Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Named Sexiest Couple Of The Year


Congratulations is in order for Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. The couple recently attended the Ok! Magazine So Sexy event and were named the magazine’s Sexiest Couple this year!

“Definitely honored! I mean really surprised,” Tom told Perez Hilton about receiving the award.

“I didnt realize we were cool enough for that,” Ariana adds. “I feel like I’m looking at the other people who were like sexiest this or that. I’m like how are we even whatever? I mean, I’ll take it, right?”

The cute couple also took to social media to talk about their special night.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


8 Replies to “Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Named Sexiest Couple Of The Year”

  1. OOOHHH that is a knife in Kristens back. Ouch!!!!! I wonder if she and james will be on the list for next year. They are icky together, She is 32 dating a guy who is 23 and she works well with him because she acts like she is 16. Love Tom and Ariana…. COngrats guys

    1. Hahaha – This MUCH be driving Kristen crazy – or should I say craziER? I love Tom and Ariana together. Ewwww, cannot STAND James – he is so dang creepy but he is perfect for Kristen. LOL James is such an idiot – how could he have watched last season and not realize that Kristen would have gone back with Tom in a split second if he’d have her? Hopefully K&J aren’t on VPR next season although it is fun watching Kristen be humiliated. I’d love it if this was filmed for the show and we could watch Kristen’s reaction. I’m not a cruel person but people like Kristen and James need to get knocked off their pedestals of delusion.

  2. Very deserved. I think they’re a perfect match. Hope we get to see a lot more of their relationship next season.

  3. Finally Tom found a wonderful normal balanced love in his life. Kristen was a scary total freaky disaster. Congrats to them both.

  4. I hope they can be real and that the whole rumor mill in S3 was wrong, I really don’t want to be disappointed. They might have a shot at leaving the Kristens of the world behind.

  5. I am watching season 3 and Arianna, what she said about “I unsubscribed from you, bitch” that means you don’t get to e-mail me to tell me I am unsubscribed, I laughed so hard. Then the thing about the feral cat and the cage, that was so, so funny. Good to be funny after the whole BH thing. Nothin funny about that show anymore.

  6. Congrats to Tom and Ariana they do deserve the honor of being the sexiest couple of the year, Kristin and James are both creepy

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