Update On Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Relationship With Her Parents

Kim Zolciak-Biermann has had problems with her parents throughout the years, and many viewers have opinions about how Kim handled the situation her parents at her wedding.

Kim finally spoke about her parents on a recent episode of Don’t Be Tardy. Kim’s daughter Brielle urged her mom to reach out to her grandparents after not seeing or speaking to them in years. Kim was nervous about doing so, and it unfortunately didn’t go well.

So has the relationship between Kim and her parents changed?

“I have not seen my parents in over six years. They recently just sold another ‘story’ to a tabloid, which is one of the reasons I stopped communicating with them in the first place. I learned that some people never change. It’s sad,” Kim told Bravo. “I’ve learned after many years that my mom is who she is and that’s it. I’m thankful for my upbringing. I don’t have any regrets, but I can’t change somebody. So it took me many years to realize that. But I will never discourage Brielle or Ariana or any of them to not have a relationship with their grandparents or whoever they choose to have a relationship with.”

We previously reported that Kim and Kroy don’t get along with his parents either. During a 2014 episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Kim admitted, “Kroy’s parents weren’t very happy with our marriage. I’m not picture perfect. I had two children before I got married and had my sons, but I’m f*cking educated, I f*cking took care of my girls.”

Watch the clip below:

Thoughts on this?

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  • Nancy

    I don’t watch Kim’s show bc I don’t care 4her or her ratchet ways. Having said that, it’s very sad that both Kroy& Kim have such a bad relationship with their parents. Every kid needs the luv of their grandparents. I can’t even imagine, but I don’t knw what this is all abt so in fairness all I can say is this is very unfortunate. I’m out. Peace!

  • watching in ohio

    I watch’s the episode where Brielle contacted her grandparents and was struck by how selfish ALL of them are! Howard the Duck ( hate the puffed up lips of KZ AND her daughter) are just totally self obsorbed! Do what is best for these children.. they deserve to know their grandparents on both sides! Get over yourself.. maybe what you hate in your mother is who you are!

    • Minx

      Howard The Duck!
      OMG! Hysterical!
      Thank, You for the Laugh!

    • cat62

      Niether side is willing to budge…thats the problem. They could all set a date and meet…how hard is that?

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Kids are somehow the reflect of their parents…I´ll leave it at that

    • Sugar Mama

      Jesus Frank twice in a row! I️ agree exactly, the parents have to be whack. I️ don’t know why my capital ‘I️ ’ won’t work