Update on RHOC Star Shannon Beador’s Divorce and Custody Battle

Shannon Beador is battling with her soon-to-be ex-husband, David Beador, and we have learned that Shannon’s three daughters are siding with their mom.

“David’s relationship with the girls is suffering greatly from the split,” a source close to the family said, adding that Sophie, 16, and 13-year-old twins Stella and Adaline “witnessed first-hand the way that he treated their mom and vowed to never let a man treat them the same way!”

“The girls know that David is going to have to pay for what he did and how he acted during the marriage,” the source said. “In the meantime, they are continuing to do everything to be there for their mother so that she comes back fiercer than ever before!”

As we have previously reported, Shannon decided to file for divorce two years after David admitted to having an eight-month affair with a married family friend, Nicole McMackin, in 2015.

Even though the girls are siding with their mom, the insider insisted Shannon “has done her best to not sway their opinion of their father.”

However, Shanon’s “crying breakdowns at home that only they could see was heartbreaking” and likely changed their view of David, the insider said.

“On top of that, the girls have not had the same kind of relationship with their dad as they did with their mom because he was working all the time while they were growing up and rarely at home.”

Shannon is seeking full parental custody and is also requesting $25,000 to cover the cost of her attorney fees. In court documents filed on Dec. 4, Shannon claimed that David earned “more than five times” what she earned on Bravo.

“Shannon decided at their last week’s custody hearing that David should pay for all three of their daughter’s college tuition, in full. Basically, she is done with letting him walk all over her,” a source previously revealed.


8 Replies to “Update on RHOC Star Shannon Beador’s Divorce and Custody Battle”

  1. I really wish Shannon would let her girls be children instead of dragging them into adult issues, especially issues that involve both parents.

    1. I agree w you wholeheartedly (but when you have psychological issues like Shannon who self medicates w alcohol to cope w life..they are trying to “ save their mother” and their Dad s the less needy one..who bailed to save himself from her self destruction..if he’s going for custody it’s to try and save his children from having to cover up for her like he always did. Sad situation!

  2. I’ve always thought that SB has substance abuse issues ( from the very beginning you could see the secret drinking)! Nothing is EVER her fault! You can’t have a discussion or negotiation with someone like that because they have to always be ”the victim”! David is not abusive towards her.. he just wants out of the marriage and away from her! He’s had enough and is looking for an equitable solution that will allow him to go on with his life! He loves his girls and will provide for them but Shannon will make them “ choose sides” ( because that’s who she is)! She will always play the “blame game” and engage in parental alienation! It’s who she is! We’ve watched he drama, hysteria and “blame- gaming” throughout her appearance on the show.. if it isn’t David who is to blame for her unhappiness..it’s one or the other girls who are to blame!

  3. `Just by the pic above you can tell she puts her girls first. I have called her GreyGooseShan for a long time but I can see where a distant partner can help in the wanting to self medicate.

  4. And as expected, she will turn the girls against their dad so they will hate him forever. It’s a good thing those girls will be of legal age soon so they ‘ll have to support themselves instead of sponging on the dad they hate so much…the monster who provided them with a comfortable life…no wonder why so many men are reluctant to have any kind of matrimonial ties let alone reproduce

  5. The way they allowed the girls to be paraded around in front of the cameras during all of this?
    They allowed their girls to be included in the scandal? WTF?

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