Update In Lawsuit Involving Kandi Burruss & Kim Zolciak!


There are new details surfacing regarding the lawsuit between Kim Zolciak and her former friend, Kandi Burruss, over the song ‘Don’t Be Tardy.’ LA LATE reports new, exclusive documents that reveal Kandi has dropped the lawsuit against TuneCore, which is the company that distributes the song, and now is just suing Kim! Kandi also added to the suit. She is suing Kim for improper licensing and unpaid royalties/production fees.

LA LATE obtained Kandi’s 14 page reply to the lawsuit, which states the following; “Throughout much of her Motion, Defendant Zolciak-Biermann makes the patently false and hugely ironic claim that the lawsuit is a mere publicity stunt for Plaintiff Burruss’ new televisionshow. However, Defendant Zolciak-Biermann claim is a classic case of the proverbial ‘pot calling the kettle black,’ as Defendant Zolciak-Biermann is the one who chose to use the disputed work as the title and theme song for her new show, which premiered a week after Plaintiff Burruss’ show.”

“Defendant Zolciak-Biermann continued to make accusations, privately and publicly, that Plaintiff Burruss had somehow taken advantage of Defendant Zolciak-Biermann and her novice status in the music industry. “ Kandi says that she was hurt by Kim’s allegedly false comments. “Being a well-respected music industry veteran and Grammy-award winning producer and songwriter, Plaintiff Burruss took great offense to that accusation, especially coming from a friend.”

LA LATE also spoke to the song’s original writer/producer, who told the site, exclusively, “Well of course Kandi wrote the lyrics. I made the music. Don Vito was friends with Kandi and he and I had a working relationship at that time so he was somewhat of a middle man for the whole thing. To be honest, I’m not really sure what Kim [Zolciak] contributed as a composer/songwriter, if anything at all, but things work out that way sometimes. I know she definitely didn’t compose anything because that was what I brought to the table.”

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  • Jenna

    Here’s the thing the most sticks out in this whole deal between Kandi and Kim. Kandi wrote the song, Kim sang it. The singer is always going to be recognized for the song in the publics eye not the writer. The only reason the public knows about Kanfi writi g the song is from the show. Kandi, I thought you were “rich” why do you even care anymore. If you’re done with Kim then be done. Just leave her be and allow her to be a wife, mother and love her family. Don’t be a hater for the fame little money she received. Please like you’re hurting. Please don’t say it’s the principal of it all. It the spotlight Kim had over the song that kills you. Kim is deffinatly not a wonderful singer but it is her stage presents and personality the fans love. Let Kim have her day and go about your own new show.

    • DebBrenn

      That’s beside the point, Jenna. People get PAID for the work they do. She isn’t suing her as if she was singing the song, she’s suing her for legitimate services she performed. Most of the work was done by Kandi. She didn’t just do her normal writing, arranging, providing the team and the facilities, etc. she also had to use more auto tune than anyone in history, no doubt, so our ears wouldn’t bleed when we heard it.

      • Trixie

        haha funny Deb! Who do you think needed more auto-tune Kim or Luanne?! ha

        • DebBrenn

          I think they should dispense with the Auto Tune entirely, Trixie, and use both LeAnne and Kim’s recordings to torture prisoners into confessing.

  • DebBrenn

    What ever happened with the music teacher we saw on the show who presented “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party” to Kim as his own? Was he just an actor pretending to have written that song?

  • LolaB

    Kandi, get your money! Kim is a liar and a thief. It’s shocking that people can’t see through that low class ho.

  • Jenna

    Oh you guys Kandi is jealous of Kim’s new found happiness and family. Kandi desires to have the husband and new baby. Yes Kandi is probably entitled to some money sure, get it over with and move on. By the way, Kandi isn’t the only writer for Tardy for the party. I’m embarrassed for Kandi and her “toy” business. It is so low class and quite repulsing. Why not have a reputable business rather than a business for fornicators. It’s just nasty. I lost a lot of respect for Kandi when theis whole Toy company came to surface. I once thought of Kandi as a good girl and Kim as the bad one. Kroy has changed Kim for the better and no Kim’s far from perfect like all of us, but Kim is entirely different. I’m happy for Kim and her new life.

    • Tae

      Jenna what in the world are you doing watching these shows and trolling the blogs if you are a God fearing woman. You delight in the drama of the show then want to trample on people with your christianity. I bet your man/husband is cheating on you if you even have one. It’s because of women like you why prostitutes and strippers are becoming more and more prominent. You better get with the program! I love bedroom kandi. I sure do love using her products and guess what?… my man loves using them on me too. Just take several seats with your old BORING *ss.

  • Jenna

    Oh Tae, it seems I’ve struck a nurve. It’s ok to be bitter and angry with me for my opinion. Yes I still think it is a disgusting business for anyone to be involved in. I do like watching the housewives, been watching from the beginning starting with the OC. I’m happily married to a wonderful man. We have no need for such things as discusting toys in our marriage. As far as my husband cheating, that is just you trying to justify your need for help in the bedroom. My husband and I are quite happy with ourselves rather then the help of additives. My husband and I Love God and are not ashamed of it. We like to keep things the way God intended the beautiful act of love between a man to be. Not a man and a woman and oh ya my toy. I will pray for you Tae, for your contentment in your marriage. I’m not trying to come off hateful just responding to your aligarions of what you think my relationship is based on our distaste for such things.

    • DebBrenn

      People!!!! I’m directing this not just at you, but this is appalling. For Heaven’s sake, as you write you should notice a dotted red line below MANY of your words. It means you spelled something wrong. Is it so much trouble to go back, Google the word the way you THINK it’s spelled, and replace it with the corrected version? It makes you look illiterate, and I’m sure you’re not.