Vanderpump Rules Cast Describes Season 4


The Vanderpump Rules reunion starts tonight and the cast is dishing on what this season was like for them.

“I would describe this season as….

… half-assed,” Stassi Schroeder says. “Because I was only there for half of the time.”

… the word would be fantastic,” says James Kennedy.

… “unpredictable,” Jax Taylor recalls. “I think this season of Vanderpump Rules was probably the most unpredictable of all the seasons.”

… um, propaganga,” Ariana Madix says. “I say that because you see people act one way and then you see things perpetuated later on by somebody in another conversation that’s not actually how that happened.”

… can I make it two words?” Kristen Doute asks. “Holy sh*t!”

… is sh*t show one word or two?” Scheana Shay jokes.

… exhausting!” Lisa Vanderpump laughs.

… rough,” Mike Shay says. “Just because it was hard. There was such a rollercoaster ride this season.”

… recess,” Lala Kent quips. “It’s like dealing with a bunch of kids.”

… I’d say it’d be two words, and it’s my two words I’ve said before,” Tom Sandoval clarifies. “Double standards and propaganda. Full of it.”

… dynamite,” Tom Schwartz adds.

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23 Replies to “Vanderpump Rules Cast Describes Season 4”

  1. If Stassi thinks the show was “half assed” because she was only there half the time does that make her a full “ass” all the time?!!!!

      1. Not really ! Stassi WAS the show but not anymore . She’s fun to watch but she’s predicable and one dimensional though

  2. I still think they all need to grow up already and stop acting like high school kids. I also think they need a good whack over the head to put their brains back where God intended them.

  3. I am looking forward to the reunion. I hope Sheana gets told off, little backstabber. She got too big for her britches. She thought when Stassi left she would take her place, hahahahahahaha. I don’t care how silly they are I enjoy watching what life is for kids with absolutely no responsibility but themselves. Most of them are at least a decade older than I was when I started my family. As I look back I am so glad I was young, because I was full of stamina. I wouldn’t have wanted to be this age when my kids grew up. Like Kandi being in her 40’s, means she will be in her 60’s when her son is grown. Wow.

  4. Looking forward to this reunion. The one thing that bugs me about VPR most is so trivial, but Bravo keeps referring to them as “kids”! All of them, except for Lala and James are 30+ years old! That’s not a kid!. I get that their behavior reflects that of a roomful of screaming toddlers at times, but still! I think the least likely ones to get any flack will be Schwartz and Peter if he’s there. And probably Brittany and Faith. Otherwise, TS and Ariana will be criticized for either being too boring, too sour or too elitist. ( and they’re my favorite ones!). Kristen and Katie will get hit for being so bitchy and cliquish, (hate Katie’s attitude this season) And the list is just too long for Scheana and James!. Shay is well, Shay, not much to say. Other than his addiction issues, which oh boy don’t get me started on how Scheana thinks she can “fix” it herself and that it’s ok to smoke a little pot and drink but not get drunk – Unreal! And James James James, he’s just a self important douche hell bent on getting underneath Jax’s skin. OMG, I forgot about Jax! No comment. He’s said and done it all. Re Lala, I actually like her, except she has terrible taste in men, that we’ve seen anyway. (James).

    And THAT is my take on VPR! And that’s about 10 minutes worth of 1 episode 🙂

    1. I agree with almost everything you said. I just happen to have this up while watching the Atl. reunion! I also like Ariana, but not Tom’s attitude toward Stassi. Where he says she never did a nice thing FOR HIM. What nice thing did he do FOR HER, is my big question. And Katie, she needs to take responsibility for her HALF of what was her friendship with Stassi. You allow someone to be the leader, to do, as she put it “put my life on hold because everything was about you” they will lead. Stassi was quite young and Katie was just as damn responsible for the break in that as Stassi was. When the hell is she going to admit that she was panting at the heels of Stassi, maybe at reunion? I just hate it when someone acts the coward, then blames the stronger person for being strong. What Stassi did cutting her out was wrong, but what Katie did hugging Sheana up after she showed the tape to a bunch of men was also wrong.
      I never like a gang up like happened at season 3 reunion. Last season Tom Sandy got in Stassi’s face about taking joy at Kristen’s public outing. One season later he is sitting there with a big smile every time someone publicly outs Stassi. Hypocrite in the biggest way. Have some guts you wuss.
      And this whoroe worship for the demented Jaxx, I would leave a man in the rearview mirror that EVER allowed someone to speak about me the way Jaxx has done for years toward Katie. Shwartz is another wuss. Katie and him should get a room.

