Tom Sandoval Gets Real About Jax Taylor’s Drug Use

Tom Sandoval is opening up about his co-stars in a new interview on the Pump Rules podcast and he isn’t holding anything back!

First, Tom talks about one subject that everyone always questions… Jax’s drug use. When speaking about the roast for Jax’s birthday, Sandoval revealed how he chose his material. “I tried to stay away from the ‘how many girls’ because I knew everybody was gonna go that route, but I knew people weren’t going to talk about drugs, so I knew I was definitely going to talk about drugs.”

One thing that we didn’t get to see, was one of Tom’s jokes that was directed at Brittany Cartwright’s mom. “Sherri, I heard the other day you asked Jax if he found a church out here. Dude can’t even find the f–king bag of coke he bought five minutes ago.”

“That septum is deviated alright with baby laxative residue, partially told lies, and fragments of one hundred dollar bills.” Tom also added, “He kicked in the door and said ‘I can’t find my teeth’ and how it’s ‘always allergy season’.” He overheard Sherri say, “Oh yeah, he’s always sneezing.” Tom added, “Oh yeah, mid-December is bad allergy season.”

Tom also shared his thoughts on his BFF’s wife, Katie Maloney. Also known as Tequila Katie. “Here’s the thing: if Katie is at home watching movies with [Tom] Schwartz, I don’t get mean texts. People don’t get mean texts. It’s after she’s been out.” Tom continued, “I’ve gotten texts before that said me and Ariana [Madix] are the source of all her and Schwartz’s fights. What a ridiculous thing to say to somebody. And that’s not coming from somebody that’s f–king sober, I’m sorry to say.”

Thanks to RealityTea for their awesome transcribing.

Photo Credit: Bravo