Vanderpump Rules Back to Cabo for Round Two

If you thought you couldn’t get enough of the Vanderpump Rules cast in Cabo before, it looks they are going back again to celebrate the New Year.

“We’re going to Cabo for New Year’s,”Kristen Doute teased when The Daily Dish caught up with her at the end of November. “Dirty, dirty Cabo. We’re gonna redo Season [2].”

But the crew has already celebrated Christmas with an ugly sweater party.

Kristen also talked about who is the hardest person to shop for on the cast. “I think Schwartz is probably the hardest, because I know that whenever Schwartz’s birthday rolls around, it’s like, do I look on eBay for Ninja Turtle things? Do I buy him another air plant? Sweatpants, perhaps? What do you get Schwartz? Do I go to the airport and get a free Bank of America T-shirt? That’s all Schwartz,” she explained. “In one sense, he’s very simple and easy, but at the same time, you can’t really shop for Schwartz. He’ll be appreciative no matter what, but he just likes all the basic bitch things in life.”

On the flip side Kirsten explained that the worst gift she ever received was from Stassi Schroeder courteously of a “bitch slap” after Stassi found out about Kirsten and Jax.

Happy Birthday to my favorite wino. May I never have a reason to backhand you again. ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Katie is just awful this season. She’s so mean and pumped up to be queen b.i.t.c.h by Stasi and Kristen. They all have no life and no real purpose except to be ugly. I used to really like this show but LVP, you need to put a stop to this behavior. Without La La and James, who are young enough to be immature, these older cast members are just foolish and need to move on. Run Sheana!

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