  5. Hope Brittany grows up and realizes what a douche Jax is. James needs to dry out with Kim Richards. They all need a dose of reality and not on TV.

  6. Hi 3D’s. I understood why Tom didn’t like Stassi when she orchestrated the very public outing of Kristen and Jax. But I agree, they don’t really have anything to do with each other and I don’t feel any animosity he has for her is authentic. There’s just nothing there anymore. I like Schwartz, but at the same time, he’s just what you said – a wuss at times. He rarely defends Katie (I don’t think they should get married at all), he just wants to be the nice guy that everyone likes. And it’s fine to be nice, but there are times when you have to defend your friend or fiancée when they’re getting lambasted.

    Another little issue that just bugs me is why Katie got sooo upset that Lala took her top off in Hawaii. Hello? So did Faith but not ONE word was said about that. Me thinks Katie is a bit intimidated by Lala. If anyone else would have told Kristen to “wrap it up” she would have probably just let it go. Not saying Lala wasn’t being rude, but Kristen apparently was running off at the mouth for quite some time – and she wasn’t even invited! And for the record, how many times in past seasons did we see Stassi, Kristen and Katie strip down and run naked into the ocean?

    Wow, I better stop commenting on VPR. I like the show, but it’s hard to stop commenting once I start 🙂

    1. I LOVE moments commenting here when it is like FB messenger! I have actually made friends with people this way, long time friends who I love much. I care not when trolls come in saying shit like “you women must not have lives!” “You comment a lot!” Well, it’s like 20 D. out and I am here inside my cottage cleaning house with my laptop open. A few minutes here and there must seem like we sit here all day and do nothing else. We have had women come in here and profess to be PSYCHIATRISTS giving us their professional opinion/!!! Cracks me up so much that I laugh at it for real. These shows are just funny and entertaining. The part that is real is the topics on the shows are real. I get a true kick out of hearing the perception of others, genuinely. It is fascinating to me how differently we all see things, but when I say that the tone isn’t obvious and sometimes posters think I am being sarcastic, which I am not. If I wanted to be staunchly imbedded in my own opinion I would write a journal and read it to myself.

  7. Random thoughts:

    I do hope Katie admits she understands where Stassi is coming from when Stassi wanted to defriend her.

    Wonder what Katie’s reaction was when Jax said both toms have cheated on their gf when he did the interview. (unseen footage episode)

    If I hear LaLa is a girl’s girl I am going to gag. She can talk crap about Kristen and pretend to be on her side when James messes up. And also gets mad when Kristen talks bad about her? I think I have seen plenty of scenes when lala talked negative about Kristen.

    James needs a Xanax when he talks to people. He gets worked up everytime someone says anything he doesn’t like to hear.

  8. Ugggg, scheana is soooo annoying and was such a beech to her friends (Ariana & Tom) this season. No wonder Ariana & Tom had attitudes this season. scheana is a douche and should worry about her own marriage and stop the (drinking). scheana only befriended Katie because she heard (engagement/wedding) and thought she’d get more camera time. scheana is a narcissist douche…….

  9. Does anyone else wonder when (scheana) might grow up and lose the (valley girl / nasily annoying voice), she’s not 12 years old although she acts it…..

  10. st ASS i , believe it or not; the show continued on without you (just fine)—-and really, no one cares about your stupid masturbation tape (ewwww gross)—-what a ass you are (anything for 15 minutes)====EPIC FAIL…

  11. Can’t stand her voice and attitude. She likes to dish out advice to LaLa but when she was LaLa’s age she was sleeping with married me. Every episode she’s crying and the stroking her hair is so irritating. We could have a game of shots – each time she cries or touches her hair we have a shot of alcohol – we would be buzzing all week. I think the only reason she made up with Ariana was because the mean girls had all got back together and she knows that very soon they will all turn on her again. That’s another thing that annoys me about her – she was on the receiving end of those mean girls once and is now treating LaLa the same. She should remember how she felt when she was singled out and attacked by those bunch of bully’s. And she needs to sort out her husband or their marriage is doomed.

  12. Love Ariana. She handled Kristen like a pro. Kristen & Stassi will never change; they are not fooling anyone. Tom & Ariana, Tom, & Lala are my favorite ones to watch (other than my favorite LVP). I liked Shcena when she was a real friend to Ariana, but she gets on my nerves. She is so self centered.

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