Tour RHOP Star Gizelle Bryant’s Home

In this new video, we are getting a sneak peek into Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant’s home.

First, Gizelle shows us her sitting room full of her knick knacks and books that she’s ACTUALLY read. She also shows off a piece of furniture that was inspired by a trip to South Africa.

We also get a peek inside Gizelle’s bedroom. She explains that she likes “big beds,” so she can “roll around….” by herself that is! She also tells a story about how her nanny won the lottery ten years ago and she gifted her a snow globe, which sits in her bedroom.

Next, we see the kitchen where Gizelle does what she does best. Gizelle shows us her most important piece which is a glass pie that looks real that her grandmother had in her house for years. She explains how much it meant to her.

Check out Gizelle’s crib below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


10 Replies to “Tour RHOP Star Gizelle Bryant’s Home”

  1. The home that Jamal Bryant helps pay for while she speaks ill of Monique having no financial identity without her husband, lol.

    1. Touché ! Sour grapes , I say LOL
      Gizelle is not a girl’s girl ! She is insecure and just messy. She probably is only friends with women that she perceives as a step or 2 beneath her, like Robyn. I find her exhausting to watch .

      Monique has become my favorite . She sealed it with that scene in the kitchen with curlers in her hair . That’s what real women do ! Love her

      I like Robyn but she does NEED to pick a lane . You’re either ‘working on things ‘ or ‘you don’t care who he dares’. It can’t be both.

      Charisse ! ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!

      1. I never watched this show, but I flipped through the channels one day and adored a bit of some house tour (the kitchen was amazing) with a man who looked like a football player and his beautiful wife.
        How are you Rain.

        1. Hi sandy ❤️❤️
          I do miss having alerts to my posts because I didn’t even know left me a response lol.
          I’m enjoying some nice weather , who are you ❤️❤️❤️

          1. Same here. I checked off the notify box too. Sorry.
            I am well. It was really hot today in the 90s…too hot. My little Corey was panting after a short walk. I wore my sun hat and sunglasses. I looked a little like I was going on safari.
            My sister was discharged from the hospital today. Her heart rate is closer to normal now but not there yet. She will get a visiting nurse, so hopefully she will be watched with her erratic heart rate and thyroid condition. I live too far to visit her often or I would.
            I don’t look forward to tomorrow morning. I have to take Corey to the
            Vet again, this time for Lyme booster shot and kennel cough vax which makes him cough a bit and a little off. He also gets carsickness on the way there, so my car is now padded and I packed towels, etc.
            So, I am okay..ish. 😉 ❤️

            1. Sandy , you’re dealing with so much . I’m so sorry ❤️❤️❤️ I’m glad your sister was discharged and hopefully it’s smooth sailing from now on
              90s is really hot! I’m afraid we are in for a hot summer too. The hottest I can tolerate is probably 85 or so , real wuss here LOL …
              good luck to Corey tomorow , poor guy!! I hope he doesn’t feel as bad afterwards xoxoxo

            2. You should be able to get emails when people reply to your comments and you should be able to reply within the email. Just make sure you check the box above the post comment button.

              1. Hi I’ve checked the box every time I’ve posted a comment but never received an email alerting me ? What am I doing wrong please??

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