Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Trailer, Info and Premiere Date

It’s that time! Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules is here and we have the trailer, info and premiere date for you.

“It’s crazy how much can happen in a year, honestly,” James Kennedy says.

Lala Kent is back at SUR and she is now friends with her former rival Katie Maloney-Schwartz. Also, James and Jax Taylor are getting along.

But there is plenty of drama this year. Stassi Schroeder and her now-ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher will have tons of drama, as you can see in the trailer below. Jax’s relationship with girlfriend Brittany Cartwright is rocked after a shocking accusation against the SUR bartender. (By the way, Kristen Doute will be more focused on trying to break Jax and Brittany up rather than on her own relationship with Brian Carter.) Even Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix have problems.

We’ll see Lisa Vanderpump move forward with opening another restaurant with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, a plan that she proposed last season. Scheana Marie will begin a new chapter after deciding to end her marriage with Mike Shay last season, allowing her to start up a romance with her now former flame Rob Valletta.

There will also be a lot of parties, including; costume parties, Pride festivities, and an unforgettable return to Mexico.

Watch the trailer below:

Check out the cast photos and bios:

Life never slows down for wildly successful businesswoman, philanthropist and restaurateur, Lisa Vanderpump. Adding to three successful Los Angeles based restaurants, SUR, PUMP and Villa Blanca, Lisa and her husband Ken are hard at work on a new concept with their junior business partners, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. Despite her never-ending workload, Lisa finds time to serve as a spokesperson for GLAAD and recently founded the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which works to ensure humane treatment for dogs around the world. Lisa also acts as a mother figure and voice of reason to her wild and unpredictable staff, who often count on her expertise to help navigate their messy lives.

Jax Taylor seems to have everything going for him – he and his beautiful girlfriend, Brittany, are celebrating their second anniversary, he’s got a steady job, and he’s just moved into a new apartment down the hall from his close friend, Tom Schwartz. But trying to suppress his playboy tendencies weighs heavily on the shoulders of the longtime bartender, and anxiety over his upcoming 38th birthday cause him to lash out to the people he loves most. Jax is willing to try anything to control his anger – therapy, meditation and even reiki – but as his outbursts grow more frequent and destructive, Jax faces the very real prospect of permanently losing his friends, his relationship, and his career.

Now that her relationship with Lisa is finally on the mend, Stassi makes a surprising return to SUR when she takes a job as the new event planner – despite the protests of her jealous former coworkers. Stassi also decides to give ex-boyfriend Patrick yet another chance despite years of breaking and making up, but is worried that their old problems may resurface again. And as Stassi’s bond with her new friend Brittany deepens, it puts her further in conflict with Brittany’s boyfriend and Stassi’s ex, Jax.

Fresh on the heels of a painful divorce, Scheana takes control of the next phase of her life by cutting Katie and Stassi out of it. Scheana even embarks on a new romance with an old flame who she feels certain is “the one,” ignoring everyone’s warnings that it’s too soon to be talking about houses, marriage and baby names. When rumors circulate about her new obsession, Scheana is forced to defend her new man from the people she desperately wants to leave behind.

Tom Sandoval finds himself playing with the big boys when he and Schwartz partner with Lisa and Ken on their next restaurant venture, but when Tom questions Lisa’s authority and pushes too hard to add his own creative spin, Sandoval risks blowing the entire opportunity for not only himself, but his best friend. As he endeavors to prove his worth on the career front, Tom must also deal with new problems with Ariana as the couple faces intimacy issues and one of the biggest fights of their relationship.

With the emotional turmoil of her wedding summer in the rearview mirror, Katie moves forward as a lighter, brighter and happier version of herself. However, when Scheana is involved in the uncovering of a hurtful secret, Katie unleashes a secret of her own in retaliation. Katie wants to mend her relationships at SUR and bury any old grudges, despite Scheana’s insistence that Katie is still up to her spiteful and hurtful ways.

While her boyfriend Tom moves forward in his career, Ariana struggles as her old insecurities and self-confidence issues resurface. Despite the support of friends Scheana and Lala, Ariana’s tension with Stassi, Katie and Kristen continues to mount when they question the character of someone she loves. Ariana wants nothing more than to keep her distance, but since Katie is married to Tom’s business partner, Ariana is forced either to put her own anger and feelings aside or risk destroying her boyfriend’s business relationship.

