Tom Sandoval Feels Betrayed By Scheana, Says She Lied About Ariana


Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval is clearing up a few things about this season and his feelings towards some of his so-called friends in a brand new interview with RealityTea.

Tom is perplexed why is friends thought it was okay to invite his ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute on his birthday trip to Hawaii. “Nobody had really been talking to her [until then] because if you remember the reunion, Kristen was accusing Katie of cheating on Schwartz multiple times and him cheating on Katie – basically trying to knock their integrity down. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this year it’s the ‘Apology Tour,’ while last year it was the ‘Everyone’s Just As Bad As Me Tour,'” he told the site. “It’s interesting because I know who I’ve been to my friends. I’ve treated my friends very well. It’s so weird how everyone’s gotten on this fixation, or bandwagon, of just hating on us.”

So how did Kristen find her way back into the group? “Well, it started off initially in the summer with Katie kind of getting on our case because she was talking to Kristen again,” he explained. “We were all surprised, like ‘Okay… a week ago you were sending me screenshots of Kristen’s ludicrous tweets and laughing at them, but now you guys are friends?’ We’re just like, alright: if you go to lunch with Kristen, we’ll have lunch with you another day. But if there’s a big gathering for something important and you want to invite Kristen, yeah we’ll be there. But we’re not going to grab mimosas with you and Kristen. (laughs) Which is so obvious! It seems like such an obvious thing. But Katie started throwing a stink about it. Weird. That’s what Ariana meant by ‘You do you, we’ll do us.’ No big deal. You can be friends with whoever you want to be friends with, but we don’t have to be friends with them just because you want us to.”

He continued, “As the trip got closer, I think it had a lot to do with Jax not having the balls to tell Kristen that she wasn’t going to go. Over at my house after the comedy show, it became a thing where Katie was like, ‘I think Kristen should go. It’s Jax’s birthday too!’ And I’m like, well it’s my birthday and I don’t want her to be there. That’s really weird. It makes NO sense for her to be there. And she just kept attacking us about it. I was like, the way you’re acting right now, I have to question your judgment. Which meant I had to question her manners. It’s so out of line to question why someone doesn’t want to bring their ex on a birthday trip! It was this whole thing of trying to push my buttons. Her saying, ‘Why don’t you just get over it? Why are you hanging on to it?’ And I’m like, I’m not hanging on to it. I just don’t want my ex-grilfriend on a birthday trip. (laughs) Then she’s like, ‘Look at you, you’re getting upset! Just let it go! Okay Stassi.’”

“Then Scheana, of course, just starts lying about what Ariana says,” Tom revealed. “Ariana never gave anyone an ultimatum, and that’s why you never see it on the show. But Scheana runs around and tells everybody that Ariana said ‘It’s either Kristen or me!’”

Tom admits he thinks Scheana is a sh*t stirrer. “Yeah. You can kinda tell when she’s bullsh*tting too. Her eyes get really big and she blinks a lot. It’s kind of a dead giveaway. I mean, I’ve dealt with it before.”

So what are Scheana’s motives? “That’s the thing – I don’t understand what happened. I don’t know if it’s because me and Ariana had been busy doing our own thing. Or maybe it’s because we don’t day drink. I mean, I don’t go get margaritas during the day. And Scheana does that sometimes and, you know, I don’t know. I was just sitting there watching the show [these past weeks] and I’m like ‘Where the f*ck is this coming from?’ Ariana would never give an ultimatum. Neither one of us would.”

Tom also explained what Ariana’s reaction has been watching what Scheana has said about her on the show this season.

“Obviously it’s annoying. We just shake our heads like, wow. It’s funny because you can see Ariana is being super chill in [last week’s] episode when she and Scheana are having the conversation at the bar about Jax’s birthday lunch. Scheana was saying ‘You can either spazz out about who’s coming to Jax’s lunch, or you can be cool. But you can’t be both.’ The funny thing is that Ariana is being really cool about it – she doesn’t care. Of course we’re going to show up. (laughs) And then Scheana acts like Ariana is being a certain way, and tells Katie that Ariana is questioning if they’re real friends. That was not what she said. It’s just one thing after another. I can’t even count how many times Scheana just puts her hand up and says, ‘I can’t even talk to you about this anymore!’ and just walks away. It’s an ongoing thing throughout the season.”

“We don’t have this ‘thing’ about Kristen. We don’t care. We just don’t want to be around her, for obvious reasons. She spent about a year trying to ruin our relationship, our lives. Plus, she’s an ex-girlfriend. It’s weird.”

