Top Real Housewives Moments Of 2016

Now that 2016 is almost over, we are revisiting some of the most memorable Housewives moments of the year. There’s no doubt that these ladies constantly shock us, so let’s see which headlines we chose as our top five and you can share your favorites as well. Here they are in no particular order:

Lisa Rinna calls out Lisa Vanderpump for talking about Yolanda Hadid’s health

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Teresa Giudice accuses Jacqueline Laurita of calling Feds

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Apollo Nida gets engaged

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LuAnn’s fiancé Tom gets caught cheating

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The RHOC bus ride to the airport…

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Tell us what your top moments of 2016 have been by commenting below.

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9 Replies to “Top Real Housewives Moments Of 2016”

  1. The picture of Lisa Rinna isn’t very flattering, she looks so old! She looks just like a friend of mine, (only in this picture) and she is in her 70’s.
    The rest aren’t worth mentioning in my view. I can’t think of a moment or episode that I have seen that has shocked me, plenty I haven’t liked.

  2. Why is Apollo on here? Didn’t even happen on one of the shows. How did Leanne threatening her friend with a fricken knife not make it on here. I know most don’t watch Dallas but damn, that was a moment I won’t forget.

    P.s. Dallas is one of the most interesting cities in the franchise, I think you should all give it a shot!!!

    1. I am not trying to be annoying, but I thought Dallas was a group of the most ignorant, childish, weird group of child/women to ever be put on a show together. I don’t recall their names, just that 2 of them had small children and thought wine was Jesus juice or something, to be drank at lunch daily and in any amount. One of the women had a thing about charity and was teased a lot, I think she is Leann, who you are referring to, though I didn’t see that episode. Apollo and his “fiancee'” is plain creepy to even think about. Why would a young, pretty ( her intelligence is in question hugely ) woman engage herself to someone who has 7 years left in prison? I have heard of this many times, apparently there is some syndrome they all share!
      I thought Teresa and Melissa on the ski lift was a beautiful moment too, and I would have chosen that, maybe not as the most dramatic, but certainly worth a mention.

      1. The first 2 episodes of Dallas were HORRID and i quit watching it. Then i got bored one day and finished the series and, honestly, it sucked me in. The editing changed and it became more like a housewives than whatever charity show it was originally filmed as. Brandy and Stepanie (the wine girls) were totally humanized and the series actually ended up much more mature than i thought. But hey, we can agree to disagree! 😉

        There are so many moments more memorable than some of the ones on here. Forgot the mention Dorinda’s hell party in the berkshires!!!

      2. Dallas is on here at the moment and I’ve given up on it as well as Potomac, I tried both but couldn’t deal with wasting my time on either. The way I’m going I’m going to have given up on all HW shows. I have paid for BH so will continue watching as I don’t like throwing my money away for noting but I’m not happy with it and it was one of my favourite! Hey ho not worth bothering about. I’m certainly done with OC and I won’t comment on it either this coming season. To repeat myself I would be wasting my time. Back to BH I’m just waiting for Dorit to come out with ‘I’m not bovered’ that will just put me over the edge!

  3. I was just watching Episode 3 & 4 of season 11 of the OC for the first time, because I had just gotten it recently. I couldn’t believe that when Brianna was literally too ill to stand, Viki left her at home to go to work without getting some help over there. She totally ignored the fact that Brianna had gotten out of the hospital within an hour, 2 TIMES, that Brianna was sobbing and gasping, literally, AS VIKI WAS WALKING OUT, with a pic line the 1st time to administer antibiotics, the second time after a trip in an ambulance because Brianna could NOT BREATH, because her infected lymph nodes were pushing on her lungs!!! She had bruises and holes all over her arms from all of the I.V.’s, blood tests, medicines etc., she was on blood thinners, which is dangerous all by itself even without all of the punctures, she fell face down on her bed sobbing as her Mom was walking out the door, and Viki stIll LEFT. Brianna had a three year old toddler, and a one year old baby, with no help. Her husband was still in OK., for some reason Brianna went first, either because Viki bought them a house, or from what Bri said, to be near the doctors and nurses she knew and had been treated by during her lifetime. But, I doubt Ryan, jerk that he can be, or Brianna expected to be left all alone during acute health threats. It showed Viki in talking head saying, “where does everyone think the money comes from!!!” It was unphuckingbelievable. I mean, the whole cancer lie made me truly hate this woman, and I hadn’t seen this and apparently had not read anything on here about this, because I am standing here almost sobbing myself.
    A lot of you here know about my daughter. I could not imagine LEAVING when she was in distress, for any reason. I don’t consider myself a martyr, or any different than any Mom I have ever known in my lifetime. As a matter of fact, I quit my job to be here, even though she did not live at home. Can you imagine getting your work clothes on and putting your pumps on while your daughter was sobbing and too ill to stand to “go to work?” Even without the children. I took her to all of her appointments, saw her almost daily, and I thank God for that 3 years. If I saw Viki in person, it would induce me to do violence. I would be in jail. For real.

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