Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval React To Gay Rumors

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval are dishing about this season of the show during a recent appearance on The Daily Dish podcast. The Toms spoke about the cast’s recent trip to New Orleans, gay rumors and crazy fans.

“I think that’s an accurate portrayal. I think it’s probably the hardest I’ve ever fallen apart in my life. It was cathartic and it was sloppy. It was a beautiful disaster,” Tom said of his drunken behavior at his bachelor party. Of the NOLA trip, Sandoval added, “It was super fun and amazing and also very like depressing.”

Schwartz added, “It was contentious at moments,” and Sandoval threw out the word, “emotional” as a description. Schwartz even said, “It was a disaster. I’m having flashbacks.”

The host asked if Tom Schwartz watches the episodes with his wife Katie Maloney. “I can’t. I can’t watch the episodes,” he admitted. Schwartz continued, “First of all, I love our show. I love watching it with Tom. I’ll indulge with Tom once in a while, but I just can’t do it. I can’t look at myself. It’s just so hard to watch yourself. I don’t know if it’s the same for everybody, but I just look at myself and I just hyper-criticize myself and I’m like ‘Oh my god. You’re a wreck.’”

The Toms have always had love for one another, so what about the gay rumors that started circulating after Sandoval did a photoshoot with Joe Simpson? “People say that about everyone. They say that about Ryan Seacrest, they say it about me, that say it about [Schwartz]. People like to speculate all kinds of different things,” Sandoval insisted.

As for Tom and Katie’s upcoming wedding that we will see at the end of this season, Schwartz said, “It’s a beautiful, beautiful disaster.” He even teared up when he described his wedding by saying, “Not everyone can say that they’ve had the best moment of their life documented. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I could cry right now.”

Sandoval added, “I’ve said it before, but I think this is one of the best – if not the best – seasons of our show.”

Schwartz continued, “I don’t say the word ‘epic’ anymore because I feel like it’s hackneyed or abused, but this wedding was epic.” And Sandoval finished things off by teasing the next episode, citing a recommendation from Lisa Vanderpump herself: “Lisa even said that next week’s episode is the best episode of the show’s history. I definitely agree with that in a lot of ways, but it gets even better after that.”

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9 Replies to “Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval React To Gay Rumors”

  1. With all of the butt touching, mooning, obsession with back sides, obsession with hair styling, modeling and even dressing in drag at the bachelor party, I would think that many would think these guys have gay tendencies. That is not to say that straight guys cannot be metrosexuals and just be more into their looks and clothing, etc. It just seems that these guys are more than just friendly with each other, and maybe they are repressing some homosexuality…JMO.

  2. Yes, I know!!! That Sandoval crying episode was too much too. I don’t know too many straight guys that are that emotional, not to say it does not happen. I would worry just a bit if I was Sandoval’s gf. Arianna looked a little uncomfortable there. I don’t think it was acting either, since, from what I saw of Sandoval, he cannot act at all! Maybe the Toms will end up together one day?
    Yes, Jax cried too…with Stassi. That was so strange. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or what? We know Jason’s past…and he definitely has set off any gaydar I may have, but the Toms are really into those butts. That steak scene still has me gagging. Sorry, but why?

  3. Maybe all the guys are gay and all the girls are lesbians. Didn’t Katie have a girl at her bachelorette party…a girl, not hot guys? Well, did Jax not say that he walked in on the girls….
    Yes, no sex before marriage…and they were not abstaining for religious reasons or anything…is not a good sign. Katie does have an ugly personality. She is a Debbie Downer to the Nth degree. I cannot stand that pissed off face she always has either, but then to read from Tom Schwartz how happy he is now, it makes me shake my head in disbelief. I don’t get it. I am not saying sex is the only thing in a relationship, but two young healthy individuals should not be so disinterested in each other physically at this stage of the game…red flags!
    Thank goodness Shay broke ties with Sheana. That girl is out for no one but herself. He deserves better.

    1. Didn’t Katie make some remark to Tom when she found out he was in counseling to find out why he didn’t want to ever have sex? He’s made comments about them not and everyone assumes the problem is Katie, but I’ve always wondered.

  4. I completely agree with all you say, but has anyone else noticed as soon as Katie has a few drinks Schwartz starts being a complete ass wipe to her? It’s almost like he uses her to get his aggressions out so he can blame his actions on her being tequila Katie. And didn’t she seem surprised when the group of girls brought up the Vegas girl and told her that’s why they fight so much. That was Kristin stirring that up and everybody gets all riled at Katie, especially Schwartz and she didn’t have a clue. She wasn’t even mad and he’s screaming obscenities and threatening to be done with Katie and she didn’t even know they were fighting.

  5. LOL Love ya Rain!
    Maybe neither of them is that into the other, but their personalities love to fight, and they met their true fightmate AKA soulessmate? They cannot get enough of each other to belittle, critique, complain about to others and then say it is true love. They have some sick connection or something…not the norm.
    Honestly, I can see Katie more comfortable in bed with a girl and Tom with a guy than I can see them together.

  6. yes I was confused why they chose a woman stripper for Katie. if they were worried Tom would be upset then why have a stripper at all. unless katie is bi, I would imagine it would be awkward for her. the lack of sex they r having is worrisome. if they r not having a lot of sex now then do they think it will get better? no kidding Tom has cheated. not that I agree with cheating but if u r not having sex and ur partner is always so mean, I can understand at least why it happened.

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