Did Tom Schwartz Cheat On Katie Maloney While They Were Married?

This week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules was full of drama after Lala Kent revealed her friend Allie had made out with Tom Schwartz after he wed Katie Maloney-Schwartz in August 2016. To make matters worse,  Allie claims that Tom called her “Bubba” the night the alleged kiss happened, his infamous nickname for Katie.

But Kristen Doute doesn’t think this means anything. She took to Twitter to weigh in on the situation.

Kristen also stated that she believes Allie is “thirsty.”

In December, Katie shared the state of her marriage. “We’re doing amazing. Married life is pretty damn blissful, but it’s still work,” she said. “We still have things that we’re working on and old habits.”

Do you believe Schwartz cheated?

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10 Replies to “Did Tom Schwartz Cheat On Katie Maloney While They Were Married?”

  1. First of all I would NEVER listen to a word Kristen says. She is a mess and she cannot get out of her own way. She is the biggest liar of them all and talk about thirsty……… Kristen just keep your mouth shut.
    Second once a cheater always a cheater. I don’t care what a nice guy Schwartz is when he is away from Katie and drinks to oblivion he looks for a chick to make him feel better. I like Tom but really…. you think he is blissfully happy with Katie? Im betting my farm they are struggling as most new married couple do.
    Being in the spotlight they already have a scar on their marriage, Katie forcing Schwartz to get married…
    he was always hesitant but she kept pushing pushing pushing. She got her way but it was not happy happy all the way to the altar. I hate to say it but I don’t see their marriage lasting long they just have so much resentment for issues they tried to deal with prior to the wedding but I could tell Katie still had anger problems. She needed therapy for herself and should have been doing it waaaay before the wedding but she wanted the party and the ring and now that she has it (sort of) she is ALWAYS going to be leery of Tom.

    1. I agree with some of what you say, but not all. Making out before marriage isn’t cheating. Getting blitzed and kissing another woman while married is wrong, but not cheating. Lala hates Katie (for good reason), so I’m having a bit of a hard time believing this story but I really am tired of his drunken amnesia. When I was younger and drinking to party the only way I blacked out was from way over excessive drinking or mixing pills and booze, neither a recipe I recommend. Schwartzy (the cutie pie) has used the “I don’t remember” a bit too often. Also, it was obvious that he was drunk at the birthday party. Already walking a think line with Lisa and Ken concerning Tom Tom’s. Both Tom’s are behaving stupidly if they really want this venture with Lisa and company to be successful. Curious. I was a waiter most of my life. Where do these young guys come up with $50K each to invest and why would Lisa and Ken even entertain the thought that they could invest $120K. Even at a place like SUR, a server can’t spend the fortune it costs to drink like they do out in LA AND invest tens of thousands of dollars. But, good luck and more power to them.

    2. LOL…I hear you on Kristen, but I don’t want her going anywhere. Why? Because she is one of the best hot messes around…and that usually spells trouble, the fun kind to watch.

  2. Do they not see that drinking until you are blackout drunk is the problem? Kinda tired of watching – most of what we see is drinking to excess and fighting anymore. Maybe BRAVO can push this group to sober up and try new experiences for the viewers sake. They are not kids – they are old ass adults and it’s just sad to watch at this point :9(

    1. I am in complete agreement with you. Their behavior is worse than off the rail teens.
      As for Schwartz, yes, I believe he is guilty.

  3. One more thing what ever happened to “Minding your own business” Ariana made it sound as if it was HER DUTY to talk to Schwarz, WHY? I know this show is scripted but it is getting a little monotonous. Same old stories…. Guy cheats on girl,,,, girl gets made but stupidly takes him back “Because I LOVE HIM”. Bs stand on your own two feet and have some pride ladies.
    IF and I say IF Ariana felt like Schwarz should be aware of the gossip she should have left it for Tom Sandoval. Also Ariana Why did you do this at Lisa’s Party? I kind of thought you were one of the smarter kids in the group but my feeling is fading a LOT.
    Of course Tom Schwartz should be loyal to Katie but I don’t know about anyone else but living with her would make me drink ……… MORE!!!!! She is just such a bitch. Even when things are going ok she just cannot be happy she always has gloom and doom and watching her makes me feel bad for Schwartz. Black out drunk is not ok and these kids have to start growing up and stop using alcohol as an excuse. Stupid is as stupid does!!! I heard that from some movie I think LOL. With what we have seen I’d be leery of working with both Tom’s and Lisa and Ken don’t mess around. They have the money to save the place but if those two continue to try to make it all about them, it will fail. Great story line right?
    Lastly Brittany your self image is so BAD you need to get to a therapist and try to get help with your neediness with Jax. HE WILL NEVER STAY FAITHFUL TO YOU OR ANY OTHER WOMAN.
    His past history will dictate his future history. You look like a fool on the show (even if it is a storyline) Stand up for yourself girl. Move on and find a man who will treat you right.
    I see she is starting to gain weight again so she much be eating her feelings. Her family is somewhat responsible for her lack of insight into the real world. You cannot pray yourself out of a crappy relationship. I don’t know about your guys but when I had heard she was moving herself to LA after only knowing him a short time. With all the crap Jax was talking she should have high tailed it back to Kentucky…. Jay – Use that girlfriend term lightly, no she is not moving in with me. We are not really boyfriend and girlfriend. If those comments did not click in her head when she heard them, she needed help with her self esteem. It’s time to grow up girl, those that you call friends will turn on a dime. Save yourself and go back to Kentucky marry your cowboy and live happily ever after on the farm. All your going to get here is pain and heartache.

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