Update On Jacqueline And Chris Laurita’s Bankruptcy Case


RHONJ stars Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have been granted a reprieve in their bankruptcy trial. The judge has approved an extension request filed by the trustee who is overseeing the proceedings.

The couple is being accused of misusing millions of dollars in funds from their former clothing company. The Lauritas previously reached an agreement to end the $8 million lawsuit, but the trustee asked for a extension of the case to determine how the funds from that settlement will be distributed.

When Jacqueline and Chris filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009, they were charged with knowingly defrauding their creditors, and the trustees of the bankruptcy case hit them with a $7.8 million lawsuit in an attempt to get back whatever money they could.

Agreeing to pay one million dollars to their creditors, the Lauritas will admit no wrongdoing, if the judge signs off on the settlement.

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5 Replies to “Update On Jacqueline And Chris Laurita’s Bankruptcy Case”

    1. I agree with you, Bunny! Jaq makes having an autistic child look stressful, emotional and hard! It’s not that bad, believe me, I know! I would like Jaq more if she would smile and be proud of Nicolas in her talking heads when he is learning a skill, instead of feeling bad to see him struggle. Even when he has a tantrum in frustration, it would be helpful to see Jaq explain to the audience how hard it must be for him, not her. Jaq has this platform and she seems to be using it to show the audience how hard her life is and to garner pity! It’s that pity attitude that Jaq needs to turn around. Sometimes seeing her breakdown makes me worry for her son’s safety.

      As for the Laurita’s BK reprieve, Jaq never should have made fun of a co-worker in legal trouble for BK fraud. Karma!

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