“Then when Scheana tells Ariana that her mom was worried about her, and questioning whether I was a good boyfriend? Yeah, that’s another lie. (laughs) Ariana’s mom obviously worries about her daughter sometimes. But it wasn’t anything to do with me or our relationship. But Scheana just kind of let loose about me!”

Sandoval admits he feels completely betrayed by Scheana. “My biggest thing with Scheana is that I’ve bent over backwards for her as a friend. I’ve gone above and beyond this season behind the scenes with things that I can’t really talk about, and it was just really heartbreaking to see her on this constant attack. For reasons that I still can’t understand. We just had a big target painted on our backs. And I don’t know if we’ll ever know why.”

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She should be focusing on her own relationship. Seems she should maybe be framing another picture from her wedding to hang on her wall for everyone to see or something along those lines.

It s ironic that Scheana is saying that Tom is all about himself because to me that’s Scheana. Always have to make something about her or insert herself in the drama .

Agreed! I was so annoyed with Scheana during Schwartz’s proposal to Katie. They were fortunate to have this special moment caught on film and unfortunately, all you can hear in the background is Scheana screaming like a banshee. Really Scheana, could you tone it down so we can actually hear what Schwartz is saying?!?!? She has to turn every conversation or situation into the Scheana show, she’s incredibly annoying!

Scheana needs a good ass-kicking. And what’s up with that little boy she married? Can’t call him a man. he’s clearly TERRIFIED of her.

Have you ever noticed how she never blinks? It really baffles me! She’s trying so hard to open her eyes really wide and not blink. Not a good look. And yes someone needs to open a can of whoop ass on her

Kind of like Ramonas crazy look.


He does he looks just like a naughty little boy caught out by his teacher!!

Not only has she changed, but her looks have changed. They think this constant botox and filler keeps them staying young! In 4 little years she has aged 10, at least. Taking a screen shot from her first season, she was pretty. Tom isn’t what I consider a great guy, but Ariana sure put up with a lot of crap from Kristen. It kind of reminds me of the Yolanda story. She has found some deep inner meaning from her illness, and all of her friends are supposed to catch up. Kristen didn’t just do a couple of things that… Read more »
That’s great analysis 3D! It’s amusing to me to see how they decide is now their ‘best friend’ lol, it seems like every season there’s a new alliance. Yes JAX is atrocious, but James is just disgusting ! I do think LaLa is bringing the drama in her own trashy easy. But as I said before, I LOVE me some Kristen crazy, the girl is unhinged . I think I have to go to therapy and see why I’m drawn to Kristen and Shannon Bedour. Ariana is a bit whiny this season , maybe because she’s the only one growing… Read more »

I believe Sheana is on speed. I really do. Her attitude is like a person on speed. I have never cared for her but she did used to be pretty. Now she is just freaky looking. The entire thing is odd and she shouldn’t have spoken to Ariana’s Mom! And, after she was told she didn’t even apologize. What a little brat.

Yes that was very odd!! Did she really think Ariana’s mother wasn’t going to tell Ariana about this texting??

Absolutely right on every count, 3D’S.

James makes me gag too, Rain. And, since I haven’t been able to log on all day from the servers being busy at allthings, I was dying to say that both Tom’s are being wuss’s. As far as Jaxx and their girls. Why would Tom Sandoval ever remain friends with someone who banged his longtime GF. Gag. And the other Tom has a childhood crush on big douche whore Jaxx, allowing him to say “loser goes home with Katie” without shouting out for his lady! Gag. They stay “friends” with Jaxx because he makes the cheating they both do look… Read more »

Why is she having shay have shots on the beach???

My question exactly!

Exactly .. For her to encourage her husband to do shots is out of this world crazy
.. Once an addict always an addict for any drug or drink of choice and I think it is so disgusting she says oh well maybe take one shot instead of 3. What a train wreck. If she really loved him she would not even be drinking around him. I don’t attend to insult anyone but this is the perfect example of young and dumb.

