Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Reveal Why They Chose Lisa Vanderpump To Officiate Their Wedding

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz will marry on this season of Vanderpump Rules and they knew there was only one person they wanted to officiate their wedding… Lisa Vanderpump.

“It was kind of our idea, but it was my dream,” Tom recently joked to Martha Stewart Weddings about enlisting Lisa for the role. He also added that her role as surrogate mom to the crew also influenced their decision to include her in such a major way. “We don’t have our families in the city, at least most of us. She’s like our mother figure, she’s our mom in L.A.”

Katie noted that it was also Lisa’s longtime support of the pair that made her an obvious choice. “Lisa’s someone who’s been close to us and supportive in our relationship,” she said.

“And you know, she’s ordained, so why not?” Tom added.

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4 Replies to “Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Reveal Why They Chose Lisa Vanderpump To Officiate Their Wedding”

  1. Good morning Cin ❤️ I think you’re right lol I have to say I’m glad Lisa is a strong presence in these kids’ lives though, she has a definite maternal aspect that I find comforting and I’m certain the most of the cast feels that way too.

  2. Lisa probably also did not charge them for her role in their wedding, and did it as a present to them, along with more, I imagine. After all, Lisa is the reason they both have jobs and are on reality TV.
    I am not sure if Tom was that worried about the cost of the wedding as he said on the show, since Katie seemed to get whatever she wanted. I am thinking that the place where they had the wedding gave them breaks since they advertised it on TV for them too. Bravo had to chip in there too I imagine, since they filmed it.
    I guess Lisa is a mother figure to them too. She seems that way naturally. She knows how to give direction in a loving way and seems very understanding.
    I guess neither Katie or Tom is very religious either, or they would have done this differently, most likely.

  3. Hello lovely ladies ! ❤️❤️❤️
    I don’t believe for one minute that Bravo was going to film a tacky crappy wedding. I’m sure they were going to make sure that it’s elegant

    Loss looks great !!

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