Update On Joe Giudice’s Upcoming Fraud Trial! Teresa Giudice To Testify?

Joe Giudice

Joe Giudice is headed to his trial for allegedly fraudulently obtaining a drivers license, and it looks like Joe and his lawyers are pulling out all the stops! RadarOnline is reporting that Joe will bring his famous wife, Teresa Giudice to the stand to defend him! Joe is set to appear in court on February 25th for a status update hearing where the judge will determine a trial date, but Giudice’s attorney says he has a rock solid defense, which he vows will prove the innocence of his client, and Joe’s outspoken spouse could prove to be the star witness.

“Teresa could be a witness,” Miles Feinstein exclusively tells Radar. “But everything she would say would be positive for Joe.”

Authorities claim that Guidice assumed the identity of his brother, Pietro, in June 2010, in order to obtain a driving license after his own was suspended following a DWI 5 months earlier. Officials claim as part of the application Joe fraudulently used his younger brother’s marriage and birth certificates.

“We are going to trial,” the attorney insists. “These charges and the threat of state prison are ridiculous for this event. I’ve said it all along, but it is because of Joe’s celebrity status that this hasn’t been resolved already.”

Photo Credit: Bravo