That’s why it’s delusional to think that you can do ‘home rehab’ . He needs proper help but she’s not willing to give up partying , to support him

Scheana is coming on like a real B this season. What a let down & betrayal for her closest friend, Ariana. That’s not a true blue friend at all, downright dis-loyal. She has altered her looks to the point of ugliness now, as she was quite attractive before. As for Jax, no good to the core. James crawls my blood. Lala is loose & street girl material, I feel sorry for Jax’s girl, she’s too good for him & will soon learn that the hard way unfortunately.
UGGG— where to begin—scheana is a friend to NO ONE, not even her drug/alcohol addicted husband, sheana is all about scheana. She has been a terrible friend to Ariana, Ariana has put up with a lot of crap (sheana’s wedding), etc, for her friend, and what does sheana do, back stab’s her and cozies up to Katy (probably thinking she’ll be in that wedding and get more camera time).. Scheana needs to grow up, get over herself, and quit with the filler’s and botox—-little girl is nothing more than a twat who calculates every relationship according to how she will… Read more »

What kind of (adults) are these people, who goes around saying- you are my new best friend? Jeeezzz, they are married and still hanging around with their single friends—-time to grow up people… They embarrass all 30 year olds with their ignorance…..valley girl is sooo annoying (nasal 90’s valley girl voice), no wonder shay does drugs and drinks into oblivion…………

Love Tom & Ariana. Schena is completely jealous because they have a good relationship. I think it’s the best one on the show. Schena thinks the world revolves around her. Love Tom Sandavol also, & I use to like Katie, but she is being manipulated, just like with Stacey.

Katie should be happy with Tom. They should be having a great time in Hawaii. But clearly, Schena is influencing Katie & it looks like it’s causing problems for Katie with Tom & other friendships. Don’t be under anyone’s thumb Katie! It seems like Schena is trying to drive a wedge into everyone who doesn’t put her the center of their world. Tom & Tom have been friends for a long time. You should focus on the fact that both Toms are good guys & be happy. You should stop listening to any negativity, especially Schena.

I love Vanderpump Rules. It is my favorite show. I especially love LVP of course, & Tom & Ariana & Tom (use to like Katie, but not sure now).

Tom & Ariana should definately fell betrayed. Schena is only out for herself.

I don’t see why Katie is so obsessed with Tom and Ariana not wanting to be friends with Kristen when she won’t speak to Stassi anymore. If it’s ok for her to not socialise with Stassi for doing a lot less than what Kristen did then she should just shut up. As for Scheana, she needs to stop meddling in other people’s relationships and concentrate on her own. I feel so sorry for Shay being married to a self centred egotistical moron who only thinks about herself. She’s such a know it all and biggest gossip out of all of… Read more »

Yes that was very odd!! Did she really think Ariana’s mother wasn’t going to tell Ariana about this texting??

I know! Unreal.

Ive wanted to put my two cents in on the particular show because I really like it (or liked it not sure yet) I have said it from day 1 Kristen is a very sick young lady and scripted or not she has Never once proven to be a sane individual ever. She continues to make decisions that end up making herself look like she is a psychopath then blames everyone else for her bad behavior. Kristen needs to go she is not even interesting any longer. Scheana is not a good person or friend at all. Again if this… Read more »


I loved it when Jaxx called himself the “alpha DOG” That pretty much says it all. Once during the time everyone found out Jaxx and Kristen banged, Peter made a comment, “Kristen has slept in my bed before, but nothing’s happened, that’s what separates me from the animals.” Big difference where animals come out looking better is that they do not take action for any reason but to survive, care for their young and protect the pack. Nothing is for evil reasons. Here is Jaxx almost 40 and, like a few men I have been acquainted with, still partying and… Read more »

I’ve never been an Ariana fan. She’s too supercilious for me. But I have to side with her & Tom on this. They need to dig up an old gf of Tom’s and Shay’s and befriend them and invite them on a group outing and see how Katie and Sheana like that. And Has is a nitwit to let James come along. Grow some balls and leave string bean at home! And production, please no more James in skivies….gave me heeby jeebies!

This situation is not so difficult to understand. Any decent therapist would say that until Shay’s addiction issues came to light, he and Sheana enjoyed their reputation as the famously happy couple, first to marry, the goal for all other relationships. When Shay’s issues became known, Sheana lost her standing as the perfect happy bride. She resents Tom and Ariana’s happiness and their reputation as a happy couple so she undermines that reputation with her gossip and lies. She is resentful and jealous. To me, Sheana represents everything that is wrong with the American myth of marriage. She was obsessed… Read more »

Well said! ITA

Good points for sure. I also thought when she said if they had twin boy and girl that would be perfect. Just like a delusional person, again, what looks perfect will be. I believe she is on Adderol. Prescription speed. I really do, she has a lot of characteristics of a speed freak.

Jax, not had….stupid spellcheck!

I disabled my autocorrect. It thought it was smarter than me. Yes, James = Gag. Lala and Jaxx also. And I hate to say Max is getting to be too much like James.