Tour Of Brandi Glanville’s New House


We saw Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville move into her new house in this week’s episode, and now Brandi is giving Bravo a special tour of her new crib. Brandi, who answers the door in pink lingerie that includes a thong, shows off the decor in her family room, great room, dining room and bedroom. Brandi doesn’t hesitate to show the cameras her “goodie drawer” or the stripper pole in her bedroom. Watch the video of Brandi’s home tour below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • June Vandyke

    Shes pathetic. Sunglasses in house, dressing in such outfit to accept visitors, showing personal (who cares anyway) items… Kardashians could probably learn how to be a publicity tramp from this one. Although I DO NOT advocate what her husband and Leann did at all, if Brandi acted this way when she was married, then I’d say I sure can see why he wanted a wife with even a little class, not Brandi.

  • Aunt Bee

    What a disgusting exhibitionist. No shower will ever make you clean lady. Eddie get those children away from her before they get a disease from her dog poop infested house. Y u c k !!!!!!!

  • Susan Mcleary

    Something happened to this woman in her childhood because she always makes everything “sexual”, she’s always practically nude and doesn’t care who sees and hears her. It’s as if she never grew up, still in High school mode. I feel for her children though, no wonder Eddie walked off. Leanne is the preferred mom, it appears. From what I’ve read and pics I’ve seen of Brandi, she doesn’t come out smelling good. This of course is my opinion of what I’ve gathered. I really used to like Brandi, don’t know what the heck happened to her. She can’t possibly think the viewers still accept her from what we’ve seen so far….

    • Mmmay

      Wow…such hateful, judgemental people in the world. Heaven forbid someone live their life honestly and with no apologies. She is who she is and has never made excuses for how she lives her life. Unless you woke up this morning and saw Jesus in the mirror, I would probably put the stones down.

      Brandi: work it, do you, and keep climbing to the top. You are inspirational for picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and not pretending to be someone you aren’t . You make me laugh weekly…keep it up!!! 😉

      • Joan

        No, she is not a free spirit. She is an exhibitionist and a hypocrite. She acts like her children ALWAYS come first. Yet she does these things. How would you feel if your mother displayed herself like Brandi does. She is deliberately putting her children in a position to either defend her of other children’s remarks or being totally humiliated in front of other children. Not to mention how seeing their “mother” will affect them. I know all this on a personal level as I had a “free spirit” in my childhood too. If you live your life as she does, leave children out of your life. Poop laying around house where children live? Eddie PLEASE take these children. They will at least be kept in a clean and poop-less environment where issues of diseases aren’t accepted as norm!

  • Aunt Bee

    Joan you said it better than I ever could.

  • Get her off the show… She is a IDIOT!!! Can’t stand her she needs HELP!!!

  • Rico

    You rock Brandi!! The green-eyed monster is alive and well:)

    • Joan

      Green eyed monster? Of what? Being trashy? Being classless? Just what are we jealous of? I thank my lucky stars I am NOT like her!

      • Anonymous

        I agree!!! I used to love the show with Adrienne. Still love Kyle. And Kim has come a long way. Joyce is also a classy woman. Lisa, Brandi and the other 1 what’s their names need to goooooooooo!!!!!! Brandi is trash and disrespectful to all those around her. Apparently viewers don’t understand the term free spirit however I don’t associate it with whore and trash.