James’s steadily growing music career has him recording and performing more than ever, but what he wants most is to get back in Lisa Vanderpump’s good graces and reclaim his DJ job at SUR. Lisa isn’t the only one who sees a new side of James – suddenly even James’s big detractor Jax is including him on guys’ nights and vacations. But as James works himself back into SUR and a new friend group, his temper and venom return. James’s verbal eruptions may cost him the friendship of his closest confidant, Lala Kent, and a pair of scandalous rumors may cost him his beloved girlfriend Raquel.

Despite the fact that his relationship with Katie is the strongest it has ever been, Tom Schwartz’s tendency for irresponsible partying threatens his marriage. When Lisa learns of Schwartz coming up short as a husband, she worries he’ll come up short as a partner and questions whether she wants to be in business with him at all. In order to keep his life, business and marriage on track, Tom must give up the habits of his old bachelor life – which isn’t easy when Jax Taylor is always right down the hall to tempt him.

Kristen has always put herself straight in the middle of other people’s trouble, and this year there’s plenty of trouble to pick from. Kristen’s biggest target is Jax Taylor – she believes he’s not nearly good enough for her friend Brittany and makes it her mission to break them up. But the group suspects that Kristen’s obsession in everyone else’s romances might be a cover for her own relationship woes after stories emerge about a drunken night in Mexico.

Former outcast Lala Kent is still the most fabulous restaurant hostess in West Hollywood: she flies on private jets, drives a fancy Range Rover, and has a collection of Louboutins to rival Lisa Vanderpump. When Lala manages to get her job back at SUR, she takes a different approach this time around –she comes clean that her lifestyle does not come from hostess tips. Lala’s newfound honesty draws in the same people who once tried to push her out of SUR, and Lala finds herself not only getting along with everyone but in the unexpected role of peacemaker between Katie and Scheana. And when Lala feels the guys in the group are getting away with murder, she leads the charge to hold men accountable for their actions and band the women together.

Kentucky sweetheart Brittany Cartwright is finally settling into Los Angeles. Not only is she prized for her strong work ethic at SUR, she has also built a strong bond with the girls in the group. When Brittany and Jax hit a rough patch, she dedicates herself to becoming the best girlfriend she can be in an attempt to mend their relationship. As her friends and family rally around her, Brittany slowly learns that there are a multitude of options—both romantically and otherwise—for a pretty Kentucky girl in the big city of L.A.

The new season of Pump Rules will premiere on Monday, December 4 at 9/8c. Are you excited? I know we are!

Photo Credit: Bravo


62 Replies to “Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Trailer, Info and Premiere Date”

  1. How many years are these losers going to work in a Restaurant? Seriously, Jax is pushing 40!
    He might be working at Sur until he retires.
    They can’t possibly make that much off of VOR..

    1. Oh Minxy, haven’t you heard? You can go to that tourist trap I mean SUR on any given night, and LaLa or KwaziKatie is there to seat you, and Brittany will take your order, and Jax and Tom is there in the bar slinging drinks. *eye roll

    2. Exactly and why are Stassi and Kristen there. They don’t belong to the premise of show. Its about Lisa’s staff who are young people in LA trying to break it in hollywood and sadly they dont fit that description anymore. but sometimes you have to kick the old and disgusting out and embrace the new! THE SHOW NEED FRESHNESS! AND NO MORE WEDDINGS

    1. It isn’t a Horribly Scary area. Just an Iffy Area. (Bad parking.)
      I lived in L.A. during Grad School. I travel there, once a month on business.
      (All Cities have questionable areas.)

  2. Those promotional pics are a hoot. Hey look they removed Kwazi Katie’s hump, gave Stassi and Bridgette waist lines, removed Jax’s beer belly, and the dark circles under Kristin’s eyes.

