Tom Sandoval Talks Vanderpump Rules Season 6

Tom Sandoval is opening up about the new season of Vanderpump Rules in a new interview. Sandoval spoke to LA Confidential and teased how dramatic the new season is.

“Well, it’s funny you say that because I thought going into Season 6 that, ‘Oh, this’ll be more of a chill season,’ but this is probably going to be one of the more scandalous ones, if not the most scandalous season yet. Definitely some mudslinging for sure.”

Tom was also asked about the trailer that shows relationship problems between him and his girlfriend Ariana Madix. “The first time we looked at it was when we took our first trip together. We went to Napa Valley and it was an amazing trip. We had such a good time, and we just got so much closer after that trip. So we looked at that moment as the first one where we really were like, ‘Yes, we want this to be a thing. We want to be together. We don’t want to be with anyone else.’ It was a casual thing. Neither one of us put pressure on the other person which is always good to me.”

He continued, “But I agree with you and I think, even with marriage, the labels will add a lot of pressure because you start using phrases such as ‘until death do us part,’ or ‘forever,’ “until the end of time,” “as long as I live,” and it’s a grim way of looking at a relationship versus just taking it as a day at a time. And then, even with a relationship status, if you really don’t want to be with somebody and you know they don’t want to be with anybody else, you don’t necessarily have to start calling it a relationship until a good amount of time goes by.” What?

Sandoval also revealed the progress of the bar, TomTom. “It’s looking good. It’s one of those things you’re definitely going to see unfold in the upcoming season and it’ll dive right into that, pick up where we left off as far as last season goes. We’re still working on it. It’s not all one hundred percent set in stone, but I feel very fortunate that Ken and Lisa are in this because I would be extremely, without them, I would just be very overwhelmed.”

What are your thoughts about this season of Pump Rules?

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5 Replies to “Tom Sandoval Talks Vanderpump Rules Season 6”

    1. Always the first thing I think when I see them acting like high schoolers. They are pretty much middle aged adults now…they need to grow up already.

  1. These friendships are more real than any of the housewives. They’ve actually known and at times have lived with each other before the show was a thing. Do they all hang out all the time off season – doubtful. I sometimes question if they even work at Sur but other than podcasts and paid appearances at night clubs, they have nothing stopping them from working at Sur.

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