Tom Schwartz Admits This Season Of Vanderpump Rules Can Be “Dark” At Times

Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor are currently doing press for the show and in a new interview the foursome are teasing the new season and talking about all the drama we can expect this year.

“It was a disaster. It was a beautiful mess. That’s how I describe this season, a beautiful disaster,” Tom admits. “It’s a blur in retrospect, but a lot happens.”

Jax Taylor adds, “There’s some crazy stuff that happens.”

“You will see us at our absolute worst and best,” Tom continued, adding that the cast gets wild at their joint bachelor/bachelorette party in New Orleans this year.

“I don’t think we were sober for any of it,” Jax admits. “I still think we gotta redeem and have another bachelor party.” Tom whispers, “Don’t tell the girls.”

“I know it is a happy ending, that is what helps me stay strong during my weak times,” Tom tells The Daily Mail. But Schwartz also admits this season is “dark” and difficult to watch. “I just look at myself and I’m like that’s not me! Is that me? Sometimes it’s hard for me to look at myself and take responsibility for the things that I do.”

Switching to the topic of Scheana Shay’s divorce, the cast is sticking by their co-star. “It kind of took us all by surprise really,” Jax said. “It’s sad.”

“We’re looking out for her,” Tom added. “She has a good support system. And so does Mike so it will be OK.”

Katie and Stassi also spoke about their drama with Lala Kent.

“I feel like people hate us,” Stassi revealed. “I feel like people think we’re like the ultimate mean girls.”

“I think people are taking our loyalty, our sisterhood out of context,” Katie added. “It’s unfortunate, but we know that’s not the truth.”

“It’s honestly kind of annoying,” Stassi continues. “Because I think what made our show so great was the fact that we’ve been this really tight close group of friends for so long… years before we ever had a show… and it’s like the diary of how our friendship works in this group, and then we have two randoms around.”

“It’s a video diary of all the best moments of your life,” Stassi adds. “And a diary of all the bad times too,” Katie agrees. “But you gotta take the good with the bad.”

“The lead up to their wedding is intense,” Stassi teases. “And the boys are dramatic as F*CK!”

“I think the boys cry more than the girls,” Katie laughs. “It’s a fairy tale ending, but it’s not all sunshine and roses on the way there.”

Both girls say Scheana is doing “remarkably well” after her split from her husband Shay. “I’m really, really proud of her,” Stassi admits, but agrees that Scheana’s split from Mike was abrupt.

“I obviously think there’s a lot between them that we don’t know about,” says Katie, “but to us … we were definitely a little shocked.”

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30 Replies to “Tom Schwartz Admits This Season Of Vanderpump Rules Can Be “Dark” At Times”

  1. I love Tom Schwartz. He has endearing qualities. His wife, Katie, however, is self-centered and rude. She interrupts him constantly. She doesn’t listen to what he has to say. She’s so self-involved. She’s mean to him. She needs to grow up. His self-esteem seems to have declined. I love him. I hope he takes care of himself and gets out from under Katie’s dark side.

    1. I so totally agree with you Jody I so hope he survives her if I was his mother I would be so worried for him! Check I’m not and I’m still worried for him 🙁

  2. I’m having a bit of a hard time with their lack of ”smarts”…. Their responses to what’s happening is on the level of an elementary student. They sound foolish at times – but then I do too at times!!!!! I’m am really turned off by Katie this season. Her behavior is – again – on the level of an elementary student. Run Tom run!!!! opps… too late… I do hope their marriage works out for them.

    1. I agree. Their so called “sisterhood” is only loyal to whenever the camera starts rolling. They only seem to support each other out of fear to be iced out of their group mentality. It’s only a tv show and it’s entertaining, but when they try to justify their silliness outside of the show, you are right that they appear pretty dim witted.

  3. Can you take a minute and talk about what a royal bitch Arianna was to Sondoval at the restaurant ??? What horrible mean things to say. Yes I agree that he wanted to insert himself and that was not cool but the way she just EVISCERATED him was cruel and trashy, especially in front of LaLa…. I mildly disliked her before for being a sour puss but now I know she’s a total frigid cow!!’

