Update On Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s Divorce

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s nasty divorce will go before a judge on July 10th.

Parks filed for divorce from Nida, who is currently in prison, back in 2015. And although it was approved in November 2016, the ruling was reversed when a judge decided that Nida was not properly served with his divorce papers and never had notice of a final hearing, either.

Nida’s attorney Tessie Edwards is speaking out about how Parks’ mistakes when filing seemed deliberate.

“It’s important to note that when Apollo got served with the divorce, he had called Phaedra and asked her about it because it wasn’t even in their legal name,” Edwards told RadarOnline.

According to the original filing Apollo was listed as “Nita,” not Nida.

Edwards continued, “Phaedra advised him that she was going to just set the entire divorce aside. She said that there were errors in the papers as they appeared and not to worry that they will file it when he gets out of prison.”

“After that, he didn’t get any notices and didn’t hear anything else about it,” Edwards claimed. “She had told him to disregard the complaint entirely, that this would wait. He was totally blindsided when he found out he was divorced!”

The couple have a lot of what could be deemed shared property, and the new proceedings could give Nida a shot at that property.

A rep for Parks told the site, “It’s very confusing why a man who is engaged and enjoys frequent visits with his fiancée would work so aggressively to avoid ending his marriage. Regardless, Phaedra is reviewing her options with her attorney to determine the most efficient path toward ending this marriage so she can move forward and focus on raising strong, healthy and happy children.”