Tonight’s RHOBH Called One of the Most Dramatic of the Season


According to a new report, Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Hadid will continue to face off on tonight’s episode of RHOBH as Hadid continues to defend her battle with Lyme disease.

Rinna will “reveal more details about who else was involved in the discussions about Yolanda’s health,” an insider told RadarOnline. “She wasn’t the only person doing the talking, and she is tired of getting all the blame. The tensions have lingered since filming stopped several months ago.”

Meanwhile, “Lisa is gearing up to defend herself on Thursday at the reunion taping, and questions why Yolanda just can’t move on from this,” the source said.

“Even though Yolanda and Lisa made up on camera, the friendship is still very much on the rocks,” the source previously told the site. “She is going to give Lisa an ultimatum: ‘Fess up, or the friendship is over.’”

Tonight’s episode will “be one of the most dramatic of the season,” the insider revealed. “The feuds are taken to another level!”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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It is hard for Yolanda to “get past this” because she thought Rinna was a friend and a so so friend, then she found out the truth, RINNA IS NOT A FRIEND TO ANY OF THESE WOMEN! She is a loud, filthy mouthed loser whose only in this for herself, stirs up crap about ALL of the women behind their backs and then LIES about it! Ladies, WATCH YOUR BACKS and stay clear of deformed lipped LISA RINNA!

I am so sick of hearing about Yolanda, she needs to STFU! I have no patience for her at all now not a fricken ounce! Get her off or I am done!

Me too!!!

Tell me about it. I was distracted watching some crazy movie and forgot to tune in. I did catch about 10mins of Rinna, flapping her mouth on the beach about who else–YOLANDA!! So, I turned off the tv and went to bed.

You go Sally, right on!!!!

Is it obvious I was crabbit this morning? Xo

I don’t even like talking to anyone the first hour I’m awake….

I should wait but I like coming on here first thing while I’m drinking my coffee! Just extra crabbit today!

That’s okay, Sally. Yoi can be as crabbit as you like!
I am just hoping Rinna doesn’t mention my name! Rinna might say, Oh, I saw someone mention Munchausen on an online site a while back. I think she said she was a nurse. Her name was Real Sandra or Sandy! 🙁

Hahahahahaha! You really made me laugh my sweet friend! Hehehehehehehe xoxo

😀 I am glad you’re laughing! It may still happen! 😮




Whew! I am in the clear now. 😉

same here. i read it when i’m eating breakfast with PEACE AND QUIET before hubster wakes up and starts asking me questions ALL DAY LONG.. i usually respond when I’m more awake…

I’m crabbit every morning

Glad I’m not the only one!

Here we go again. YO, YO & YO. It’s always about her & only her. I hope the women gang up on her once & for all & support Lisa R. I, personally would like to see Yo go down.

I saw this clip on bravo and it seems LR is once again throwing someone under the bus, this time it’s LVP ! Come on lady, pick a side lol

I saw that as well! I hate it when she does this!

Rinna let Whiny Eiley manipulate her in blaming LVP. Eileen is quite a manipulator, as is Yo.

I can never get any tv stuff to play on my computer. It simply loads and loads and never quits. But the HW shows air at 6:30 pm here, so early enough so I don’t fall asleep watching. I believe Yolanda is confused. I really do think she has trouble focusing and has no clue what anyone else thinks or feels much less any of the women. Her illness is real in the sense that it has taken over her life, and I prefer the snotty, uppity sanctimonious person she started as to this person. At least she had… Read more »

You’re lucky it comes on so early for you! Here, RHOBH is at 9 pm, which is way too late for me. I’m still not over staying up late for the Downton Abbey finale 🙂 xoxo

I tape that. The finale was great wasn’t it? Kathryn proved me right. She is a loud, aggressive, rude, vapid woman. I was stunned by her behavior on the show. At Erika’s house she acted like she was shit faced drunk. A loud, mean drunk. I dearly hope she is a one off. And, Kimmy and BG weren’t on, so they will guest on the finale only unless there will be 22 episodes this season.

I still don’t get it – sorry – so rinna was in a conversation and someone started talking about yoyo – I’m sure a lot of women are places where their friends are brought up – it’s not like rinna jump on the muchy housy bandwagon and started shouting yes yes that’s it – and started tweeting it – I wouldn’t have even mentioned it – if it came up I would have said yes I was there and heard the conversation but didn’t give it any credit – now yoyo wanted rinna to jump up and slice the bitch… Read more »
I”m sick of this whining gold-digger. These women aren’t the ONLY people on the planet who talk about her and her (as Taylor said) sick selfie, healthy selfie, sick selfie, healthy selfie. Anyone who comes into contact with her talks about her, we talk about her, anyone watching RHOBH talks about her and on and on and on. Why doesn’t she have any other female friends? Because they talked about her and you know Ho, you cannot talk about her, her kids, her divorces, her sickness. Just don’t mention her name. And oh, Yo? GO AWAY!!

You’re right her only friends are Kim and Brandi. Those are friends i could do without. I don’t believe Erika is her BFF because she blew her off at the dinner party. If I wasn’t well and was invited to my best friend’s home for dinner I certainly would have rested all day in order to appear. Yolanda is a walking, talking contradiction.

