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Vanderpump Rules has finally returned to our TV screens and with just one episode in, we can tell that it is going to be one hell of a season. Whether you love him or hate him he is always in the center of the show- can’t guess which guy? Tom Sandoval that is. He’s had his ups and downs on the show, from cheating allegations, to fighting with ex-friends and strained friendships but regardless of it all he is still putting on a brave front! Tom recently chatted with RealityTea about this new upcoming season, the release of his newest single, and relationships with the cast members.

Reality Tea: I just got done watching the sneak peek of your video, T.I.P. (Touch In Public). Love it! What’s happening with it – and with your band, Charles McMansion?

Tom Sandoval: “It’s me and Isaac Kappy – we’re like a duo. It’s a modern day Blues Brothers vibe. That song in particular is like Rick James, kinda old school Michael Jackson, a little daft punk, Pharrell. But our overall bucket would be like, that, sort of meets Foster the People and a funk-indie-pop sort of thing.”

RT: Do you have plans for an album?

TS: “We were going to wait initially because they show some of this on the show [VPR], but the thing is we wanna have another video – and songs – out by the end of the season. By the time the season’s over, we want to be touring.”

RT: If you had to choose just one: Modeling, Reality TV, or Music – which would you pick?

TS: “That’s a really tough call. I mean if we’re talking about making hundreds of millions of dollars doing one thing, I would say maybe music. I don’t know. The thing about music is that you have control over it. The thing about acting is that you don’t. I mean, definitely not modeling! Because that sort of comes with the territory. People who become famous end up doing spreads in GQ. I was in the modeling industry pretty heavily for 15 years. It started off slow, then these big campaigns started. Now you see Jennifer Lopez doing Louis Vuitton.”

RT: Are you working at SUR this week? How often do you work there now?

TS:“Well, after we get done filming the show, we all kind of take a little break from SUR. Now we’re starting to get back in there. I’ve been pretty busy this week trying to get ready for this music video. But I’ll probably be back in SUR next week.”

RT: And you’ll be on WWHL Monday night?

TS: “Yeah. And they’re gonna show a snippet of the video on Entertainment Tonight.”

RT: How are you feeling about heading into the new season of Vanderpump Rules? How will this season be different than past seasons?

TS: “I actually feel really good about it! I feel like it’s sort of been revamped a little bit. I feel like you’re gonna see a little bit different of a season than previous ones. This is our fourth season, so obviously we’ve evolved as people. Different things become priorities.”

“We have new people that are on the show, and they actually work better than previous times when they [producers] have tried to do that. This is the problem with a lot of reality shows out there that are failing after one season. It’s because they try to ‘cast’ the show with people who don’t know each other. And the conflict is just not real.”

“And as I’m watching the show, I’m getting a kick out of James [Kennedy]. He’s pretty funny. I feel like I’m constantly trying to help keep him in line – he’s kind of like a puppy. He and Jax [Taylor] are so much alike. It’s funny because he and Jax butt heads a lot too.”

RT: Do you feel like you guys are growing up together on the show?

TS: “Yeah, definitely. I think that is the case. When you know people for such a long time, the issues become so much bigger. And that is definitely one thing you’re gonna see this season. Obviously, at some point me and Jax will definitely butt heads, because that’s just what happens.”

“In bringing in new people this season too: A) they’re really working at SUR and B) they didn’t make the mistake of trying to come into our group of friends and put on some sort of ‘character’ or front, which we’ve had in the past. Like Vail [Bloom] was kind of like that. And it’s like, this is our real life! So, we don’t really give a sh*t what you’re trying to do, and you can’t really be in our crew if you’re trying to do that.”

RT: Can you tell us anything about the new faces this season on VPR?

TS:“Lala [Kent] is new at SUR and Jesse [Montana] works at PUMP and at SUR. You’re also gonna see Jesse and Faith on this next episode coming up.”

RT: Are you ever shocked by the way you’re edited? Or are we seeing the real Tom?