  3. Cool! Our Street People are not generally homeless.They are colorful characters that make their livings off of tourists and street vending, magic shows, playing music ,Cleaning Windows with newspapers, etc.
    Oh, I know, San Franscico has an Homeless epidemic. Most, major cities do.
    We have a Tremendous Epidemic of Homelessness but we have made serious efforts to rectify this horrific problem. We have an Experiential State of the Art Tent City. Downtown. It takes up I think over a City, block. We have been busy procuring affordable housing for displaced families. It is getting better, little by, little. Or, so I hope.
    It is heartbreaking as most are teenagers, kids strung out on Herion ( We have a Major Heroin problem, in Seattle) and of course Crack. Women with young Children, of course the mentally ill and Veterans..
    Our Govenor is truly a human man. (Portland, is proactive as well.)
    Now, shelter is essential as the weather is getting colder. Last year there were so many poor souls who froze to death. It is heart, breaking.

    1. Fingers crossed Minx that cities find a solution to homelessness. It’s sad and tragic and I’ve seen it in SF for far too long . It’s like one step forward but 2 steps back

      Oh sigh !

      1. I know, right?!!
        Most are runaway, kids strung out on herion, (We have a Major Heroin epidemic in Seattle), Women and Children, Mentally Ill people who should be in State Hospitals and of course Veterans.
        I, am, a Senior Art Professor with a Major Private, College.. We donate a great deal, of time fundraising for this cause. My Beloved donates his time Medically to our Homeless population..
        Last year so many, poor souls froze to death. Breaks my, heart.

    1. James looks better than last year because he filled up a bit and put some meat on his bones . I’m sure he’s still a douche though

  4. I know it, I was just making a point. I love the block feature. If only there were a real-life one!

    I’m well, hope you’re having a spectacular day!

  5. Then you might want to skip the new Annabelle movie or “It” remake. BTW, we just caught the newest Chucky movie (straight to DVD) … sooo bad!

  6. How are they you doing now ?? Did yo ask him why he never told or
    When he was planing to tell ? What a fucker !! I’m so mad !! I’m so sorry sweetheart! I know no words can comfort you but yes you dodged a bullet

    1. Moving out out of the Country!
      He Resigned from the Hospital,
      3 Weeks Ago!
      I will tell you all I found! We Downloaded everything, out of his Computer..
      Such Subtrafuge. However, I outwited him, last night!
      It is empowering to know everything when the Catfish thinks you know nothing!
      I will write 2 morrow. My, Posse is here!
      Love you, Rainy..

      1. Minx, you must read the book, Psychopath Free. Everything you describe is very much a sociopath. The pattern is to love bomb and then eventually move on. It is not you and never was you. They also have a website. I don’t recommend that you chat with anyone, since some other psychopaths may be there under cover, pretending to be your friend/ soul mate. I just want you to read more about sociopaths. I know you are hurting, but it will help.


    1. Rain,
      You just being your wonderful,
      Caring and hysterically funny, is more than enough!
      Come up with some Derogatory
      Dr Nicknames! Dr Douche

      1. Dear Minx,

        I have not been on all week and only just saw your comments late last night. I wrote you in a hurry. I am so sorry about what happened. I did suggest the reading above, since I want to help you. There is a pattern of behavior with some, and if you read any of the links I provided above, you will see what I mean. The second link is just to an article…and there is a comment by someone below who was in a relationship with someone like that…and other comments as well. It gives some insight, and you will not feel alone.
        I am so very sorry you have had to go through this, my friend. It is because you are such a wonderful person that we all love you here, yet others may take advantage of your understanding sweet and loving nature and for that, I am sorry for you, Minx. I find you so refreshing in this world. You make me laugh. You are worldly. You are a pleasure I look forward to here, like our sweet friend Rain and more, like Aunt Bee…

        Please take time out to look at some of what I sent above. I just want to help.



