Tom Schwartz Admits He Was Mad at Jax Taylor For Being Tough On His Triplet Brothers

It’s no secret Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is known to tell a lie or two, he even admitted he was a pathological liar to Andy Cohen during one of the show’s reunion. But his bestie Tom Sandoval admitted through tears, “I know he’s a liar, but I’m still his friend.”

So when hosts hosts Rachael and Megan of the Daily Dish podcast sat down with newlyweds Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz and found out that once again Mr. Taylor was stretching the truth about Tom’s triplet brothers, we can’t say we were surprised.

Do the triplets all share the same cell phone? Turns out, no. “They all have their own cell phones. They’re not dinosaurs,” Schwartz clarified. Do they all share a room like Jax said? No, again. “No!” Schwartz exclaimed, “I was mad at him for that because they’re such great kids. They need a little tough love, but Jax was really hard on them.” But overall Tom admits that Jax did right by the triplets, even if he made it seem like they were the real life version of Step Brothers. “He did a great thing for them, and I really appreciate it.”

Are Bert, Billy, and Brandon aware of their new-found fame? Nope! While they do know that made a bit of a wave, Tom explains, “They’re not technophobes, but for some reason, they’re old school when it comes to social media,” and binge-watching #PumpRules isn’t exactly their jam. So don’t worry, stardom hasn’t gone to the triplets’ heads. They’re still three nice boys from Florida.

Photo Credit: Bravo