I agree Skeptic. I was shocked when LisaR showed Yo with Brandy & Kim before Erika’s dinner. Yo is busted in my opinion. Yo is much more deceptive & manipulative than the others put together. Except for Erika, she is just as bad. I like Kathryn, but I was surprised at her behavior at dinner. Funny how Erika acted so much better with Tom around.

Hey, GIGICAT, do you notice all of these posts are missing the small “I’? I thought it was me doing some horrible typing, but all of these posts here are missing the small “i” Weird.

I think you meant “Most Disgusting” ^^

Is that ‘most disgusting’ to replace whining gold digger? There was me thinking you were friends with Yo as well!!! What is it I say now hmmm….. Oh yes lol!!!

Sally, you crack me up. You’re good & the only one to handle this jerk of a person. You go girl!!!!!!!!!

Starr my friend, I have decided I’m done being kind to everyone. 99% here are brilliant then you get the odd pain in the butt! Take care xoxoxo

Again, Sally, all of these posts are missing the small “I” when I typed my question to GIGI, I made sure I hit the “I” key. Weird. All along here, not just mine or yours. Every post.

“Lisa is gearing up to defend herself on Thursday at the reunion taping, and questions why Yolanda just can’t move on from this,” the source said.

I wonder if the reunion is really being filmed Thursday. I didn’t hear any talk of it. Anyone know if this is true?

It’s probably true. They usually film the reunion 2 or 3 episodes before the season finale

From the clip it seemed like it could have been that Lisa V merely encouraged Rinna to talk to Yo about “engaging in conversation” about Munch – which was what the other women said as well – sooo sick of these hos trying to take down LVP

ITA! Sick of the take LVP down story line. Sick of Yo & all of her inconsistencies. Can’t stand Erika. Yo & Erika are liars & backstabbers. They are jealous of LVP. Can’t stand Eileen always trying to get them to work it out, when really she clearly stirs up the problems. She clearly doesn’t discuss both sides of the issue. She is always on Yo’s side. She said “she gives her a pass.” I believe Yo is sick, but there is more to it than she is professing & that doesn’t give her the right to be mean spirited.

Yoyo needs to give it up! More and more people are questioning this – guess that is why she’s getting her “brain function” back. I thought she said she doesn’t hold onto things? What a condescending hypocrite! I really hope Andy grills her at the reunion, though I doubt it.


I like LVP head and shoulders above the rest of these women. She’s just got lots more class and smarts. Yolanda’s constant yammering on about her illness is so boring. If she’s so sick let her stay home in bed and get off the show.


Why do these hideous creatures on these reality shows think the public is so stupid that we don’t see through their lies? Brooks? Yo? We all knew Brooks was lying and we know Yo exaggerates everything and twists and turns every single ache and pain into something catastrophic. To her, her sickness identifies her now. And honestly, it’s DISGRACEFUL and INSULTING to those of us who a) are REALLY sick and b) taking care of those who are REALLY sick and c) have taken care of those who were REALLY sick. This is what pisses us off. Their phony BS.… Read more »

GIGICAT, You said it all for all of us—AGAIN. I am quite catholic, but did Jesus not over-throw the tables in the Temple when they were gambling on the Sabbath? In my opinion, He would not approve of her nonsense, would’ve reprimanded her & shown her a better way. Question is, would she have listened or made amends? I really feel “Not”.

NOT! He also destroyed the entire world with a flood except for him and his family and all the animals on the ark, he wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah and turned Lots wife into a pillar of stone for not listening to Him, etc. etc.. I highly doubt she would listen to Him.

I just saw the dinner party scene and it made no sense to me…just a bunch of yammering, so fast and loud from several ppl at once – not even sure what the heck the point was, why it caused a beef with Erika and her hubby, strange!

It seems like Tom is a nice man & doesn’t put up with BS. I would imagine that Erika doesn’t really tell Tom the real truth. We all know she lies to cover up for herself & Yo.

Remember the first episode where Taylor Armstrong is talking a bit of smack about Yolanda to Lipsa at the garden party at LVP’s? I think that may be part of it, but who knows…

Kathryn was a complete bitch at Erika’s dinner party. I can’t believe the women acted like that there, especially Kathryn.




Great episode! So much going on! Erika’s dinner party began with the phone call from Yolanda. Yolanda simply had to say she overdid her day with Brandi and Kim…then it would have been over, it would have been an almost dead topic. Now it will take on another life as a photo of Yolanda, Brandi, and Kim was posted the same day. Yolanda just seems to beg for attention…and pity…using that whiny sick voice Yolanda speaks in so much this season to call Erika…fingernails on a chalkboard! Then the party itself…Kathryn is as big a mess as Kim! Causing a… Read more »

I liked this episode, too…Simone….and agree with your assessment. I think Beverly Hills usually starts slow and builds to a big finish. We have been tippy toeing around Yolanda’s health and Lisa the Great Manipulator for several seasons now and I think we are going to finally finish them both at the reunion…. due for the most part to Lisa Rinna.

I’m excited for the reunion! Fun stuff, eh! Hope Yolanda is well enough to show up in something other than her bathrobe…sorry, that was catty. But I am anxious to hear everything everyone has to say about her drama in particular.

Whoa…all the lower case letter “eyes” are being deleted in our posts.
I am blaming Yolanda.

I I I EYE can’t belIeve thIs! No small letter I eye….not L . Looks strange.