Tom Sandoval Talks Relationship With Jax Taylor


The dynamic duo Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval have gone through a lot during the past three seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Lying, back-stabbing, even physical altercations. Now that the show has finished up its third season, where does their friendship currently stand?

Well first, lets re-cap what we saw last season. Jax made claims towards Tom that he cheated on his girlfriend and fellow SUR employee Ariana Madix during a guys trip in Miami. The supposed “other woman” Annemarie Kunkel showed up to the restaurant, and Tom denied sleeping with her when she confronted him at the bar.

Since the accusations from his so-called best friend came out, he says that his relationship with Taylor is strained. Sandoval tells Radar Online, “Jax has done things like this a number of times. It’s not one of those things you get used to. It’s not like we will ever be best, best friends. Or anything like that.” He also says, “At any point, I know Jax would say something to get himself out of trouble. What is more annoying is that there are people in this world that take what he says seriously.”

Even though the cheating scandal surfaced for the whole world to see, Tom and Ariana are still going strong. “Every single time that someone attempts to perpetuate a story about Tom, their story changes, without fail.” She wrote in a Bravo Blog entry.

Madix also believes that Jax and Sandoval’s ex girlfriend Kristen Doute had their motives for making up this rumor. Doute, who kept in contact with the woman Tom supposedly cheated with. as well as Jax, she believes the affair took heat off of him for his own mistakes.

Bravo has yet to confirm a fourth season of Vanderpump Rules, but Sandoval claims he will likely return if it comes back. He still works at SUR.

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10 Replies to “Tom Sandoval Talks Relationship With Jax Taylor”

  1. Why are we seeing all of these “Vanderdump” stories now. I enjoy Lisa V. but sorry these idiots are not the least bit entertaining or interesting.

    1. Rude. If you don’t want the stories don’t click into them, simple.

      VPR news has been added to the site. I think it’s a great addition.

  2. Hi, Well With What Tom # 1 And Mr. Jax Taylor Have Been Through Since What Happened In Last Episode Of Season 2 Of VanderpumpRules, And What Took Place In Season # 3, I’m Sure That Tom # 1 Will Forgive Jax And Will Both Be In A Good Place Together, They’ve Been Best Friends For A Long Time Now, And I’m Sure Way Before Season # 4 Starts, They’ll Both Be Traveling All Over The World Together As They Have In Past Years, And Will Be Best Friends Again!! Even Though Myself I’ve Actually Disowned People In My Lifetime, Of Course My Situation Is Totally Different, My Situation Is That I Don’t Have To Work With The People I Don’t Speak To Anymore!!! I Do Hope That Tom # 1 And Jax Do Work Out Their Differences, And I’m Very Sure That They Will. Best Wishes, Lenny S.

  3. WOW! this is well written. Spoken with so much passion and detail, can’t wait to read the next posts from you. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Well Thank You So Much Jahcelyne, I’ve Always Been Told I’ve Been A Very Great Writer, Pretty Much All My Life, And Have Wrote Many Family Story Novels Also, Thanks Again For The Compliment!!! Thanks Lenny S.

  4. If, and that’s a BIG if, anyone actually ever grows up in Never Never Land- SUR/LA- Tom and Jax will have to devolve from “Ride or Die” friends to acquaintances. Jax is a narcissist to the tenth power and a pathological liar to boot. He’s loysl to no one but himself. If Tom want any type of normalcy and a chance at a decent relationship that’s his only hope. And if Ariana thinks she will have a decent relationship with Tom, unless this happens, she’s fooling herself.

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