Vanderpump Rules Star Brittany Cartwright “Fed Up” with Ex Jax Taylor

We previously reported that Vanderpump Rules couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were having some relationship issues, and it looks like the couple aren’t going to be getting back together, according to RadarOnline.

“Brittany was fed up,” the insider said. “Jax wasn’t boyfriend material.”

“He didn’t treat her right,” the insider explained, adding that her parents agreed.

“Jax and Brittany had issues for months with her parents,” the insider added. “Her parents didn’t like Jax and the way he treated her or anyone for that matter.”

“Her family is her life, so she went back home to get clarity and spend time with her mom,” the insider said. “Brittany is happy to be back in Kentucky.”



Photo Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Vanderpump Rules Star Brittany Cartwright “Fed Up” with Ex Jax Taylor”

  1. Should I believe any of this gossip? No.
    I am sure a lot is being said about them. Getting their own show together had to really get their costars envious. I can only imagine.
    Do I think Jax is an a hole? Yes, always was and probably always will be. Yet, Brittany seems to be different. They seemed to click…for whatever reason. Jax seemed improved when he was with her.
    Neither of them is perfect. I just think Jax is not husband material…too many reasons to write why here. I just hoped he would grow up and change his ways…but that is not likely to happen.
    I don’t believe Radar. I will wait and see what really happens.

    1. Real Sandy!!!!!!!!
      It warms my heart to see you here!
      I’ve been on hiatus, ha, not the fun kind, hopefully yours was.
      Have missed you all SOOO much, the comraderie, silly comments, even the snarky ones.
      I started watching VPRules because you and Rain were always commenting on it, so haven’t seen a lot, but I’m thinking this may be to create drama/viewership.
      Missed you, dear lady, and many others.
      God bless.

      1. Mine was not fun either, but I will not elaborate. Real life sometimes gets in the way. I did miss you and my friends here. I am sorry, but I just hibernated from life for a while.
        I hope my sense of humor gets back to where it some point, anyway. It has been gone for months. I never say never,
        Thanks for being you, Sunshine. 🙂

        1. Dear , dear Sandy,
          I do understand, and it is great to come back to a place that provided enjoyment and a little escape from the everyday.
          We will just keep it light and hopefully see some of our buddies here !
          Seeing you here was a balm for me today Sandy, know that, honey.

    2. Sandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
      This is maybe just a little trick to increase hype for their show. We will find out soon enough I guess

      Lovely to see you xoxo ❤️❤️

        1. 5 years from you ,Brittany will realize how exploited she was. She’s way so naive to fully grasp how Jax and Bravo are using her

  2. Happy Monday, everyone!
    So good to be back at the old stomping grounds.
    As I was saying to Sandy, don’t you think this is to increase viewership?
    Is anyone watching the shitstorm known as 90 Day Fiancé? I’m afraid I’m obsessed!
    Blessings, friends.

    1. Sunshine 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️
      Looks like the old band may be back together ! Woo hoo

      I’m afraid I’ve been immersed in my Game of Thrones world lol

    2. No way would I watch a show with that name…nope.
      I am looking forward to seeing Outlander return on Starz…so much. I read all of the Outlander main novels.
      I watch Younger, thanks to Rain, too. It is different.
      As for HGTV, NY is now reunions, but it was a great season. I don’t watch NJ, OC, Dallas…etc. I won’t be watching Atlanta now that Kim is returning either. She is unwatchable to me.I had gone back to watch Atl last season.
      I am watching Flipping Out…though I don’t love it….I will watch MDLLA when it returns and watched NY. I am weaning off the Housewives.

      1. Oh and I watch the Shahs….yup. It is what it is. I like the vacations…sorta, and seeing how the uber wealthy live.
        Did anyone ever watch Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (not renewed)? It was unbelievable to me that young adults (supported by billionaire and multimillionaire parents) could have unlimited spending and make so much of a big deal about such trivialities in their lives…entitled and spoiled beyond belief.

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