Update On RHONY Season 6 Cast!

Real Housewives of New York just wrapped a couple months ago, and rumors are swirling that producers have a new Housewife in the works for Season 6! In a new report by Wetpaint Entertainment, producers have already met with fashion personality, Jene Luciani (pictured below), and now that rumor has been confirmed by an insider who has more details about production.

UPDATE! New EXCLUSIVE Details About RHONY Season 6!

“There’s at least one more person they’re currently looking at,” a production insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “She may turn out to be a better fit for the show than Luciani. Jene fits the bill in terms of money and class, but she’s primarily based in Westchester, not in New York City. The other woman they’re interested in lives in Manhattan, which just works better for the show,” the insider reveals, They’re really looking for city girls, not suburban moms.”

But what about the current ladies? “I don’t think any of the current cast members are looking to leave right now. If they don’t return for Season 6, it won’t be their choice,” the source reveals. The insider wants to be clear that “this is all in the very early stages.” Viewers will have to wait a few months before any final decisions are made, but it’s safe to say if one lady is added, one will be getting the boot. It has been rumored that The Countess will be the first to go, but nothing has been confirmed.

Tell Us- What would you like to see happen?

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10 Replies to “Update On RHONY Season 6 Cast!”

  1. I would say that booting the Countess off, would be a Must, for the show to cont. getting better ratings. She is stuck in the ‘stirring the pot” to make drama for herself. Her Condescending attitude has run it’s course. (I hear a Indian war cry or NativeAmerican War cry LOL) When the Countess hears about her consideration for a boot. I Hope Some JohnnyDepp Look alike, console’s her,… Oh wait yes, there’s TOmas! Maybe he will take her into the garden for a lil Pirate Looting??? Wish her the best (on a serious note). This comment was all in fun and Jest!

  2. All mu universities friends who watch the show, think its disgusting the way Ramona behaves, and Sonja is living in cloud cuckoo land…I can tell you there are a few of us who would blow Ramona to dine kingdom come.
    How can you tolerate an alcoholic, illiterate, ignorant and racist woman to represent Bravo.. I wish your studio were in England, as we would have to get her fired.

  3. All my uni friends watching the show, think’s it is disgusting how Ramona behaves, Sonja is in cloud cuckoo land. Ramona is a liability even to reality tv.
    Why is Bravo tolerating an alcoholic, illiterate, ignorant and racist woman to represent Bravo, even for ratings sinking so low, I wish your studio were in England, as we would have to get her fired.

  4. Please please bring back Jill zarin, I watched season 5 here in the uk and just did not like the new ladies. The countess looked lost without Jill, I missed the banter and the arguments between the old cast……they are so much more interesting to watch. Heather thought she was better than everyone else, what was Carole doing as all I could see was she stired a lot and did nothing much else. Avivva waste of time….sorry love but can’t stand you. Sonia stop drinking and start pulling yourself back up the ladder and become the lady you are. Andy Cohen please bring the old cast, I love Sonia, luann and Jill zarin…….miss her energy and her loud voice. Whatever happens I wish you all the best.

    Love from the uk

    1. I totally agree. It was fun watching Jill get everything going! The countess is lost without her. Want Bethenny back too. Get rid of that drunken boring bitch Ramona. So over her and when you know Avery and her friends are watching all her behavior I squirm

  5. How can anyone possibly think booting the Countess Luann off the show is a good idea??? The show would not be the same without original cast members (Ramona also)Get rid of Heather-she’s bland!! Bring Jill Zarin back pleeeease!!! Love you RH’s xxxx

  6. Bring back original cast Jill, Bethanny, Kelly and dare i even say Alex and her hubby! Lol, get rid of Ramona but keep the Countess and even Sonja if she can stop brown noseing
    Ramona for 5 minutes!

  7. I actually liked Alex for her facial expressions and wackiness…lol. She always cracked me up. She is not in NYC any longer tho so wont be back. Perhaps RHW Australia?

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