  7. Oh honey , I’m so sorry . I don’t know what to say. Please know that you are so very precious and loved here . Grind him into the dirt sister

  8. That’s a wonderful start , a line from one of my favorite movies keeps coming to my mind . …. I will devour your soul ,

  9. Sweet girl , I’m so , so sorry . I promise the tears will stop . The cloud will lift and all will be rainbows and sunshine . As dogs are my heart I can’t thank you enough for saving Thor. You’re a wonderful fur mommy . Just one of the things I love and respect about you. Enjoy your Minx time , you so deserve that . Just a few weeks and the scum will be out of your life . Please listen to what Sandy said in one of her comments to you. It happened to me. Not the same situation but, someone from my personal life read some of my post , put two and two together . Figured out it was me and the problems began for me. That’s why I don’t share as much with my friends here as I would like to . Take care dear and don’t forget you rock

  10. And Minx has a (huge) heart…which “It” clearly lacks.
    How can anyone say they are sorry to hurt the feelings of another when that “person/automaton” was never truly capable of having real feelings, being devoid of the ability to love or to feel empathy for another soul. Feelings to “It” are like colors to a color blind person…non existent.
    Our Minx has really been through the wringer, and yet she has not only survived, she will thrive, with the love of her family (those people are like her parents too) and friends.
    I won’t say more now. I have said so much already, and I am thinking more…but not feeling it is my place to mention it, however, since I am a nurse, and I think like a nurse, who deals with the physical as well as the emotional.
    It is a whole lot to absorb, yes.

  11. Oh Minxy poo, I’m so sorry. Thank God he’s gone . Now his bride of Frankenstein can deal with him. You are a true lady. I’m so proud of you . Keep your head held high . You are too good for him. Thankfully you have Thor so that makes you the winner , Minx rocks , love you babe

    1. Hi Daisy. How are you.
      I am wondering how he can leave the country. In WA for instance, it is a Class C felony to be a bigamist. Even his medical license would be in jeopardy, not that I care, but what I am saying is if you commit a crime, they usually want you to stay and pay the price for it.
      Here we are at a VPR site and we talk Housewives, but truth be told, our lives here could write volumes, and this one takes the cake with poor Minxy.
      I am still in shock, and I can only imagine how she is holding up. Thank god she has so much support. She will get through this.
      Yet, that lower than life piece of trash deserves to pay for his deception and actions, and I do hope he does not get off scot free.

      1. All good points Sandy , now possibly they can get him for leaving ? I worry about Minx also . Yes, who would have thought that a housewives blog would bring us true friendships , it really is amazing

      2. Yes, this was my Question.
        It is a Felony, apparently, the D.A. worked out a deal & the Judge signed the final decree but he has to divorce Dr Prom Date also, he can not practice Medicine in Washington State or enter Washington State, the point, the Authorities Worked out a Deal.
        This is a Small town and this is the only Hospital with an Emergency Facilities in the County..
        This of course, couldn’t happen in a big city, Like Seattle.
        I am still worried. The last thing I need is having him sitting in jail, after being stripped of his Medical License, worrying, about retaliation.
        Yet, the Divorce was final but had been sitting in the Court..
        So, there must,of been wiggle room.
        I know his Marriage to Dr PD isn’t valid. I know he is gone and I know our Officers of the Court.

  12. Hello Sandy,
    Thank Gawd, for you! I, know little ( nothing about the Medical Microcosm).
    I haven’t spoken to my, Attorney as of yet.
    It is has been a great deal to absorb.
    I was also wondering about DWB.. His finances. I thought they would automatically report this to the Medical Board.
    It as this struck me as odd, that he would give me Everything.
    Unless, he knew he was going to jail.
    I don’t know.
    Also, I don’t know if They are telling me everything. They don’t have to. Maybe they did arrest him?
    I, haven’t spoken to anyone since yesterday
    Dragon Lady was rather vague and I only heard what went on in the Conference room.
    Whatever, the Outcome it is his his problem.
    I only know, I need to get my, emotions in, order. Thus, Therapy. As we speak. I, am, updating Security Systems. Changing locks, etc.
    Also, I am, having some friends stay with me.
    I don’t feel that the dust has settled.
    Like you, I was trying to piece this together. I have worked with the Courts though our Shelter and it usually works in our favor.
    Also, he was Married in Texas.
    Maybe, he was on his way to Texas and arrested there?
    Right now, I, just want to focus up on creating a Beautiful Thanksgiving for our Facility Families. And , yes go Traveling with my Travel Writer Friend.
    Today, everything has hit me.
    I, am, concerned and of course, I don’t know Everything. No, one is Legally required to, tell me the course of Legal action. My Attorney accomplished what he needed to.
    I also wonder how many , Other Women, that we don’t know about might be going through the same thing.
    One has to,be a source of Money. If he can afford to work for free as you said.
    Of, course he,might be making, license plates ..
    Love you…

