Unseen Footage Of RHOBH Marisa Zanuck!

Marisa Zanuck, Kyle Richards

Viewers haven’t seen much of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Marisa Zanuck, just that she defended Brandi from Faye’s attacks at Kyle’s dinner party, and we know she isn’t afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind! In this unseen footage, Marisa lunches with her longtime friend, Kyle Richards. Marisa talks about her fear of flying and fear of flying Coach, and insists she feels like cattle when she’s not flying First-Class!

Offended or not, Marisa isn’t afraid to tell you EXACTLY how she feels! Kyle explains with Marisa everything is “right there out on the table.” Marisa also shares stories of her flying Coach, and admits her strong opinion and her “mouth,” get her in trouble! You can also read my exclusive interview with Marisa here. Watch below!

Tell Us- Do YOU think Marisa’s comments are offensive? Or do you respect her honesty?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “Unseen Footage Of RHOBH Marisa Zanuck!”

  1. Liked her for kinda sticking up for Brandi. But now not a fan after this Crap. Either she thinks this will help her get on the show, but this was stupid of her. I’m done with her! Bye Bye Marisa. Oh ya I knew no one likes u cuz ur friends with mean girl Kyle the wannabe and mean girl!!!

  2. Uh…not so much. I was a fan when she stuck-up for Brandi after Rancid attacked her, but after that video clip – she did herself no favors. Someone needs a filter……ugh!

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