Are Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Still Friends with Scheana Shay?


The trip to Hawaii didn’t start off soothly for Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Scheana Shay. Tom and Ariana used the time as an opportunity to confront Scheana about why she was texting Ariana’s mother about Madix’s happiness and her relationship with Tom.

“We knew we were gonna have to talk to her. We wanted to get it out of the way because we didn’t want to have this whole trip in Hawaii be bogged down by like, ‘Oh, we have to talk to Scheana,'” Ariana told The Daily Dish. “I was really under the impression that we would be able to sit down and have a conversation about it. And she was sassy, like super sass mode, immediately.”

Ariana told the Dish that Scheana’s text exchange with her mom really started in November 2014, months before the trip to Hawaii. Ariana was worried about being able to go home during the holidays since she’d have to take off from work, which caused her mom to text Scheana asking if everything was OK since her daughter seemed to be stressed about her finances. According to Tom and Ariana, Scheana must have interpreted the question more generally and responded with those harsh words for Tom, which were motivated by a recent argument the two had over shifts at SUR. Since Ariana’s mom had only met Tom once or twice before, she took Scheana’s characterization of her daughter’s boyfriend to be accurate, which upset the couple.

“To me, that just sounds completely ridiculous, you know?” Tom said. “I get into a political argument with [Tom] Schwartz and then I go text Katie [Maloney]’s mom that he’s a manipulative, selfish, cocky ***hole? Like, there’s just no justification for that.”

“I went above and beyond because they’re my friends, my really good friends, and when I see them in a bad place or whatever, like, I want to help out, and I want to do anything that I can,” Tom continued. “So when this sort of came about, I even more so felt very betrayed.”

“When my mom saw the last couple of episodes, she was pissed,” Ariana said. “I mean, I don’t want to put my mom on blast, but she was honestly like, ‘I don’t want to ever talk to Scheana ever again.’ I was like, ‘Oh, you might feel differently over time, but I understand feeling that way right now because she did kind of use you as a ploy.'”

“I didn’t want it to be an argument so much as I wanted it to be Scheana this really hurts my feelings. It hurt Tom’s feelings. This is the man I’m with. I respect Shay, and you need to respect Tom,” Ariana explained. “Even if you guys have your own thing with your own friendship, the bottom line is if you consider me to be a close friend of yours, you’ve got to understand that you need to respect the person that I’m with.”

“I would never do that to anybody, never, ever, ever do that to anybody. But if somehow I did something close to that? I would feel absolutely horrible, and I would be really embarrassed,” Tom said. “I think part of her reaction to it was her ego coming down and being like, ‘I can’t take responsibility for this because it’s really embarrassing.'”

So where do Tom and Ariana’s relationship with Scheana stand today?

“I’m not a grudge-bearing, bitter, spiteful person, but that’s what she calls me. The thing is calling me that doesn’t hurt my feelings because there’s no truth in it. I more so feel bad for her that she said it because I know it makes her look bad. It makes her look mean. It makes her look spiteful, vengeful, whatever,” Ariana said. “Meanwhile, I just wasn’t spending as much time with her. And if you asked any one of my friends that I actually was spending more time with, none of them would have ever said that about me. It’s just her.”

Whose side are you on? Comment below.

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14 Replies to “Are Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Still Friends with Scheana Shay?”

  1. I’ll say this, Ariana shouldn’t be friends with Scheana. Scheana has repeatedly shown her true colors. Ariana should back away as fast as possible. The only person Scheana cares about is Scheana.

  2. #1 – the Mom should never have texted Schenna….. #2 – Schenna needs some common sense which is lacking…. #3 – if Schenna’s husband has a problem with substance abuse then Schenna’s behavior is horrible and stupid and her remarks are jaw dropping .. have to wonder. I don’t know if it’s Bravo’s editing or what – but Schenna comes off as a nincompoop big time.

    1. also… Schenna should never ever have texted the stuff she did…. again she is a total nincompoop…… wonder if she ”gets it” yet about texting Ariana’s Mom. That is not a friend.

  3. I think Scheana described Ariana perfectly. She is a bitter grudge holder. Based on her diary reading she is an awful performer as well. Just completely devoid of talent. So Tom & Ariana lied and it was Ariana’s mother who reached out first after all. If Ariana is having financial problems, maybe she needs to stop going on vacations every 5 minutes, stop throwing herself lavish parties, stop shopping in the Girl’s department and pick up extra shifts at Sur because I am pretty sure no acting jobs will be coming her way!!