  13. Precious Minx , you’re such a smart lady , the total package . Sounds like you have everything in order . Put the nightmare behind you and enjoy your night out , you’ve earned it

  14. Hi Minx!
    I am so happy to hear that you are taking care of yourself in a big way. The ballet sounds wonderful. I wish I could beam on over to see that Nutcracker with you. It ought to be very festive indeed for the Christmas holiday. I know you will love each and every moment with your friends too. Great.
    I am happy that you are trying to get some sleep in between your insomniac times. It happens. The mind works overtime just when you are your most exhausted, and it just won’t let you relax. Thankfully, you make up for that sleepless the next day…most likely.

    I am so happy you have good news about your tests. That is one huge relief, I am sure. Now you can put all of that behind you and enjoy your life. The acupuncture (I have never tried it but I know others rave about it), the deep tissue massage and the great spa vacay with your travel writer friend should be so soothing and fun too. You are taking care of yourself, and you matter!

    You certainly have a nice arrangement with all of your friends ;and a ranch hand there to watch your fur friends for you. You take excellent care of them. I am sure too, that Thor knows you care in a big way. You are a real animal lover and a wonderful human being with all that you do for others too. It is great getting to know you here, Minx.

    I am happy that you like your new psychiatrist. It is great to feel that you have a good rapport and a person who makes you feel comfortable and in good hands. You are doing all that you can my friend, and I admire your drive. You certainly have made the most out of a difficult situation. As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You certainly have done that in a big way and it shows. I love how you see the needs of others and give back so much of yourself.

    Thanks Minx for writing and updating. I can see that you were up late…and I hope you can now rest a bit more and unwind. It is best to do things where you can just have fun and keep it light. You are doing that.

    How is the weather there? We have a cold wave here in NJ. It was only in the 20s yesterday and last night and just 30 this morning…and the wind yesterday, especially, was bone snow yet, though. I had my little dog in layers and looked like an Eskimo when I walked him…funny sight, and my face nearly froze.

    Take care Minx. (No coffee and you live in Washington…I thought you would be a Starbucks addict!)
    Have a fun weekend.

  15. Hi Minx,

    I am so sorry you got so upset when that song played on the radio. I know there will be flashbacks that will bring you down when you least expect it, Minx. I understand.
    I also know that if a cop (or sheriff) sees a person pull over, they immediately are trained to think…most likely someone has been drinking. They came to check and saw you in a state that I know you wished you could have erased. Thankfully, they were very understanding and really did their best to make you feel better. That is an awesome story…how they were helpful…even the cute younger guy who had a crush on you was nice to see. That had to boost your spirits…and you still have his card….maybe for a later date…not now of course, I type with a smirk. (On my keyboard so no emojis now.)
    I know the days are shorter now and dark. It does not help if you are feeling a bit low either. Keep those lights on…or better yet, take a trip to a place where there is more sunlight…like further south where it is warm. Sunshine is the best.
    As for acupuncturists. I had (she moved to CA) a friend from my health club who was an acupuncturist. She was Chinese and trained in China. I never went to her…knew her from the club…almost did, but didn’t. Then she moved away to be closer to her daughters in CA. She was divorced from another acupuncturist…who was American…long story. She was very nice…and he clearly wasn’t by the story she told. Everyone has their stories…and not all men are cheaters, but a lot are…hers was too.
    It sounds like your friends are looking out for you in a big way. Your gf really did give that guy a piece of her mind…in protection mode for you. That was sweet…then again, maybe she was a bit jelly? (Sorry, I know you must be gorgeous…)
    Your ranch hand is a real hero. I know about PTSD from wars, and Vietnam was the worst for the vets. They came back to a lot of people who did not welcome them at all, and no one tried to understand. They all were very traumatized. I knew of a friend whose neighbor begged her not to put a fence up on her property (the big wood fence…6 ft high) but she still did….(It irked me that she put it up even so, too) since her neighbor’s hubby was a Nam vet and was a POW for a time…and it really really upset him. That is just one story…I know it was terrible in Nam.
    You are his savior, Minx, and I know it must be so serene just working with beautiful animals and such a great person like you, Minx.
    Thanks for the info. I don’t know that I will be going to any ballet just now, but I will look online to see some of it. It is great to see.
    Minx, 4 hours of sleep is not enough. You seem a bit manic, if I may say so. It is understandable that you are still upset, but really, I do hope you can relax and try to get some restful sleep. Take a long hot bath or something before bed and just relax. I play ocean sounds every single night from a sound machine, and it is the best. It is very soothing.
    You certainly had some ordeal there with the escorts. I know those guys were probably salivating at the sight of you…Yes, you are gorgeous, even if you were teary-eyed at the moment you met them. You are one of a kind, and you are so sweet.
    Take care and have a nice day. I am home today on a rainy NJ day…after extremely cold days the last few days…in the 20s. Way too cold and windy, but today a bit warmer…just rainy. My little dog is not happy about that either.
    The hubby is off all of this week…to use up some vacay time before year realy plans…just lazy days, so I won’t be online as much.
    Take care my friend. You are the best. Take time out for Minx and live life to the fullest. I know that florist meant well too, but this is a lot to absorb, for everyone. You know the world is on your side and cares about you. You never deserved any of what happened. If you believe everything is for a reason, then maybe you will appreciate even more what really matters, and that is your friends who really care and your extended family. Then when you least expect it…like when that young officer just appeared…you will meet someone who really appreciates you. You never would have met him had you not pulled over. Now I am not saying he is The One or anything…only that some things happen, and then out of that come much better things in the future.