    1. Yes… she certainly was a bitch!!! Tom also was a booger… making snide remarks about her drinks! I think they should think twice before buying a house together. lol – Tom Swartz – not sure if we should feel bad for him or is he acting this wimpish just for the show?

      1. Yes Tom was annoying but she really hit below the belt. _ and even when he apologies to her later, she doesn’t apologize for what she said to him. Smh!!

  4. Oh I forgot !! Poor Sandoval is a little dummy isn’t he? Cute but dumb 🙂 so he believes that LaLa got her Range Rover because Range Rover gives away free cars every year???? LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I’m speechless

    1. the show seems to be keeping a good secret regarding range rover…. not sure how much a lease is on that sort of car – but maybe she’s making payments. They are teasing us … so I don’t think it’s a ”gift”.

      1. LaLa actually exists the show in the next few episodes. Maybe too many secrets she didn’t want people digging into. Her excuse is that everybody is so mean !! Mmm ok , and you’re not??

    1. That is the first thing I noticed when I looked at that picture. Katie has the absolute worst sense of style. She needs a stylist or something. That dress looks like someone took parts of a Halloween costume and remnants to make a partial dress and then ran out of fabric for the bottom and was so quick sewing that hem, it looks like it buckled…or is that static cling? Is that some very shiny velveteen or a crinkled or wrinkled crushed silk/polyester fabric. The shine emphasizes her belly too unless that is just the fabric. Eek.
      Stassi looks more put together and not messy.

  5. I really hope this post posts.
    On June 12th, 2016, the dark day when 49 people were shot and killed at “Pulse”, a popular Gay bar in Orlando, Fla., and 53 more wounded, I pinned 5 canes ( meaning pinning a cane of a Rose into the ground to clone the original plant ) my favorite deep Red Rose. It is in fact the Rose I planted in memoriam of my Daughter, DeAnna, when she died at 27. When I am able to cut however many succeed in rooting, away from underground, it will be marked with a stake on which I will write “PRIDE 102.”
    I was so proud to see Lisa get on the bus, and put herself right in front, and say ” We will stand together for the rights of all humans” I knew there were many reasons I have always believed her to be a true believer in the rights of all things living, whether they be people or animals.
    I hope, and have emailed the A.R.S., ( American Rose Society, ) as I am sure many others have, to hybridize a Rose in memoriam of this day of terrorism. I hope they can find an appropriate name for this rose, as this was the most vicious attack by a bigot I have seen in my own lifetime.
    To anyone who lost a loved one, a friend, etc., or had a loved one wounded on this day, I am truly, deeply sorry. I am pleased to see it take an important spot on the show.

  6. Yes, Stassi, you are correct. We don’t like the mean girl behavior. It used to be you by yourself, but now Katie is the head b.i.t.c.h in charge. You all need to grow up cuz you’re not all that and don’t represent women well at all. Hypocrites too. Arrogant too.

  7. Also, who the hell does Sheana think she is criticizing Lala for the rumor anyway, about the married guy?
    And Lala, maybe if you quit mentioning things like you have no panties on, yuk, with a short dress, ( I am with Katie, burn the MF chair ) maybe others would quit calling you a whore. I know you do it to get attention, and shove it in their faces, so pick one honey. Either you want to be thought of as someone who has sex for money, or you do not. There is one road for one, and another for the other. Get it?

  8. Hey, Guys. For everyone I love here, and who worry about me, every day I am going to put a heart under one of you lovely ladies and see if it goes into moderation. When it stops, I will start posting again. Niki is trying to figure out what’s going on, but it is increasingly irritating to wait for my comments to post. This is kind of an immediate forum, and when she is busy, which is likely all day every day, she can’t just sit waiting to see if I have posted. So, while she gets it fixed, just the hearts. Love you guys. ❤️

    1. I am still researching this problem and troubleshooting. I have no idea what is causing one user to go into moderation 🙁

  9. Oh My God Katie…….. We have always known that your taste in clothing is really lacking, but that dress is hideous. I also commented on her wedding dress because it was NOT pretty at all. Katie has very weird taste when it comes to fashion but it’s not like she is pushing the fashion envelope she just has NO TASTE at all. Sorry Katie but what goes through your mind when you pick out a dress like this? You look like your going to inflate and fly away.
    How about a stylist? I know you think you have great ideas but No sorry.

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