

            Love you 3Ds and all you ladies ❤️❤️❤️ I took a break from the election trance and this was fun xoxoxxo

          2. ❤️3D I agree. For some reason the mid later years have this wonderful feel to it, it’s like the feeling of a pair of comfortable sweats with chocolate stains all over them. Total acceptance for everything, take me as I am besties. 32 yrs and going strong….

      2. Good mornin Mornin Mornin everyone! ❤️LOL It’s true my gawd it’s true. Is this show on tonight ?

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