    If my mother had not passed away suddenly (many years ago..very upsetting) I would never have relocated 2.5 hours away…where my one sister lived…in the same town. Then I worked in a different place and met my future husband.
    I am not saying that my mother’s passing was positive. It was the worst day of my life. Yet, I moved because of it. So, out of that pain, I was a changed person, and my life eventually had more meaning. I lost my mom after the man I was supposed to marry after 3 years of dating…got another girl pregnant and left me…We were engaged. That is another story. My mom died a few months later..I was devastated. Another horror happened to me after she died..I won’t mention it. Suffice it to say, I was traumatized. I moved in one weekend and got a new job…after I was working at my dream job…but could no longer work in the same hospital as my former bf’s new wife who flaunted her name badge in my face…It was horrific and that was not the trauma..I cannot say that part.
    So, sometime life takes a turn for the worst in a big way, but then you appreciate what really matters, even the little things. I moved to a home one house from the ocean, my first apartment…listened to the waves…went to the hospital as an ER nurse…and eventually met my husband.

    Take care, enjoy the day and week.


  16. Hi again Minx,
    Yes, I know that unnatural sleep is not the same. I was given some pills after my ear surgery…and they did not make me feel right…not really rested, so I stopped (years ago).
    I am happy you received those flowers and teas, etc. This guy sounds very nice. I know too that you just will be friends, since this is all too soon, but if all that he says is true, you do have some things in common, and he appears, so far anyway, to be a caring individual. There is nothing wrong with making a friend and the sheriff should be a safe date to be with…He would protect you like no other! 🙂
    I went out to breakfast this morning which was very nice. Now the hubby and son are both off work today, so I must go.
    I know it is not easy to send back gifts and write those emails en masse, but you will get through this my gifted friend and come out better in the end. It will feel like a relief and not a burden to gradually do your best to erase the negativity from your life. It was good but it was not good, as you found out, and my heart breaks for you, really. Just take it one day at a time, and you will get through this. You are doing so great, and I am so proud to be your friend from the other side of the states.
    As you wrote, I wonder if “It” really had guests or were they fictional characters? Well, I don’t think you will have to worry. From what I know about these types (from my reading, especially), it is that they have few if any friends but maybe one enabler of sorts who always stands by and cheers them on their conquests…but not much else, really.
    Take care and have a great day and week. Don’t worry about at thing. I am sure that you have more than one guardian angel…really, looking out for you and guiding you toward a bright future.


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