Tour Heather Dubrow’s Closet AKA “Girl Cave”

RHOC star Heather Dubrow designed her new house to be a home and there’s one space that she absolutely loves… her closet. Dubrow is dishing about the new space she calls her “girl cave.”

“I have to say, out of the entire house, this was the easiest room to design,” Heather recently told ET as she gave a tour of her custom closet. “It was just for me … I had a very clear vision of what I wanted.”

“This is one of those rooms where, if something special caught my eye and I needed to have it, I did not say no,” she said. “I definitely put little things in.”

Heather gave ET a tour of her closet during the interview which featured all of her designer clothing, handbags, and shoes neatly displayed behind glass. She even admitted that she was inspired by how her favorite boutiques display their merchandise. The 400-square-foot space includes 50 pairs of jeans, more than 150 pairs of shoes, and 150 handbags.

Heather keeps all of her jewelry in a center island that features compartments custom-designed for each piece of jewelry. There’s also a keypad on each side that keeps the sparkly stuff safe and secure.

“[My husband] Terry’s got a man cave, he’s got a media room, he’s got all these areas,” Heather said. “But this? This is mine! When I was a little girl, if I was upset or something, I’d go into my closet. It wasn’t fabulous like this … but it made me feel safe. And I just liked it … This is my girl cave! It’s the place where I put two chairs so we can hang out.”

“There’s padlocks on both doors, deadbolts with codes that only I know. So, literally, no one can come in,” she said. “If you’re invited in, you’re invited in. If you’re not, you’re not.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • DebBrenn

    Does she not know how obnoxious she is?

    • Aunt Bee

      LOL and ITA DebBrenn

    • Sadly, I almost think that she does, and doesn’t even care because she believes her own hype.

      • Cin

        she thinks her poop doesn’t stink like the rest of the world ..

        • Exactly and to piggy back on your comment…an ounce of pretentiousness is worth a pound of manure. lol.

      • Bon Vivant

        The thing is, I don’t believe the end goal of this is simply to show off. Not for a second. The purpose of this youtube channel is to branch off more deeply into the platforms she and her husband have been working on outside of the brand identity they have with Bravo, so they can (eventually) get out of the Reality TV game.

        If I were her I’d do the same thing, as these shows create too much collateral damage in people’s personal lives, and this genre of tv can only last for so long before the public is onto some other way to invest their time or interest. You need to have other irons in the fire once that train runs out of steam. The easiest way to create opportunities for yourself is to take what you already know, and USE it. Heather is a tv actress with broadcasting experience who is now in a position to create her own platform showing those skills, so she can parlay it all into new opportunities. At this point, that really is the only reason why it is worth it to join these reality shows. You join to build or expand fan base, then use those numbers to either re-boot already existing business interests, or to create something new with long lasting potential.

  • Cin

    totally obnoxious…… and she had the nerve to shame Alexis cuz she thought she was showing off her money…. omg – Heather is the worst. I think Heather & Tamra were jealous of Alexis and wanted her gone. They should bring her back.

    • Agreed again. I actually wasn’t crazy about Alexis the first season, but the last few seasons I found her endearing and definitely more mature than these other two hateful sisters.

    • patricia

      ITA! I wish they would bring back Alexis, Lizzie, Jeanna, & maybe Gretchen.

  • I have to say that I signed up for this. I want rich and fabulous. At least she is really rich, unlike a lot of the women on these Housewives Shows.

    • Madame Frou-Frou

      She’s rich, but has no class…showing off your wealth is really gauche

  • Madame Frou-Frou

    Nouveau riche…

  • Starr

    Is she not ashamed to flaunt wealth like that? I’m ashamed for her. 150 prs. shoes, 150 handbags, 50 prs. of jeans?! who does that!!!!!!!!!! no count yet of everyday clothes, party clothes, sleep wear or lounge wear plus, plus plus.

  • Coochie-Coochie

    I bet she also has a shelf for her sex toys, I am sure Terry has one too

  • M Trump

    Why does she always have a face as though she just had an enema with Icy Hot ?

  • Bon Vivant

    Business wise this a very smart move, I subscribed to this channel when it premiered (I mentioned it here in the forum). We live in a digital age where you can cut out the middle man to brand build, display skills, and promote yourself in order to diversify your business opportunities. Heather has been building a pretty solid portfolio of side activities outside of Housewives that don’t depend so much on being entrenched in the drama in the show, particularly hosting and interviewing. She and Terry have the beauty and lifestyle podcast that’s doing well, and she has her own podcast, which also tours live. The Heather’s Closet platform clearly allows her opportunity to archive film displaying her hosting skills that can be contributed to a sizzle reel. She’s also obviously investing GOOD money into the production value of this. This youtube channel she’s created is a means to an end…and might I add the costs of putting it together can be tax deductible, in addition to the closet itself being eligible for partial tax deduction as well as it will be used and filmed to create income.

    So far she’s doing a good job with it, and it allows viewers to see her in an entirely different context than the show, which I think is necessary.