Vanderpump Rules Cast Salaries Revealed


Many viewers have wondered how much money the cast of the hit show Vanderpump Rules gets paid to create drama on the hit show and now we have some answers.

Tom Sandoval got a bump in salary in February of 2016, but tried to cut his old agent out of the equation and according to documents filed by the agent his salary was revealed, TMZ reports.

Peter Young, the owner of STG talent agency, says he helped Tom land a 5-year contract with Vanderpump Rules. Young says Sandoval got just under $38k for the first 2 seasons. Young was supposed to get 10%, but says he only got $1,300.

According to docs, before season 3, Tom renegotiated his deal without using Young and said, “I just don’t want to pay you anymore.” Young says he’s heard Tom is making $15k per episode now, athough he doesn’t know the exact amount, but since he made the original deal, Young griped to the state labor commission that he still deserves his 10 percent.

The labor commission agreed and ordered Tom to pay up, but Sandoval is appealing the decision. Since Tom is one of the original characters on the show this gives us a basis of the cast’s salaries. Of course, people in smaller roles such as James Kennedy would not make as much money.

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  1. I’m sure none of these actually serve unless it’s something special where they want to be seen! I know Peter does but to me and it’s just my opinion the programme is just about the people and good advertising for LVP. As for them drinking etc on the job I don’t believe it but someone will tell me I’m wrong but as I said it’s just my opinion! It reminds me of TOWIE which is all set up and states it is!

  2. $15,000 an episode seems like alot to me! They run just as long as the housewive seasons so they make near $200,000 a season??

    1. Oops…you’re right. I misread it as 15K for the entire season.
      $200,000 sounds much better and more like it what he should make.

  3. I think that raise for the cast is well deservrd, especially after how little they were paid for the first 2 seasons . VP Rules actually scores higher demo ratings than the RHOBH so it’s actually more profitable for Bravo , if we’re Talking strictly dollars

      1. And I love it because these kids dollar stretches much further than the housewives ! Love them all except for Stasi,James and LaLa and Shena. They could find some new blood. Id Like to see more of Peter. Much more entertaining to watch than any of the housewives franchises and get paid a tiny fraction of what they do.. Hope they have leverage for next season.

        1. You’re making a good point, why isn’t Peter shown more? I feel Jax is seriously aging out of this group lol. I hope next season Ariana is over her sourpuss phase and maybe smile at least once in the season

          1. I wish Jax would go along with James. Peter from what I have heard is the manager and is in the restaurant all the time while the others aren’t. Maybe it’s his choice to do it that way but I like Peter. Friends spent a holiday an LA and went to SUR, they said Peter was charming and posed for photos whenever asked and chatted to everyone but was professional at the same time. That’s why I think this motley crew aren’t in there apart from the show or the odd event where they want to be seen! Xoxo Jax is a joke!

  4. I hope James and Lala don’t negotiate their salaries because both of them need to go. They both add nothing to this show and nothing to the group.
    I also would like to see Kristen go she is just the same old story the same old snotty person and has not grown up one bit.

    1. They are good TV that’s why we watch right? A bit immature but drama full force. They have the whole staff at Sir turned up. Hope they stay with the show for a while. Drop Jax. He is just nasty and a theif and so stupid.

  5. You think they deserve 15k an episode? I know people that work their fingers to the bone for just above minimum wage.

  6. Sound’s right that Sandy would already be screwing his agent. Not a smart move, but anyone who is proud of themselves at his age for what he does has an IQ challenge. I love Stassi, she has grown up for real, and she is the youngest of the women I think. 27 now. I mean compared to what I was doing at 27 she is immature, but she has really learned and is honest about things. I think she is the only one of them I have ever seen stand up to Lisa. She does not back down and IMO, she doesn’t disrespect her. Lisa did give her a job as a waitress when she was 22. She gave her a job, and Stassi worked hard at that job and got paid for her job. VPR didn’t start for a couple years after. That show wouldn’t be what it is without her. And most of them. I can’t stand what Sheana has turned into. God, could she please quit trying to accent her speaking voice. Kristen is getting a little tiresome. Lala had potential, but blew it. James is a vulgar, crude, IQ challenged drunken twit with no respect for anyone, including his own Mom or himself. Shcwartz is a wuss and Katie is a match. She needs to take responsibility for her half of the friendship with Stassi. Stassi didn’t have that twosome alone. It takes 2. And Jaxx, the biggest douche whore in reality. I am waiting to see what Ariana does, she had some struggles and her (BFF ) turned against her and made sure everyone knew it. She acted with grace for 2 years while Kristen went out of her way constantly to insult, threaten and basically make it difficult for Ariana to do much, and Sheana, the little tramp, allowed it. Not nice.

    1. 3D, sending you lots of love and hugs on this emotional day ! I left you a long message on that thread from the other night! I’ll be raising a glass and toasting with your family! You’re a strong woman, an amazing mother and a fantastic friend. True soul sister. Xoxoxo

  7. I do not watch this show I tried they are exactly what LisaVP wants ,the people she has hired to work for her speaks volumes of her classlessness I know Lisa has her fans but she is not the sweet innocent thing she acts like she is

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