    Also, Tom cheated on Kristen several times when they were together & some of that cheating was done with the sanctimonious Ariana, who acts like she’s an angel, but is anything but. I find Tom and Ariana to be very hypocritical and they do act like they think they are all that. They’re not. I also don’t believe Tom is really over Kristen and I think Ariana knows that.

    That said, Scheana is a delusional, pot-stirring, ego-maniac who doesn’t care that her new husband has serious substance abuse problems. Her partying ways will not be disrupted by him! She is a selfish person and appears to be very shallow and dishonest.

  4. I actually believe that Tom didn’t cheat with Ariana. I don’t know why exactly. Just a feeling, and he cheated with many people during that relationship and admitted it. At the time he had admitted to it with many others. But the surprise at that second reunion for me was that Kristen had had month long affairs all during. Even though she cheated with JAXX !!! And for months they didn’t live as a “couple.” I can see them falling drunkenly into a pool and making out for a minute. I am in no way excusing cheating. Just observing the nuances in the way they think and act. At least, and it is a big caveat, none of them have children. Getting pregnant before they are old enough to even take care of their own selves hasn’t been one of the mistakes any of them have made. I don’t see Ariana as bitter at all. If the Kristen situation is what Sheana is talking about, Sheana needs to check herself. She always said she wouldn’t allow anyone to tell her who to be friends with. OK. How about allowing one “friend” to continuously badger, make reference to, make insulting remarks about her “best” friend? That entire Miami trip Kristen was allowed to say childish threatening things to Ariana and about Ariana. During the little bachelorette game where they make the wedding dress out of toilet paper! Kristen was saying childish, to the point of threatening, hateful things right to Ariana and everyone ignored her as if she was a stranger in a bar that they didn’t want to anger. It was sickening. I would have stopped that shit immediately. “Don’t say that and do that to my “best” friend, Kristen” “Or you can leave here now” “If you can’t apologize for that go back home” Ariana took that shit for an entire year without ever once meeting Kristen on her level. If she holds onto a little bitterness about that I totally understand. Kristen needs to do more than one little half assed apology for her deplorable behavior IMO. And instead of just expecting others to believe you have changed on your word, maybe a little humility is in order. Since “your word” has been a big fat lie for a very long time. And here is the crazy part, I still like Kristen, both and her and Stassi IMO, are trying to grow and change.

    1. I agree with you and believe me, I am not a Kristen fan in the least. I was only pointing out the hypocrisy since Tom was definitely a cheater and admitted to at least making out with Ariana while with Kristen. I do see Ariana as bitter & whiny though.

  5. scheana is so childish and is NOT a friend to anyone, not even her addicted husband, she only thinks of herself. Ariana took enough abuse from crazy kristen all thru scheana’s wedding charade and finally had enough and backed away. scheana is jealous of Ariana and Tom’s relationship and because Ariana is strong enough to walk away from narcissist delustional scheana and the mean girl (and I do mean girl) group of scheana, kristen and sometimes katie…
    And good gosh, now stassi loser is back groveling for more camera time and $$$ after her boyfriend dumped her and she gained weight? Ugg, this whole group needs to seriously grow up already, and the james/lala thing is creepy and gross, need a shower after watching those 2 losers (barf)…

  6. lala is tampon string brandi gross, scheana did 2 porn films to her credit and is a waitress married to a loser who has been addicted to drugs/alcohol for over 2 years (so much so, the I’m in love with myself scheana didn’t even notice)? WTH? How shallow is scheana? her stupid tattoo is karma girl cause it’s “all happening now” and not in a good way…LMAO……

    1. The tampon string reference is not only old it is in poor taste.
      You should rename yourself “THE DUCHESS OF DIARRHEA” Then we might have the ability to zip past without allowing the stench to splash on us.

  7. Scheana thinks she’s the new Stassi and is only interested in keeping the girls in line.Ariana is not having any of it so,Scheana is replacing her and Tom.She needs to get her husband in rehab and sober and find out who she married.

  8. Scheana, Deflect much? You r the one acting better than everybody!!! Stop wearing so much make-up and BE REAL. Wasn’t that long ago that Stassi did the exact same “mean to the new girl” be that u r now doing to LaLa. Tom is confident not cocky (there is a big difference)! Ariana rocks, love those statement necklaces! #Arianarules;)

  9. blah,blah, blah. Who doesn’t Tom Sandoval “just want to help?” Unless he wants to help me get to know Tom Schwartz, I couldn’t care less.

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