TS: “Sometimes it’s frustrating that some things don’t make it in, but we have no control over that. But, yeah, I feel like yes – you see the real Tom on the show. You see the real everybody. That’s one thing I really like. The show isn’t trying to make anyone out to be someone they’re not.”

“Especially as you’ve seen us over seasons, and even on vacations we’ve taken. It’s like, we’ll shoot 14 hours a day for three days of day-drinking and night-drinking, and yeah. (laughs) That’s who we are. And now that you’ve gotten enough time to get to know everyone on the show over the seasons, you do get an accurate picture.”

“I mean, I had some issues with last season. The way it was edited had me come across more guilty than I actually was, which made me frustrated. I had issues with the producers on that. But, for the most part, you know who we are as people, and if someone is coming across as really crazy or super b*tchy, that’s just what it is. I mean, if we’re saying full sentences, you can’t really edit that out.”

RT: What does your family think of the show?

TS: “They’re definitely happy. It’s a little uncomfortable if my grandma watches the show! But for the most part, they love it. They’re very happy for me, as long as I’m not saying stupid things or whatever. For the most part, I hold myself up as a respectable and decent human being. I haven’t dishonored my family or anything like that.” (laughs)

“There are some other cast members who, if I were them, I would be really embarrassed. I’m sure they probably say ‘they [producers] wanted me to do that!’ and I’m like, they do not. They [producers] specifically do not do that on our show. In fact, they don’t do that to the point that they get really pissed when they miss something. They don’t instigate sh*t like that. All they encourage us to do is, if we have a feeling about something, don’t be a pu$$y about it. Just speak your mind.”

RT: How have things changed at SUR – and on the show – since Kristen was fired?

TS:“There’s definitely a lot of drama there, but the good thing about it is I feel like me and Ariana have definitely been able to steer clear of Kristen a lot better. But there will always be issues with Kristen. As much as we try to avoid it, it’s just impossible. So, yeah.” (laughs)

“I mean, even though she’s been fired from SUR, and she’s been banned from SUR – and PUMP at times – she still always finds a way to come around. It’s just something we have to deal with, and it sucks. I guess it’s good for viewers, but it sucks for us!”

RT: Ariana seemed to handle things so well last year with all of the Kristen drama. HOW?

TS: “Yeah, there were times last season when I was like ‘I am soooo sorry my ex girlfriend is so crazy.’ Like, I felt horrible, and still do at times.”

“Kristen has a way, too, of infiltrating anyone I’m friends with. She has a way of going so unbelievably far out of her way to be friends with that person. She went back to to St. Louis [Tom’s hometown] and hit up my best friend, Ali, relentlessly until the point where he pretty much felt forced to hang out with her. He just literally ran out of excuses and could not get away from her. And he’s like my brother – I’ve known him since I was a kid! We are really, really tight. And Kristen just hits him up relentlessly. I’m like: Dude!”

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5 Replies to “Tom Sandoval Talks Vanderpump Season 4”

  1. What’s with the ‘dude’ all the time…several of these cast members (Tom, James, even Ariana, prob more) have actually said that in convos with their boss, Lisa — as in, “Dude, I was blah blah blah…” and she’s like, “Dude?” or “Don’t ‘dude’ me!” She cracks me up. I mean it’s not like they are surfers, and they do need to know how to speak with class to the people eating in the restaurants! Compared to the rest of them, Tom S. seems like a nice guy, but something about him creeps me out.

  2. I agree Mousie….. these are not really kids any longer but they act like it. All of them are over 30 and they need to start growing up and learning how to speak to people with respect. Im just not sure that any of them know what that is. I think Vail was the only one who actually went to college? there may be more but Im not for sure about that. I really like this show but the first episode was not really great. Back to another party of Scheana’s (getting way old)
    Kristen comes in causes stress and James gets drunk. I don’t blame the guys who have cheated on Kristen because having a relationship with her creates so much drama that to feel normal they need to find another woman to have sex with. If these people are going to be successful they need to learn how to talk to companies, music producers, modeling agents, etc, because the way they act is just like a group of high school kids. Time to grow up kids

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