Update On Joe Giudice’s Deportation


Now that Joe Giudice has been sentenced to 41 months in prison for bank and mortgage fraud, the topic of whether or not the father-of-four will be deported is being addressed.

Joe’s immigration attorney, Jerard Gonzalez, said that he does not expect deportation proceedings to begin for years, until Joe has completed his sentence, NJ.com reports.

Joe signed an agreement with prosecutors in March that says he understands that his guilty plea “may result in his being subject to immigration proceedings and removed from the United States.” And according to experts, that could happen at anytime.

Joe came to the United States at the age of one, and never became a United States Citizen.

Gonzalez said he would protect his client’s rights “as best I can,” but added that immigrants deported because of criminal convictions are not allowed to return to the United States.

“The consequences are harsh,” he said.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has reportedly been moving quickly to begin deportation proceedings against people sentenced to crimes, experts say, but it is not likely Joe would be deported before he serves at least the greater part of his sentence.

“They want them to do most of the time,” said Edward Shulman, an immigration attorney based in Paterson, adding that ICE could begin proceedings at any time. “They could come pick him up tomorrow. I doubt they would do that, but they have the discretion to do so.”

Joe’s immigration attorney declined to speculate on how he would defend Joe during deportation proceedings, but said that his client has spent almost his entire life in the United States and has four children. His father, who recently died, and his mother became American citizens, which could affect Giudice’s deportation.

If both parents became citizens before Joe turned 18, Joe would have become a citizen.

Gonzalez has declined to say when the parents became citizens.

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